Saturday, May 5

cuba 2012 in photos :)

Hello ladies and gents! I've had a big week and will definitely update you on that asap but for now I just wanted to share some pics. As you may know, I don't have any picutres from my trip but Courtney just uploaded hers so I thought I would share some of them sincee you guys are awesome and curious about the trip! I will try to keep this as photographic as possible and not blab about the pictures too awful much aha. Enjoy!! xx

On the plane!! :) 

Our first night (well technically our second by the first barely count:) We were nailin the sex on the beaches this night! We were fed and buzzin and much happier than the actual first night we were there. 

On Tuesday we went to Havana. :)

 Court and I at a huge church in Havana. We had to stand at the door with some other girls because we weren't allowed in. Why, you ask? Because our shorts were too short. Fair enough - it looks like I'm wearing no pants. That country is fucking hot - fuck pants. 

That's right - me in a two piece! Of course I've got that shit on lock, not gonna be walkin around all shirtless anytime soon but mesh over a 2 piece is a pretty big move for this girl - first bathing suit in like 10 years. Court and I took some photos before we caught some rays! The weather was absolutely gorgeous while we were there! 

 Oliver Bagel and I in the puppy palace! This is what happens when you drink and get too much sun. Go to my post about the trip if you are wondering about this one ahah too funny.
Our favorite Waitress, Cheylin! The most amazing waitress and such a fun lady! ahhhh i love her! im lookin chubby and buzzed lol

We had a fancy cuban dinner then went out for a photo shoot by the pool and the beach. I love this girl!! Here are some more pictures from the red wine buzz photoshoot aha... 

at the wedding chapel aha. why not? 

trying so hard to get a jumping picture. pretty ground bound though apparently aha. 


dusty and jenny! we did a lot of double dating on our trip aha. we met this couple from BC and pretty much fell as much in love with them as they are with each other! so much fun. i went from this classy lady to this..........
hahaha. such a quick transformation. oh red wine, its what you do to me. 
dusty, court and i :) (these were out at the disco off of the resort. SO much fun!!)

The whole trip was pretty fabulous!
Hope you guys enjoyed some pictures from it and sorry it took quite a while to get you some. It sucks about my camera but luckily Court had a ton of great pics! I will leave you with the classiest of all... 

big love,


  1. I love the last picture haha

  2. You guys looked like you had so much fun! Love the pics! :-)

  3. Beautiful pics.
    Btw, I am stopping by to give you a blog award!

  4. looks like quite the party - i want to go to cuba! damn us passport!


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