Sunday, May 27

birthday haul

I just spent the weekend celebrating my 21st birthday and had such an amazing time! My birthday is officially tomorrow, May.28th, and also my Sister-in-Laws birthday so I'm taking a chance right now to send her a HUGE happy birthday wish!! She just completed a half marathon about an hour ago too -congrats!!

I haven't had a birthday party at home in a long time and about a month ago I decided I was gonna go ape shit and throw myself a birthday party. After reading some blogs of writers who have thrown "My Favorite Things" parties, inspired by Oprahs my favorite things give-away series, I decided it would be a super fun way to celebrate my party. I thought the idea that everyone could come, celebrate, eat, drink and leave with presents was wicked!

Basically, everyone brought 3 of their favorite things, and left with 3 different favorite things from a different guest at the party. Here are some examples of gifts that were brought by my friends :

For my three things, I brought Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist - my absolute favorite scent to wear with Body Shop Coconut Body Butter! They make the best body butter and Coconut is my favorite smell - so delicious and awesome for summer. ( I sound like a crazy youtube make up tutorial, I apologize aha). The 2nd gift I brought was Hempz Body Cream and the 3rd were some Aveeno Products - such good skin care products, I use their face moisturizer with spf errrry day.

As well as bringing some pretty awesome gifts (I think so anyway) I received 3 GREAT gifts! The first was a bottle of my friend Jaclyns homemade mango wine.. oh my gosh. Wine is fabulous but homemade wine is even more fabulous and mango?? Jackpot. Drank it before I could get a pic, so sorry aha. My second gift was some nice moisture recovery shampoo from Joico - very nice. The third, which I was pretty pumped about, were two new OPI colors in Care to Danse and Happy Anniversary! Loved all my gifts :)  

I happen to have the best mother ever (for a billion reasons) who recieved some things that she didn't think she would have much use for and let me have! She received the same Vanilla Body Mist I love from Rach who uses it as well, and gave it to me. Back up spray? A-okay. Thanks mama. The next gift she recieved was Maddys favorite Lip Stain from NYC in Persistant Pink and Baby Lips from Maybelline which I have never tried and was a little excited that my mother also didn't think she'd use them. At the same time, I felt kind of bad because she worked so hard on my party and then I stole all her gifts. Sorry mom. 

 After all this I felt pretty spoiled. Not just because of my great haul but because of the whole party itself. My mother prepared, slaved may be too strong of a word but not far off, for two days and let 15 crazy girls (and Karl) into her home for a night and our house is not a house that holds 15 people comfortably. She spoiled me rotten, putting up with my bull shit, buying so many snacks and cooking a ton of yummy food for us and still buying me an awesome birthday present!! She said nothing as I wondered around full of wine all day and again when she picked me up at 2am. I got lucky - what a woman. 

Also so thankful for the friends I have! So happy everyone took their Saturday night and spent it with "the birthday princess" - believe me, I milked the birthday shit for all it was worth.. So many good friends, I was in my glory, nothing makes me happier than a good group of friends having some drinks. 

My friend Sara brought me flowers, and my friend Emma (from Head Up, Heart Strong)brought me a birthday crown and an awesome gift from China - chopsticks and the cutest wallet you've ever seen!!

Karl, Me and my flowers and crown! (and food, of course!)

Chopsticks, wallet and the cute little mini wallets (card/cash holders- very cute) from Em. Love this!! THANK YOU!! 

My best friend Maddy spoiled me big time as well! She made me a FREAKIN CAKE as well as buying me some pretty fabulous goodies. She bought me the cutest shirt (in the background of the pic) and a lipstick she used to have that I love - it's a Matte in Pink (how simple, aha). How lucky am I? Honestly. Thanks Mad, love ya!

I also recieved a lovely little surprise from my friend Cassie. At Christmas she gave me two bottles of Hempz cream - one in Butter Pecan and one in Cherry Jubilee. Best scents ever and I LOVE hempz products! Yesterday she surprised me with another one in Triple Berry Swirl and it is heavenly. Thanks Cass!

So a big thank you to anyone who came to the party, spent time with me this weekend, made food for my party, said happy birthday or put up with my drunken birthday princess shenanigans - i love you all! Thanks to Galloways - we had an awesome time having drinks over there and Danita, the bartender, was AWESOME! I shall leave you with some more pics from the big day. Stay tuned on Being Bailey J - tomorrow ends the hugest fail of my life (the 195 challenge) and begins something (hopefully) much better..and also my 22nd year! wahooo!! 

Big Love,
Bailey :) 


  1. Happy 21st birthday! I love the party idea...great items were shared. : )

  2. Gotta have a birthday crown. I still insist on having one every year and I'm 40 next month.

    Happy 21st Birthday. May you have MANY MANY MANY more, sweetie.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

  4. Love the pictures. Glad you had an amazing birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    It sounds like you had a fun weekend celebrating :)

    <3 Jamie


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