Friday, April 20

I'm Currently Unavailable

I am unavailable at this time but if you'd like to leave your name and number in the comment box below, I will get back to you as soon as possible. And when is as soon as possible? Next Saturday - when I get home from my trip to CUBA! That's right, the time has come, and as you read these words I'm either in transit or in Cuba enjoying the sand and sun (and ok- maybe the free liquor too). It's totally okay to feel jealous right now!

For those of you who are regular readers, I encourage you to check out some of the blogs I follow while I'm gone. My favorites include Skinny Jeans Dreams , Awkward Sex and The City, Head Up Heart Strong, The Shrinking Rocket Scientist, Fat Boy Thin and Who Wears Short Shorts You can check out the many others I follow over to the right (under blogs i love). Check out these awesome writers and their blogs - I'm sure you will find some you love!

For those of you who are new, welcome! I'm glad you made your way here. I'm sorry that the top post isn't more interesting but I'm going to link you to the blog posts from the past that my readers like best. Although these days my blog mostly revolves around my weight loss journey and me bragging about my trip to Cuba, I also have a lot of blogs that I just pulled out of my tiny brain. I love those posts, that's how this blog started a few years ago, just me rambling. Check out below for the hook up!

My Top 10 Most Read Posts are as follows :

8)Shit I Dont' Get Part 5 ( click for part 1, part 2, (part 3 apparently is non existant, i just skipped to 4) and part 4)
10)Harry Potter Humor (a personal favorite)

If you havn't had enough I also have different pages. To learn more about me, check out The Writer and to see some transformation photos or read a bit more about my weight loss journey check out Before/Afters and Operation Sexy Bitch. They can all be found at the top of the page :)

You can also check out some other blogs and web pages I love under In My Spare Time in the top left if you are really fiending for websites to check out, haha.

Last but not least, if you made it this far and like what you see - follow my blog! You can do that at the top right, click Join This Site! You can also find me on most popular networking sites !

have an awesome week! i will miss my blog, my awesome readers, the comments, the writing and all of the blogs i read but i promise to enjoy cuba!

big love,
talk soon,


  1. Holy jealousy of Cuba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a tequila shot for me, with extra salt ;) Can't wait to hear all about it and live vicariously through your trip! (I haven't even left the state in 7 years...lame)

  2. Yeah I totally recommend that Fat.Boy.Thin's blog. He's awesome! :D

  3. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I am so insanely jealous! Hope your having the best time ever :)


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