Tuesday, May 1

weightloss junkie : monday motivation!

This is for all my weight loss junkies out there interested in any weight loss updates :) I have a bunch of things to say so I'm just going to try to spit it out in bullet form haha. For those of you wondering about my trip to Cuba, read the post just before this one where I wrote all about it :) Onward!

  • I wanted to lose weight in Cuba but knew that's almost impossible with buffets and me.. not a good combo. When I returned home the scale said I was up 8 lbs. YIKES! Luckily, I knew that it was my TOM, I was retaining an insane amount of water and it would come up. Six of it came off the next day so I gained 2lbs. I'm at 210.
  • According to my 195 plan I should be around 205 by now but I'm not. I most likely won't reach my goal but I'm planning to still kick some ass. 
  • How you ask? I've decided to start formally training for my 10k this week coming! :) It is July.14 which is 10 weeks ( just realized how convenient this is as the plan i am choosing to follow is 10 weeks. how lovely)
  • I am going to be making weekly exercise charts to keep me on task! I'm a go with the flow kinda girl, don't like to be told what to do but sometimes if there is no plan it means I can choose to do nothing. Here is my plan for week 1+2 as they are supposed to be the same for my 10k training plan.

  •  The runs seem really long to me but they are slow paced and I can do it. 
  • I have also decided to eat more. This also means I shouldn't be lose weight as fast as I planned but I know that slow and steady is better. Slow and steady = my skin having a better chance at not being so nasty and that I will learn and adapt to new healthy habits. Unfortunately it also means the 195 goal for May.28 is just getting further and further out of my grasp. 
  • I have chosen to eat less because I know it's better for my body. 1400 calories just isn't enough when my BMR is over 1700. I say it everyday, you need to eat more to lose more sometimes. If I am going to be doing work outs like this, I definitely need to eat more so that I am fueling my body properly.
  • That being said, I think with this plan and maybe some other changes in my diet, I can still look great in that dress on my birthday. I have this really unrealistic goal of losing 10.1 lbs in May and being in onederland at 199.9 on my birthday (the 28th). Maybe I will, maybe I wont. But atleast I tried and will make progress! 
  • I have lost inches! Although I am up on the scale I did some measurements and I have lost inches so thats great. Inches are actual visible, tangible changes so I will take it and run :)
  • I feel bad I wont be reaching the 195 goal. I just feel like Im letting readers down I guess. That's silly because its about me but I feel like Im always letting everyone down. This weightloss is going SO slowly. Techinically I've only lost about 35 lbs in like 7 months which is so slow but I guess its better than nothing. 
  • Oh and I think I have decided on 57 minutes as a goal time for my 10k. As I get closer I may make it higher or lower depending on how my training is going. 
I think that's all I have to say for now. I have to get up early in the AM for a breakfast date with my main ginger bitches - Im super pumped at that. I love breakfast! I just wanted to keep you guys updated because I know that when I stop writing about it on my blog it means Im having issues but I promise you I haven't given up or anything wild like that! haha.

Big Love,
Bailey. :)

PS. promise to give you guys some pics from Cuba as soon as I can :) 


  1. It sounds like you are doing wonderful! After my vacation, I was up 8 and it sure as heck never fell off! But, i really went to town on the buffets.
    Don't be bummed about pushing back the 195... I have realized through this journey that goals just need to be kept on the table. Sometimes you hit them sooner, and often, it takes longer than you hoped, but getting there is all that matters. And, you will because you're strong and inspiring and awesome.

  2. You are so on it, girl! I love the chart, very good. You're a fuckin badass, I'm doing a 5k on July 15th in Seattle. 10k would kill me dead! I am so proud of how far you've come. Can't wait til you hit your goal weight.

    I would never block you from my blog, silly. I just took a break!

  3. You don't let us down, you inspire us! Whether it takes a month to get to 195 or a year, we all know that you will never give up. That's a great quality to have.

    Good luck for your 10k training. If you need any tips, don't come to me! I don't have any hahaha. Okay. Keep running. There's one! :)


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