Monday, April 16

195 Challenge : Week 3 Results

I posted earlier this week about thinking I would probably have a gain this week, or maintain at best. I originally had wanted to lose 2.8lbs which was definitely steep and I did not put in the work to lose that much this week. I was on point with food most days and kept active but there were a few bad days for sure. The post was called One Of Those Days and I did have a few bad days but it could have been worse.

To my surprise, I did lose this week. I lost .8 and am now at 208lbs. Im pretty happy about it - better than a gain...better than maintaining aha. It's so weird.. I've never seen these numbers. Some people don't ever see them because they never get that heavy but I have never been this light. I mean.. obviously at one point I was but not knowingly. The last time I remember knowing my weight before I weighed in at WW was when I was like in Gr.5 and upset that I had hit 100lbs and all my friends still weighed 80 and weight that much until we were like in Gr. 9 aha. (I had a few really tiny girls in my class - not fun when you are tall and "sturdy".)

Anyways.. it's just cool to be seeing all these new numbers. I'm not bouncing around 212 anymore and Im seeing all these new cool numbers aha. It's exciting! I also am realizing how close I am to "ONEderland". EIGHT pounds and I will be in the 100's. That's insane. For someone who has been in 200's for like.. ever.. its exciting as fuck!

This week I would love to get to 205. That's 3lbs and not really realistic considering I will be weighing in Early on Saturday morning. Why you ask? Because Saturday night I leave for MY TRIP TO CUBA!! and I will not be able to weigh in on Monday. I know numbers have way too much power over me and even if I got to 205 for Cuba I will look pretty much the way I do now. Still, sometimes it just puts you in a good mood and a good place to see the number and know you are there. I know I probably can't get there by Saturday but I could maybe do 206 which would excite me just as much haha.

So here comes Week 4. :) I will take a pic in the dress at the end of week 5 (probably when I get home from Cuba) and post for 1/2 way results in the dress! Hopefully I do well in Cuba (thats the plan) and we can see some progress in the dress :)

Anyways, that's about it for now. Just some updates from the 195 challenge - I really think I can reach this goal! So far I have lost 5lbs which is just one pound short of where I wanted to be (losing 2lb/wk) so I can definitely have a few awesome weeks and catch back up!

As usual there are more updates from the past week weight wise on the Operation Sexy Bitch page and Im always updating my before/after page as well.

Have a fabulous week, lovelies!
Big Love,


  1. Sounds like a good plan! Have a great trip!! :)

  2. I was happy with a .2lb loss, so you can definitely be happy with a .8! That's 4x better than mine! hehe


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