Monday, April 9

195 Challenge : Week 2 Results

Hello Friends! How was your Easter weekend? Mine was so nice. I'm headed back to Truro at the crack of dawn tomorrow but I am happy to have had a weekend at home with friends, family and banana splits..but more on that later ;)

Week 2 of the 195 Challenge has come to an end - 7 weeks to go! I had a good week! I had some awesome fitness victories, like doing 30 burpees in one day ( i fucking hate burpees and they hate me) and running my longest distance yet - over 7km. Interested? Read more about that adventure here. I ended up being busy and lazy and not doing as many work outs and work out challenges as I wanted to and should have, I won't lie about it.

I also won't lie about the mini eggs, banana split, chips, hot dogs, cake, fruity alcoholic beverages, ham dinner, apple crisp and ice cream I indulged in over this 5 day weekend. yeah, thats right. With Easter dinner, birthdays and my sugar fast ending I definitely over indulged. Was it smart? Probably not but I don't regret it and it could have been worse. I'm not condoning it but I recognize it, I'm owning it and I'm planning on having a really great week this week.

The first two weeks have been really good.. great? Maybe not.The first week I lost three pounds, and this week my loss was 1.2! I'm really happy with that number. It could have been better though. I planned on kicking ass this week and while I had some really great victories, I didn't do as best as I could. I want to have a week where I really give it my ALL. This week? Sure!

How will I make this an amazing week? First of all, I need to get rid of the munchies! No more treats this week. I plan to have a really CLEAN eating week - lots of fruits, veggies, protein and lean meat. I want my metabolism to be like "WTF?" and drop some seriously pound-age. I want to get moving every single day - a few runs and good walks on my off days. Today was a bust but I am vowing right now to work hard every day!

My goal this week is to lose 2.8lbs. I know that's shooting big after 2 losses in a row but consistent losses every week DO exist, I just haven't been having them. I'm at 208.8 right now which means I still want to lose just over 60lbs - I should be able to have decent losses each week. A 1.2lb loss after a 3lb loss is great and I think I can have another big loss this week (to me 3lbs is big), I really do.

I need to flush my body of the weekend crap and work my ass off. I can so do this! I will be happy with a .5 loss but I really think I am capable of the 2.8 I want and if I'm capable then I want to do achieve it. What do you guys think? Am I shooting too high or do I have this in the bag if I give it my all?

I will leave you with a picture of my delicious banana split. I feel awesome about how long I went without sugar but damn this was awesome! I'm definitely going to keep my sugar intake down but Im glad to be done the fast. :)

Big Love,


  1. I hear you sista!

    I am far from skinny because just one whiff of chocolate sends me into a euphoric frenzy. Its the reason I can't get rid of my last 5kgs.

    Fuck Cadburys, fuck Lindt, Fuck Beacon...but I loved you sooo very much this weekend.

  2. Good for you Bailey!

  3. holy cow i could eat htat in about 3 bites, looks amazing!

  4. Oh. My. Freaking. God.

    No wonder you have the biggest smile on your face in that picture. That's the best Banananananananananananananananana Split I've ever seen in my life.

    I plan on having a clean eating week too. I need one after all the crap I ate in France.


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