Saturday, May 12

a mothers day rap.

well..more like a poem.

you nag, you bug,
you growl at  me too.
i do most things wrong
according to you. 

no food on the sofa,
no candles in my room,
 if bail has anything flammable, 
we're all facing doom. 

growing up with the joanster,
freedom was bleak,
no freestlyin' parenting
for this control freak.

but thank you for caring,
and tending to smother
though the rules seemed obscene
you are an excellent mother. 

you raised some cool kids,
at least a cool daughter,
and most of her good traits
are things that you taught her. 

like to always respect
and work my flat ass off,
 like you did for us 3,
to you i tip my hat off.

my sarcasm, my beauty
my big heart too,
all of these things,
i inherited from you.

 i know it wasn't easy,
raising this drama queen,
 with outrageous hormones
and little desire to be clean.  

but with me you worked your magic, 
im smart, funny and a real looker.
i could have turned out worse 
at least im not a hooker. 

i love your heart, your smile,
your hugs and your laughter,
i have you as my mother 
what more could i ask for? 

love you mom


  1. Oh Bail! I teared up, and I laughed! What a beautiful thing to do.


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