Wednesday, April 18

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Today I`m linking up with This Kind Of Love for What I Love Wednesdays. As I wrote about earlier this week in my post Blessed , I have a ton to be thankful for and so many people/things I love. So today I'm going to introduce you to some things Im loving on this lovely wednesday with the help of Pinterest (www.pinterestcom/bailj follow me!)

Booty Work Outs!
As some of you may know, I have this dream of having a big awesome butt. I am the dreaded apple shape, which means I carry my weight mostly in my upper body like in my belly and back. So I do a lot of cardio (and healthy eating) to say peace out to the belly and I make a lot of attempts at booty building exercises to try to build a butt and even myself out a bit. A new, quick one I found the other day was the squat challenge through Blogilates which I posted on my blogs facebook page. Check that shit out - you will die. (and like my page while you're at it!)

Swim Up Bars!
I know. I keep talking about it. But I am SO excited! I am loving the idea of my trip to Cuba that is happening in THREE days!! My only request for this trip was that there is a swim up bar at the resort so I dont have to leave the pool for a drink if I dont want to hahah. Sad, I know. Whos jealous? Im jealous of myself!

Chicken Ranch Wraps
I don't even really like ranch! But the snack wraps from Tim Hortons are really good and I've been eating one like.. everyday for the last week. It needs to end aha. Better than a doughnut right? MMM. food!

Remember Jojo? *Bursts into scary version of "Leave"* I loved her. The other day I found her version of Marvins Room (originally by Drake) and kind of fell in love with it. Jojo all grown up! Listen here
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

For me, shorts season started about a month ago. I hate pants. I hate wearing jeans or dress pants.. its just not my thing. I much prefer skirts and dresses and I wear them all winter. I think they are more fun and comfortable. I DO love shorts though and Im so excited to be a little smaller and hopefully look a little better in them this season. Im waiting until June to buy a few pairs because I plan on reaching that next size first. EXCITED! Right now I have one pair that fit, the rest I had to chuck because they were too big. Awesome but I want me some shorts!

Source: via Bailey on Pinterest

I am SO distracted right now. I honestly don't think I can post anymore because a)I cant think on the topic long enough to remember what i was going to post and b)When I go to post it I get distracted by something else. I am just getting too excited for my trip and have things to do .. and I cant focus. At all! Ahah. So i guess thats it for this post.

What are you guys loving today? xx

Big Love


  1. Have you heard Disaster? I'm pretty much in love with her come back! I also love this version of Marvin's room. :)

    I'll second you on distraction, boys and working out are bad for my school work.

  2. I haven't worn shorts since I was like 17. But I am gonna get a bunch of skirts & dresses for summer fer sher. They can make anyone look good. ;)

  3. swim up bars… like my alcoholic dream. seriously.

  4. OMGoodness. How dang pretty are you! Lol... I SO remember JoJo! Those shorts are adorable!

    Btw. LOVE your blog header & saying!

  5. I have a swim up bar in Mexico! I can't wait!!! Even though I don't drink, I might actually start just so I can use it! hehe.

    I always wonder what happens if someone dives in and splashes water everywhere?!

  6. wooohooo! for summer and shorts! can't wait to see you looking sexy in those shorts this summmmaaaa


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