Friday, May 25

ear-gasm alert

Someone needs to clean up my ear jizz right now - yes i just went there. Check out this video then answer me this question : how amazingly talented is my friend Emma? This deserves 8 billion views. I chose 8 billion cause the other day Ellen told Justin Bieber that his latest hit Boyfriend had 8 billion views and Emma is JUST as good as the biebs. That is a HUGE compliment coming from me - i freakin love me some Justin Bieber. Anyways, you need to do yourself the favor of filling your ears with this cover of Bonnie Raitts "I Can't Make You Love Me'. Bon Iver and Adele are among some of the many talented vocalists who I've heard cover this song on Youtube lately but honestly, Emmas is my favorite. Enjoy!! x

1 comment:

  1. Wow, great voice from Emma!

    This is one of my favourite songs.

    My fav version was from a girl called Jade Richards on X Factor.


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