Thursday, May 10

Bailey Does Yoga

I am a firm believer that Grand Manan is a fabulous place for tourists and kind of a boring, shitty place for people who have to deal with it year round. Maybe not in all aspects, but as far as having fun, interesting things to do - we are pretty lacking. I think it`s kind of a lame place to raise kids if you want them to have a variety of extracurricular to chose from based on their actual interests and the people who say it`s such a great, safe environment for children clearly don`t know what their teenagers and their friends are doing when they are not home.

I wish there were more opportunities for things besides athletics (debate, choir, etc) or even a broader range of athletics - swimming, football, soccer, lacrosse - anything. The fact is that there just isn`t a population big enough to create teams so that everyone gets to do what they have a passion for or may even have an amazing talent for. It`s too bad - imagine the talent that goes undiscovered in this place.

I got off track, but basically I wish there were more oppurtunities here in general so that people could figure out what they actually enjoy rather then be told you can play basketball, be on student council or do nothing. So imagine my excitement when Grand Manan got a Yoga studio - yeah, i was excited!

There has been yoga, pilates and lot`s of other fitness classes on GM for a while now but I thought it was so great that there was someone passionate enough to make their own studio and a following big enough to support it. The studio was started right before I moved so I never was able to go until I moved home - yes, I movd home, which I still haven`t mentioned on here!  Anywho - different story for a different time - I got to hit Yoga this week!

I was a bit nervous as I mentioned in my blog`s Facebook Page because I am super non flexible and my belly gets in the way of everything. Oh and it was my first time so lot's of nerves go along with trying something new no matter what it is. Maddy joined me and though she is more experienced in yoga, I was happy to have her their for some support.

So here is my breakdown of the class :

All in all, if I could chose one word to describe the class itself - i would chose great! One word to describe my personal experience for the first time is good but I have faith that in 4-5 classes I would feel more great about my experiences and I do plan to keep going. The class is awesome and the other yoga goers are impressive which gave me hope for my yoga future but also intimidated me a bit.

First Impressions 
First thing I noticed was that I really had no clue what to expect from the class. I went in with a very open mind and some things surprised me, some didn't. I never knew what was coming next and it kind of made me nervous when it seemed like everyone else DID but that's because they always go and I never do haha. I was beside someone with some MAD yoga skills (she is also a pilates instructor - so intimidating to be beside her on my first try!) and she was also 10 beats ahead of me and looked so strong and impressive.

My Performance
I was like - I look foolish. But I honestly never felt as if anyone gave a shit what I was doing and in a few classes, I will be more focused on me and less on how shitty I am doing compared to everyone else. I spent 40 minutes of the class trying not to fart and trying to not make a large sound when I hit the mat after losing balance or just not being able to do a pose in general. I found I could do a lot of the poses (not well mind you). I could get into them at least, except for the crazy ones where you are half on your head or in an upside down splits position, and over time hopefully will be more skilled in all of them. I had been at the gym doing strength that day so my arms were pretty pissed at me after about 10 downward dogs, they pleaded to go home and be used only for donut eating but I didn't give in!

Strength and Skill
Of course most people probably think you need to be strong or skillful at yoga to do it but you don't, I'm living proof haha. My upper body is pretty weak and my core strength is hilarious but I can tell by the poses that these things will improve. Yoga is all about you to be honest, you go at your own pace and you do it for yourself and everyone is doing what they can do. You just do you and do what your body is comfortable with, which the instructor made sure we knew to do which I liked. The instructor was really great and I could tell everyone felt the same way.

Spiritual Side and Healing Benefits of Yoga
I am a pretty spiritual person and I can't wait to get to a place physically that I can focus more on the spiritual side and the breathing of yoga because I believe that's where so many of the benefits come from. Right  now I can't really get into it so much but I did feel better physically right after my first class. At the first of the class my back was so stiff and sore but at the end, sitting in the same position, I felt so healed! I definitely felt more relaxed and peaceful as well!

I truly think yoga is or anyone. It is not just for those who are flexible or athletic or slim or just for hippies or athletes. We place a lot of labels on yoga but it is truly for anyone. The benefits both physically, emotionally and spiritually are endless and I believe anyone can do it. There were all types of people at the class and I would love to some day see even more people there. I hope to be able to go once a week all summer and if anyone wants to try it and is scared to go alone, call me up! If you are scared to look silly, just put your mat beside me ;)

So if you live on Grand Manan - you need to try it! If you live anywhere else and still havn't, you also need to try it. Just once and if you hate it, you hate it but I don't think you will. :)

Big Love and Namaste of course,


  1. Glad you found it interesting and are recommending it to others.
    I thought I liked it but was all antsy during and couldn't relax.
    I am in awe of Yogis though and am glad you liked.
    I figured out that my thing is kickboxing... it takes the edge off for me in a big way.

  2. I have been wanting to try yoga for ages and this has totally given me the courage to go try it!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. "I spent 40 minutes of the class trying not to fart" - Hahahahaha, omg. This is why I have only ever tried yoga in the privacy of my own apartment. So worried.

  4. Good on you for giving it a go! Muchos LOLs at the fart comment.


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