Wednesday, May 30

primal pinning

It's Wednesday and I'm going to link up with "Oh, How Pinteresting" at Vintage Apple. Since I just let you guys in on my new Paleo/Primal Plan I thought I would follow it up with a few yummy primal-approved recipe pins! If you live a somewhat or fully primal lifestyle I would love to hear of your favorite recipe that I could throw into the mix because right now I'm eating A LOT of plain fruits/veggies. My guess is that I may get bored of that quick so leave me your faves in the comment box :) Happy Wednesday !!

Banana Pancakes - trying these today :)

Primal Jambalaya

Smashed Sweet Potato  - these are going to be spicy and delicious. i love spicy!

lemon poppyseed muffins - for when i need something sweet :) which is everyday

Roasted Sweet Potatoes+Mushrooms with Thyme and Parsley MMMM.

Avocado and Mango Salad - I like avocado randomly but with mango? I will eat anything!

Strawberry-Banana Almond Butter Bites - sounds like a yummy snack to me

Anyone wanna eat primal with me yet? hehe.
God, I love pinterest.

big love,

Tuesday, May 29

taking back the power with paleo.

As my birthday comes to a close, so does my first day experimenting with a Paleo Lifestyle. Yes, this is where my life (and blog) is going next. As you may have noticed, I've been pretty slack on keeping up with my weight loss on here and that's because there is nothing to keep up with. So before I get into the paleo, we shall discuss the biggest fail of my dieting career - the 195 challenge.

The 195 challenge started out really well. I lost 5 lbs and stayed at 208 until about 2 weeks ago. I am now back up and over 213 (my starting weight for the challenge) and weighed in this morning at 214.8. That's a pretty bitter pill to swallow - a 7lb gain. So I didn't even take after pictures because I look the same and I felt no need to further embarrass myself on here.

I'm taking the gain well though. I know what I did wrong. I let little things build up, get worse and I lost focus. I kept telling myself "after your birthday" for the last week and a half, which is what Im doing, but it also sent me over the edge a bit. Having some injuries made me feel like "why bother even working out?" and I was almost completely inactive for the past few weeks. Two weeks of PMS turned me into an emotional wreck which means lots of food for this emotional eater. Not making excuses - just being honest.

I did learn from the 195 challenge and that is important. I fucked up for a few weeks but learning from it, moving past it and using it to be better is bigger than the mistakes and I am so excited to get back on track. The biggest thing I learned from the 195 Challenge was that placing time limits on my weight loss is a bad idea. It puts me under stress and weight loss can't be timed out like that.. at least not for me. I don't lose consistently and I am still learning, I have SO much to learn about this journey. So from now on - no time limits, restrictions or goals based around the scale and weight. It just doesn't work that way.

For the past few weeks I have known I was sabotaging a bit and I knew my eating was absolutely out of control. When I had the constipation issues it was throwing me off, I felt nasty all the time and ate comfort food and didn't exercise. After, I continued eating bullshit and not moving. I knew what I was doing and I needed to go back to THIS post and remind myself of how far I have come with my relationship with food and was also able to realize how much further I have to go. I can do this.

After some long chats with my sister in law about how I was ditching the dairy and was considering cutting back on grains and other shitty carbs, she tried to talk me into test driving the Paleo Lifestyle. For those of you out of the loop or just totally uninterested in healthy living, Paleo living is basically living off things that you would have lived off if you were a cavemen. Nothing processed - just fruits, veggies, meat - things of the earth, I suppose. For a more specific list of what you can/can't eat click here. I was hesitant at first but after a week or so I am really confident in my decision to at least try it out.

I am not going all out. I aim to do about 75% paleo and see how I feel. There is just no way I can do NOTHING processed (partly because i would starve to death on this island that has little to no organic food) and I don't intend to go forever without a potatio chip but I'm ready to work hard. Today was great - I ate totally paleo!

I already miss bread and cheese, I don't know how life will go without them, but I am focused and determined. I have a really good feeling about what this will do for my belly and my weight loss. I already feel cleaner after just one day and my digestion system is on overdrive after months of struggling with constipation if you can believe it. 

I am hoping to keep up with this through my blog and give you a really good review of what (mostly) paleo living can do for you. I am committing to one hardcore month and if I don't like it and see no progress, then I will move go back to bread or cheese or both (sweet sweet cheese...mmmm.) and find what works. I will be giving my measurements (for the first scary as fuck time ever) and weekly check ins, promise! I promise to get off my ass and get back into exercise. I will work around injuries and whatever other obstacles - I am taking back the power, people!

So this weeks weigh in was 214.8 . I started my period today so I'm hoping for it to atleast go down a few this week from bloat. I am not setting a specific number goal though - I promise. It is just too disappointing and stressful. Just hoping to work hard and kick ass!

This weeks measurements (in inches) are :

Bust : 43
Waist : 35
Hips : 43
Belly Button: 40
Thighs: 25
Arms: 14.5

I carry my weight around my belly so I measure my waistline and I measure my belly (two completely different places on me, im fucking long) because it's the place I really focus on slimming. I included my arms (specifically my upper arm) and my thighs because they are two other areas I want to slim down and keep track of.

So wish me luck. I am feeling really great about June!!

Big Love,
Bailey the 21 year old

Sunday, May 27

birthday haul

I just spent the weekend celebrating my 21st birthday and had such an amazing time! My birthday is officially tomorrow, May.28th, and also my Sister-in-Laws birthday so I'm taking a chance right now to send her a HUGE happy birthday wish!! She just completed a half marathon about an hour ago too -congrats!!

I haven't had a birthday party at home in a long time and about a month ago I decided I was gonna go ape shit and throw myself a birthday party. After reading some blogs of writers who have thrown "My Favorite Things" parties, inspired by Oprahs my favorite things give-away series, I decided it would be a super fun way to celebrate my party. I thought the idea that everyone could come, celebrate, eat, drink and leave with presents was wicked!

Basically, everyone brought 3 of their favorite things, and left with 3 different favorite things from a different guest at the party. Here are some examples of gifts that were brought by my friends :

For my three things, I brought Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist - my absolute favorite scent to wear with Body Shop Coconut Body Butter! They make the best body butter and Coconut is my favorite smell - so delicious and awesome for summer. ( I sound like a crazy youtube make up tutorial, I apologize aha). The 2nd gift I brought was Hempz Body Cream and the 3rd were some Aveeno Products - such good skin care products, I use their face moisturizer with spf errrry day.

As well as bringing some pretty awesome gifts (I think so anyway) I received 3 GREAT gifts! The first was a bottle of my friend Jaclyns homemade mango wine.. oh my gosh. Wine is fabulous but homemade wine is even more fabulous and mango?? Jackpot. Drank it before I could get a pic, so sorry aha. My second gift was some nice moisture recovery shampoo from Joico - very nice. The third, which I was pretty pumped about, were two new OPI colors in Care to Danse and Happy Anniversary! Loved all my gifts :)  

I happen to have the best mother ever (for a billion reasons) who recieved some things that she didn't think she would have much use for and let me have! She received the same Vanilla Body Mist I love from Rach who uses it as well, and gave it to me. Back up spray? A-okay. Thanks mama. The next gift she recieved was Maddys favorite Lip Stain from NYC in Persistant Pink and Baby Lips from Maybelline which I have never tried and was a little excited that my mother also didn't think she'd use them. At the same time, I felt kind of bad because she worked so hard on my party and then I stole all her gifts. Sorry mom. 

 After all this I felt pretty spoiled. Not just because of my great haul but because of the whole party itself. My mother prepared, slaved may be too strong of a word but not far off, for two days and let 15 crazy girls (and Karl) into her home for a night and our house is not a house that holds 15 people comfortably. She spoiled me rotten, putting up with my bull shit, buying so many snacks and cooking a ton of yummy food for us and still buying me an awesome birthday present!! She said nothing as I wondered around full of wine all day and again when she picked me up at 2am. I got lucky - what a woman. 

Also so thankful for the friends I have! So happy everyone took their Saturday night and spent it with "the birthday princess" - believe me, I milked the birthday shit for all it was worth.. So many good friends, I was in my glory, nothing makes me happier than a good group of friends having some drinks. 

My friend Sara brought me flowers, and my friend Emma (from Head Up, Heart Strong)brought me a birthday crown and an awesome gift from China - chopsticks and the cutest wallet you've ever seen!!

Karl, Me and my flowers and crown! (and food, of course!)

Chopsticks, wallet and the cute little mini wallets (card/cash holders- very cute) from Em. Love this!! THANK YOU!! 

My best friend Maddy spoiled me big time as well! She made me a FREAKIN CAKE as well as buying me some pretty fabulous goodies. She bought me the cutest shirt (in the background of the pic) and a lipstick she used to have that I love - it's a Matte in Pink (how simple, aha). How lucky am I? Honestly. Thanks Mad, love ya!

I also recieved a lovely little surprise from my friend Cassie. At Christmas she gave me two bottles of Hempz cream - one in Butter Pecan and one in Cherry Jubilee. Best scents ever and I LOVE hempz products! Yesterday she surprised me with another one in Triple Berry Swirl and it is heavenly. Thanks Cass!

So a big thank you to anyone who came to the party, spent time with me this weekend, made food for my party, said happy birthday or put up with my drunken birthday princess shenanigans - i love you all! Thanks to Galloways - we had an awesome time having drinks over there and Danita, the bartender, was AWESOME! I shall leave you with some more pics from the big day. Stay tuned on Being Bailey J - tomorrow ends the hugest fail of my life (the 195 challenge) and begins something (hopefully) much better..and also my 22nd year! wahooo!! 

Big Love,
Bailey :) 

Friday, May 25

ear-gasm alert

Someone needs to clean up my ear jizz right now - yes i just went there. Check out this video then answer me this question : how amazingly talented is my friend Emma? This deserves 8 billion views. I chose 8 billion cause the other day Ellen told Justin Bieber that his latest hit Boyfriend had 8 billion views and Emma is JUST as good as the biebs. That is a HUGE compliment coming from me - i freakin love me some Justin Bieber. Anyways, you need to do yourself the favor of filling your ears with this cover of Bonnie Raitts "I Can't Make You Love Me'. Bon Iver and Adele are among some of the many talented vocalists who I've heard cover this song on Youtube lately but honestly, Emmas is my favorite. Enjoy!! x

island life

For those of you who don't know, I was born and raised on a tiny (non tropical but none the less beautiful) island in New Brunswick, Canada. We're located in the Bay of Fundy and for those of you who are uneducated about countries besides your own, lets just say I'm in the Atlantic Ocean - there's only 4 or 5 of those so I'm sure you've heard of it.

When I say tiny, I mean tiny. It takes about 40 minutes to drive the length of the island and on the drive you see your fair share of trees. The population is about 2400 (rising significantly in the summer with lot's of great american tourists who like to act like they know more than they do about our island but thats neither here nor there) and as you can imagine, there isn't a population that could support businesses that occur in larger towns or cities.

So yes, we have no shopping mall, no chain restaurants, no fast food, no arcade, no colleges, no walmart, etc. We have one gas station, one grocery store, one gym, one school (for grades k-12) and a whole fuck load of churches. Is there a ton to do? Not really. Is it tropical and glamorous? Not even a little. Is the living easy? Yeah, it can be.

As an island, I will be the first to say that I take this place and what it has to offer for granted. It is one of the most gorgeous places in the whole world. I will see pictures of peoples vacations and say "wow, that looks just like -insert grand manan location here-" and it truly does. It is amazing. I wake up every morning to the ocean, the actual ocean, right outside my window, the beach is right there! When I go to sleep at night it is quiet as can be in this town and when the tide is up sometimes, I can hear the waves crashing onto the beach.

Do you know how many people PAY for those things? Pay to see the ocean, be near the ocean, just BE in a place that is so beautiful, scenic, and peaceful? A lot of people pay for it and they pay good money. Sometimes they pay huge money and go to tropical countries but I live here and breathe this amazingly fresh salty air everyday.

It sounds cheesy but we're pretty lucky. I know it isn't the most glamorous place to live, believe me. I am a huge disliker of the naivity of people thinking it's the "best and safest place to raise your children" and I hate and totally agree that there isn't much to do for young people around here. But the people who don't love it can eventually move away and those who enjoy it can stay and enjoy it. It is gorgeous and it is SIMPLE. We take the simplicity of it for granted.

This is what I did today. Granted, I can't do this everyday, and most people can't because of work and life but it was pretty great. I woke up, got ready and headed out the door firs tthing. I filled up my wicked car with gas (about 30$ that will last me days because you never have to drive very far here) and met up with some friends and ones mama. We had an awesome lunch in a little restaurant, laughing and giggling, saying hi to family and friends in the store (its pretty close knit!). After, I headed to a little market with one of my friends and picked up some fruits from my birthday sangria. We ran some errands in the awesome,sunny weather (driving along the ocean and through lots of wooded, pretty areas), stopping to chat with friends along the way. We visited some more friends, laid in ones yard, made use of her pond in the backyard, tanning, hulahooping and sipping on homemade wine as the afternoon passed. Then tonight we had a fire - roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, chatting away as the sun set.

How hard does that sound? It's pretty simple. We can just go to the beach, lay around, and enjoy the sunshine. There are hikes everywhere, mini golf, restaurants, ice cream shops and the lifestyle here is very relaxed. No, there isn't a ton going on, but it's almost nice. Yes, we have to spend money pretty much anytime we want to do something besides sit on our ass, but it costs to do anything in a city most of the time. It makes things exciting when they do happen and it makes going to a city, where there is so much to see and do feel special and exciting. I like that!

There are things I hate about this place but there will always be pros and cons to everything and every place. People complain so much about life here but you can make something happen. I don't love to live here year round but summer living is pretty awesome.  You work, get your pay cheque, and try to enjoy the beautiful simple life that we're blessed with here.

I'm making it a priority to try to enjoy this summer. Yes, I will probably be getting up ridiculously early to waitress every day and yes, sometimes I wish there was something a little more interesting to do. But I can chose to be a grump about it, or I can chose to fuckin rock out and enjoy this beautiful island with all these amazing friends im blessed with. I chose the latter.

If you are curious about my island, you should definitely google it and of course visit some day. We've had some recent claims to fame when a)we were named one of the 7 Best Islands in the world by Readers Digest and b)they filmed a Mars Bar commercial here. I personally find the second one way more interesting but that's just me.

I will leave you the link to the Mars Bar commercial and the documentary (the documentary is really nice). And yes, I do know every single person in the videos. To also prove how small the island is, for one job I worked I served breakfast to the film crew and for the other job I worked, we catered to them through the day. Not too many business around here, lol. Small place, I'm telling you.

big island love,

Wednesday, May 23


I turn to pinterest for inspiration for almost everything and you should too, haha. My boards include recipes, my future home, women who inspire me, beauty products, my favorite products and of course, the very popular fitspiration board. One of my favorite and largest boards is my "life" board. This board includes different things to help me get through tough things, appreciate life and some of my philosophies on life. I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting and sharing some of my favorites from the life board.

Get inspired and have a fabulous day, amigos. xo

Source: via Bailey on Pinterest

Source: via Bailey on Pinterest

Source: via Bailey on Pinterest

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