Friday, April 6


Meet Joan.
and smart.

A mother to3,
a grandmother to four,
an aunt to many,
a friend to more.

A loving wife,
a loyal friend.
Oh.. and she's my mom.
Aren't I lucky?

She's my tough voice of reason,
my biggest fan,
My soccer games,
volleyball games,
speech competitions,
singing competitions,
school concerts,
She was there.
I love her for that,
and for everything she is.
She is my biggest supporter.
She was the only one reading my blog way back when
She is still reading my blog now.
She is a huge reason I'm able to continue on my weight loss journey
She's amazing.

Anyone who knows her knows how loving and amazing and funny she is.
She is the best.
We all love you!

Today is a special day! It's my moms birthday! She is on a trip with my oldest brother right now and I am anxiously waiting her return home (I'm here for Easter Wkd!). I am so excited to give her her birthday surprise and see her for the first time in a month!!

Happy Birthday Mom!
You're the absolute best<3


  1. Lovely post! Happy birthday Bailey's mum (for last week)!!!!


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