Monday, May 7

what have you done today to make you feel proud?

I have done nothing in the past week to make myself feel proud.

I love the show biggest loser. The opening song for it asks that question - what have you done today to make you feel proud. My big answer is nothing. I'm tired of that answer.

My friend rejoined Weight Watchers last week. Her and I joined Weight Watchers back when I was 16. It's an awesome program and I lost 38lbs on it and she reached her goal weight. Although she has maintained a healthy weight she rejoined for very legit reasons to get back to the weight she is most comfortable with. She was worried about what people would think because she's not over weight and I was proud of her for doing what she needed to do, despite what other people think. This week she lost six lbs  which is amazing. Anyone who judged her can suck it.

I was excited for her but I felt discouraged with myself. I'm still in the 200's and I haven't lost over 3lbs in a week since I started. Do I not work hard enough? I want to lose my weight at a healthy pace but I would love to have one of those amazing weeks where you lose 4-6lbs but the truth is that maybe I've never deserved one of those weeks.

I mentioned this to my friend and she asked "are you trying your best, truthfully?"
Well no, I'm not. Out of frustration and laziness and whatever else - I'm not. And I should be. 

So this week I have decided I owe it to myself to go all out for one week. I am going to eat as clean as possible. No chocolate, no candy, no chips, no sweets, no eating out. No diet soda - water only. Healthy, nutritious meals and light snacks of fruit and veggies in between. I will be sticking to my 10k training plan and fitness schedule that I mentioned here and focusing on having a perfect week. I won't go near the scale until next Monday morning - just focus on each hour of each day. 

If I don't have a good loss, then at least I have a week I can be proud of.

So next Monday I will meet you here and let you know what the scale said. This morning, making me exceptionally full of glee, the scale said 213.8 - fabulous. I had been at 208. I know it's probably just bloat from the wkd binge. Hoping for 204 next monday - I want to be down 4 from 208. Legggo.

Wish me luck



  1. You are too hard on yourself. You have been working hard for a very long time making better choices and doing this in a healthful way. It's great that you are going to set new goals and push harder this week, but don't forget to give yourself some pats on the back for what you have already achieved too!

  2. I'll be watching the transformation! You can do it! XO

  3. Ugh this makes me want to join again bc it works so well but I'm so bad about counting points!

  4. I felt the same way 2 weeks ago and so I buckled down and have been eating so healthy, I already have lost more that I have previously and that was without going to the gym (my trainer way sick!) I saw him last night and he told me that in the end you can work out as hard as you want but if you don't eat well you will just waste all your hard work its 20% working out 80% eating well. You can do it, just be real with yourself, I know its hard but you can do it! :) xx

  5. I'm just catching up now, so hopefully everything went well and good luck today!!


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