Sunday, April 29

i is home!

I'm back in Canada! Court and I touched down in Halifax around dinner time last night and I will be honest, after an awesome and exhausting trip, it felt good to get home and get some sleep!

All in all, the trip was great. It started out a bit rocky - literally. The 4 hour plane right from Halifax to Cuba was a bit turbulent. As we arrived in Veradero, a huge rain storm was brewing and the lightning began to strike. Ever been in the lightning on a plane? It's scary as fuck. I'm an awesome flyer but it just about made me shit my pants the first time it struck. Crazy thoughts ran through my head "Is something on fire? "Are we going to get struck?". The most ironic thing about the lightning was that Courtney had just informed me that you are 12x more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark mere hours before this plane ride.

If you know Courtney well, you probably know how prone to motion sickness she is. She can barely drive herself without feeling nauseous - she can be sick simply going to the store in the car. She is unable to ride the city bus and takes gravol pretty frequently. Imagine her reaction when the landing in veradero was anything but smooth. I have never experienced anything like it, we were rocking all over the place, definitely enough movement to get Court a bit nervous. Before long we were prepared with the barf bag and she was yakking as we landed in Varadero - she always makes an interesting entrance.

Luckily she felt much better by the time we got off the plane. Unfortunately we had to wait 20 minutes before we were even allowed to exit the plane. They asked for a bus to be sent to take us to the entrance of the airport so we didn't have to walk in the rain. In typical excited tourist fashion, Courtney and I insisted we'd rather just run in the rain - get us to our resort!

Once inside, I made a hasty beeline for the bathroom. In many of the bathrooms I've been to in central american countries, they make you pay to get inside. I was happy to be able to enter this one free of charge as I had no pesos but no worries, there was someone inside harrassing me on the way out instead, insisting I needed to buy some paper towel to wipe my hands. No thanks - my shorts work wonders.

As I made my way back to Courtney I had no idea what was in store for us. What was in store you ask? Many hours of waiting for our luggage. It was somewhere between 2-3 hours and it was not a fun wait. We have no idea why it took so long, we were the last flight to land so it's not like they were busy with 5 other incoming flights. My best guess is that they made one single cuban man bring in each piece of luggage from the plane one by one with an umbrella so that our luggage made it in untouched by the rain - after all, they insisted that they were just trying to keep our luggage dry. Apparently it was a complicated process.

Although this made us a bit cranky as it was about 1 o clock by the time we hit our bus, we were optimistic and excited about getting to our resort. Our guide on the bus was a girl studying english and she was hilarious and kept my spirits up as we made our way to Veradero. She made us laugh by cracking jokes about Americans and gave us interesting advice and info for Cuba.

Things started out a bit rough at the resort. First, the staff at the front desk were totally rude and they continuted to be so for about 90% of the time. We shrugged it off - we were in Cuba! Our keys didn't work to get into our room, we got them fixed by another rude staff member and shrugged it off again. Then we politely waited 2 hours to be served (and by served i mean just have our orders taken!) at a restaurant on the resort as we were starving. There were a ton of obnoxiously drunk people who totally annoyed us even though we knew we had been those people more than once. We tried to shrug it off but by 3am and no food - we were a little out of sorts.

We went to bed vowing to have an awesome week and we did. Though there were more ups and downs with rude staff and shitty service, we had a really good vacation. We spent a lot of time being lazy by the pool, on the beach or just chatting in the lobby and having a drink. Court is the best - I can talk to her forever and laugh with her forever or just sit in silence with her - we have a good relationship. We laughed over the price of pringles (about 2x more than a quart of liquor) and made up our own game as we drank in the lobby. When we would see someone who looked like someone we know, we would shout their name and the other had to find them. Pretty funny.

We went to Havana on Tuesday and loved it. Court has been there before but still found the trip interesting. I was glad she wanted to go again because I really wanted to see it. I loved the architecture and just seeing all the culture and people we were surrounded by. As someone who doesn't do the resort thing very often (this was my first time!!), I always enjoy the chance to see how locals really live and what life is like outside of the resort areas. We were able to see some amazing places, have a really nice meal and visit the markets were Courtney couldn't keep her hand out of her wallet.

We also hit a club (or disco/discoteque as central americans refer to them) off of the resort twice and had a ball, especially the first night. The first night, Court was sick and still managed to have a fun time so that says a lot aha. The second night I probably enjoyed more than everyone because we were 2 of about 10 non locals in the whole place and I enjoyed seeing all the locals work it out haha. We ended up going there with 2 other New Brunswickers, one who I've known for years and his girlfriend who was absolutely awesome! It's a small world! So small we met people from NB who knew all kinds of random GM'ers - I love that game haha.

Other than the outings we did a lot of eating, drinking and laying in the sun. It was a very hard week for us aha. The funny thing is that we were ALWAYS exhausted - the sun really does take it out of you. I ended up with a pretty stupid sunburn which sucked and made it hard to sleep but its turning to a tan now and Im loving it. Courtney is mocha colored and I was pretty jealous of her tanning skills. 

Unfortunately the last night of the trip, about 12 hours before we were due to leave, my purse went missing. In my purse was my camera so I have zero pictures. It makes me so sad because I had some really great pictures to show you guys of Court and I, Havana, our favorite waitress, the puppy we stole (i'll get to that in a second) and even pics of me in a wait for it.... bikini! Yep - I got confident and wore a bikini with a cover up on the resort for a few days. pretty impressive for me! haha ( maybe scary for other unsuspecting vacationers). So that sucks about the photos but Im choosing to try to move on from the loss and luckily Court took heaps of pictures and when she posts them I will hook you guys up!

As for the dog steeling.. yeah.. we did it. There were a few homeless dogs that wander the resorts looking for food and one night we decided we wanted one. He came to our room and hung out for a while then we locked him in there with some water and the patio door open so that we could hang out when we got back from the disco. We named him Oliver Bagel - Ollie for short. Bagel is derived from Courtneys late dog Toast - we thought we might as well continue on the carb filled name trend. That night we began referring to our room as the puppy palace. When we came back, he was asleep on the bed and we let him stay the night. I miss you Ollie!

All in all it was an amazing trip. We met some really awesome people, saw some WICKED shows including a michael jackson show which I LOVED!(and was creepy and the impersonator sounded and looked just like him, SO creepy. BUT it was amazing!) We had some great drinks, some shitty drinks but always strong drinks! Damn they know how to make em - at least 50/50 everytime, honestly. I mentioned to Court that they mix their drinks like Alex does. I drank so much red wine, got Court drinking a bit of it too! We kept ourselves well fed and enjoyed the food despite all the bad food reviews we've heard of Cuba. We laughed lots, fought little and had amazing weather. It would be very hard to ask for more. My first resort experience was definitely great :)

As I said, I will post pictures when I can. For now I am just catching up on sleep, flushing all the crap out of my body and settling in back home. Excited to get back on track with eating, exercise and BLOGGING! I was also offered a job at Coles but more on that later, this post is already a novel.

Glad to be back here with you guys,
Big Love


  1. welcome back doll, sounds like you had an amazing trip!!!


  2. Im so glad you had so much fun!
    I lost one of my memory cards ( I had about 6 full by the end of the trip) and I am STILL heart broken over it.
    I can't imagine losing my whole purse and ALL my pictures! :(
    Glad you are back safe and sound though :D

  3. Totally sucks about your purse/pics but at least you'll have the definitely steal all her pictures too!

    I hope I can steal a dog when I go to Mexico! Ollie sounds adorable!

  4. Oh man, I'm sorry about your purse and your camera. :-( Too bad you couldn't post photos of your vacation. But I'm glad you're back and had a great time!

  5. That sucks about your camera! Can't wait to see pics. Love the name for the dog, carb filled names. Gosh, it's pure genius.

    What a roller coaster of a trip, glad you had fun.


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