Tuesday, May 22

goodbye sweet everything.

Hello lovely people :) How was your long weekend? I just found out today it was a long weekend, lol. This is in part because I rarely work or do anything that I need to know about holidays for these days and even if I did work a TON, where I work is closed Mondays. So that's that. Either way, hope you had a lovely weekend :) If you are american, I don't think you had a long weekend, but you do NEXT week so yay for you :) and yay for me for knowing it's an American holiday next weekend. I am SOME kinda cultured.

A few weeks back I wrote about my "issues"... oh fuck it, i talked about how i couldn't shit. Constipation! It doesn't bother me to talk about it and its my own shit so if it bothers you then boo hoo. I feel a lot better but I've decided that dairy might have something to do with some of my belly issues. Aside from thinking that's the reason for my constipation, dairy has always had a pretty lame affect on me (esp cheese or a glass of milk) and it's generally not that healthy so giving it up is probably a decent idea, even if it doesn't affect my regularity.

 This isn't an easy decision. Let me tell you why. I fucking love cheese. Like an abnormal amount. I could sprinkle cheese over licorice or something equally as obscene. I am going to have an unhealthy hard time giving up cheese. Obviously, I will struggle with the sweets as well. I know that my health should come before my tastebuds but if it did in the past, I'd be skinny, and I'm not.

Even when you know what's good for you it's hard to give up things you love, like food, especially when you have mental and emotional addictions to food. I think this will make me feel a lot better and hopefully help with my weightloss as well though, so it's worth it and I will eventually get used to it and hopefully not crave it so much. Also it is my hope that I don't replace desserts and cheese with other shitty food like potato chips.

So after this weekend coming I will cut out the dairy. If I still feel horrible and get constipated then I might go back to my old ways but I really should just cut it out either way. I decided on changing it up after this weekend because its my birthday and I thought I'd have one last encounter with dairy products for my birthday then say my final goodbyes. Turn over a new leaf on my 21st birthday and say adios, queso. (that's cheese for anyone who is confused by my foreign rambling. )

For any of you wish dairy intolerances, vegan lifestyles or people who just dont like dairy products (otherwise known as crazy people) - how do you deal? what do you use as replacements? have any tips for someone in transition?

Thats all for now. I'm going to go stuff my face with dairy products.

big love,


  1. I hear you on this one. Although, for me, it's been a recent debate about giving up soda. Oh how I love soda but it makes me bloated so it's got to go (err...tomorrow). Haha! I'm building up to start a 30-day ban on Friday. *groans*

  2. Oh girl do I hear you on this one. I am also trying to restrict cheese/dairy as well as give up soda. UGH!

  3. My program requires you to surrender all that is dairy... except for plain greek yogurt and a spoon of feta here or there. And, I gotta tell you- that stuff is delightfully good and takes the edge off. For example, I just put my cereal in greek yogurt... or if I want ice cream... just add some fruit to it. I've noticed a lot of powerful changes in the past few weeks thanks to that substitution. But, I guess if you cut all dairy then the greek stuff is out too?

  4. You say fuck...I like you, I like you a lot.

    I have trust issues with ice cream, but I still eat it. Especially now that it's almost summer and all of the soft ice cream places are open.


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