Thursday, May 17

we are hunted.

Forever ago when I was on stubleupon I came across a site called We Are Hunted that has a constantly changing list of 99 emerging songs on it. Every once in a while I get so fucking tired of my itunes and I just want to come across a new song and a new band that says "hey... you will be playing my songs everyday for the next month in your car" the very first time I hear it. I have found a ton of new songs and bands by this site and so I'm going to share some from the past and some I've just found this week for anyone out there looking for random music they've never heard. Check out the site and spice up your (musical)life.

big love,


  1. There's a We are Hunted app within Spotify and I love it!

  2. I love the first song!! I'm definitely checking out this site!!


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