Friday, May 18

negative nancy bullshit.

I have been a negative nancy for so long. When I come home, and I sit in my bed and I go to write a blog post, I feel like all I have to say is negative things. I'm not losing weight, I can't take a shit, my knees hurt, my hip hurts, I won't be able to run my 10k, I'm a part ginger, I'm broke and my car keeps breaking ...rah, rah rah rah rah. SHUT THE FUCK UP, BAILEY.

Who wants to read that? I don't but thank you to the readers who stick by me and give me amazing advice even when i am annoying as shit. You guys are outrageously amazing and I promise to return the favor if you ever inneed. But I don't even want to write this shit...maybe because it sucks to admit its my life but mostly because its boring.

The thing is that my life is made up of much more than negative things, in fact, there are a LOT of positive things that may even weigh out the negative. So fuck this negative shit, at least for now, I'm gonna celebrate the lovely things tonight because believe me, I have a pretty stellar list of them.

In tonight's post you'll find pictures, pins and paragraphs of me writing about all the things I love in my life, about life and so on and so forth. Sit back and let the positivity of life take over your soul, ladies and gents !

1. Chocolate 
I love chocolate and I love desserts. Mostly I love chocolatey desserts. After my two day cleanse, I have put way too much of it into my body - what a waste of a cleanse, eh? haha I got to enjoy some lovely peanut butter pie AND dairy queen peanut butter cup ice cream cake in the SAME DAY today and it was glorious! I shall leave you with this picture of what I would most like to have in my belly right now..

Source: via Bailey on Pinterest

2. Birthdays
I fucking love birthdays. I love other peoples birthdays and I love my birthday (which is coming up and you can totally make me the previously posted dessert above!)! It's not even the presents, I just love when I have all these lovely people taking a second out of their day to say "happy birthday - you were born - sweet!" I know that sounds like.. selfish? or something. Yeah, hell yeah. Lavish me in happy birthdays - I LOVE THAT SHIT. And I will return the love when your birthday rolls around. This year I'm having a birthday party (yes im 21.. lol) and incorporating a My Favorite Things party into it and I am PSYCHED. It's fun for everyone - 3 presents and a fuck load of food and drinks. I could not be happier and more excited :) It will be my first gathering of friends at home in a few years so yay! bring out the cameras - and tag me , girl !

3. May Birthday
I may be a BIT bias as my birthday is May.28th but it is the BEST month. Quite a few people have birthdays in May and since I love so many of em, I'm gonna call em out right now and send them a little happy birthday lovin!! 

This birthday belongs to my cousin Rachel! I have always loved having the same birthday as Rach and knowing that when hers rolled around mine was exactly two weeks off. Rach has been a huge part of my life for a lot of it and just chillin on her couch with the fam, sharin a laugh is the best place to be. This birthday has passed  but I hope you had an amazing day because you deserved it. I love you tons and can't freakin wait til you are home for the summer.
This photo was taken by Robyn Guptill Photography, click here to see her site :) 
Cassie B graced the world with her presence May.15th and I am very very glad about it. Cassie is one of the most wonderful ladies in my life and I am thankful to have been blessed with her friendship just 3 or 4 short years ago. Cassie, with her huge heart, has taught me so much about life and friendship and I don't think she even knows it. Hope you had the happiest birthday yet, Cass. I know I would've been happy if that was MY birthday cake lol 

May.16th belongs to my aunt Jojo and my friend Sheri. My aunt deserves a special shout out for being ridiculous hilarious and keeping family dinners interesting. It's nice to know that I'm not the only person who can keep a straight face talking about vaginas rotting from the inside out at a family dinner. Thanks for having my back. Sheri started out as my boss 2 summers ago and quickly became my friend after the sexual harassment in the workplace began. We got along because of our sarcastic, we dont give a fuck attitudes and she has been there for me a lot over the pat two years like taking me in twice for example. Hope you both enjoyed your birthday, love you guys. 

Hi Kim. You made it to my blog! I have no idea if you read but you better today since you got a shout out!! aha. Happy Birthday Kim, as I am writing it, it is still your very birthday but the time it is published it won't be. Either way, thanks to lanette for shooting you out on the 17th, happy to have you as a part of my life. And I'll be your friend, on and off facebook, every day of the year ;) 

TODAY is TAMS birthday!! Man, how many Mays have we been excited about our bestie-10dayapart-birthdays! Many.I remember SO many birthdays of yours and mine. The first time I ever drank was your 18th birthday, the first time I ever went out with a fake id was your 19th, my 19th we spent going out for my first legal time. I remember peeing the bed at one of your big birthday sleepovers hahah (like the 4th.. dont hate..okay it was her 11th). We've had a lot of years of birthdays and lots of other shenanigans that I wouldn't take back. Last year we were separated and sadly this year is a repeat but I'm still celebrating yours all day and all night long. Happiest of birthdays, wish I could be there!! 

Not only is this my birthday but it's my sister-in-laws birthday too, pretty sweet eh! I mean, can my brother pick em or what?? But he really can pick em, she's amazing. Some of you may know her through her blog Live Happe , through my posts about her and how much I love her, in person or you may be unfortunate enought to not know her but believe me, she's the best. Not only is she raising some pretty awesome kids with my brother (try 4) but she's an awesome friend, teacher, writer, supporter and a big inspiration to me. She is always there for me, listening to me yang about one thing or another, giving me the best advice I've pretty much ever been given or pushing, guiding and supporting me on my weight loss journey. Robin, you are the best and I hope you have a very happy birthday in less than TWO WEEKS AND IM SO EXCITED aha. Hopefully some day we can be together and celebrate this glorious day... in a bar, with tequila. 

And last but most certainly not least, is Gina on the 31st. Gina is almost like a kindred spirit to me or something equally as cheesy. I love this girl and it sucks that I pretty much NEVER see her ever. We spent a lot of time in High School together as we both were on student council and she just SO fun and hilarious! I am very happy to be able to share a birthday month with you :)
hahahah. this picture. oh dear. 

and so ends the birthday shenigans. onto more happy topics cause im loving it! 

 for real.

4. Sunshine
 After way too many days of rain 2 or something.. I am excited to see the sun again and bask in its rays. I hate tanning beds and have been tanning bed tan free for over 5 years but I am totally 100% guilty of loving to lay in the sun. I know it's bad but it's certainly not as bad as tanning on a regular basis and by the time the summer rolls around I am usually working and not laying in the sun. So yes, I will indulge in the sinfully wonderful sun when I please and when I can :) Plus, I am definitely suppose to be dark - my pasty ass 8 months of the year is nasty compared to my less nasty tanned ass, FO RILL. 

5. I got some great replies, messages and phone calls regarding my constipation post (so sexy) and I'm SO thankful for people who a)are there for me and b)are willing to talk about their constipation in order to help me. You guys are the best! 

hahahah i had to. 

5. everything
like i have said before on my blog and in my life, I have a million reasons to be happy. I'm alive with amazing friends, family, supporters, readers, things, food, opportunities, experiences, etc. yes, shitty things do happen, but its all about doing your best to be greatful and to make your own life happy and be happy with yourself. 

6. tattoos
I love pretty, meaningful tattoos. Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of tattoos are useless and skanky but so many are perfect.  Some day I will get another but I need it to be perfect and thought about for at least six months. Anywho - my friend diana got a tattoo this week that says "expect the best and decide to be happy".  I love it! I was like "this is like.. my philosophy!" then i realized how negative I've been lately and decided to smarten up and start DECIDING to be positive and happy, because that's what needed to be done. So thanks di :) 

I hope you guys have enjoyed a more positive and fun post from me. I promise to bring you more of this side of me and less of the shit. Lets be real though, my blog is always honest so when things are real shitty, chances are you'll hear about it aha. I would love to post more but I need to get some sleep so I can get up enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine tomorrow gives! I love you all! 

Big love,


  1. Oh i love May. Thanks for all that sweetness. Right back at you!!!!!!!!! YAY!

  2. May is starting to be a nice month. Weather wise, anyway. And Bailey, always try to remember all the good and wonderful things in your life, so that it's not just Negative Nancy all the time. :-)

  3. I'm sorry but December is the best because it's my birthday and it's Christmas!!! Yay ;)

  4. I'm pretty sure I love you. Haha, thank you for commenting/following my blog so I could find your blog. Your posts are hilarious. Seriously made my day. :)

    And, I'm totally with you on the whole birthdays thing. Birthdays are AWESOME.


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