Friday, June 22

Am I The Only One?

I`m a total weirdo. Sometimes I will think up something and people will give me a crazy look and I`m like- Am  I the only person in the universe who feels like this way? So when I saw Dana at Five30Three writing her list of Àm I The Only One`s I thought I would join her!


Am I The Only One...

 who thinks anything strawberry flavored is some nasty ass shit? the only thing i like strawberry flavored is strawberries and im not even a huge fan of those either.

who hates touch screen phones? id rather have no phone! i like buttons and pressing and the feeling of it. touching screens are hard and not equipped for proper use if you have sausage fingers. 

who doesn't want to read fifty shades of grey? if you want some hot sex in your life, have some hot sex. you wanna be spanked? tell your husband you wanna be spanked. nothing wrong with a little s&m. i will buy you the fuckin whip. stop reading about it and do it. this coming from a virgin. cmon people. 

who doesn't love the sight of little dogs? i love all dogs. i love all creatures. but i want a big ole dog! a real dog! if i wanted a cat or a cat sized animal, i will buy a freakin cat. 

who thinks wearing mismatched shoes is cute? i dont mean two different shoes but like.. a pink dress and blue shoes. colorblocking - its fun. i feel like people look at me strange. that could just be cause im strange looking though. fair enough. 

who has no idea how to play poker? i have just ain't comin easily. 

who doesn't like the song call me, maybe? i actually liked some of carly rae's earlier songs - tug of war is a wicked song and bucket is super catchy. i hate call me, maybe. annoying. 

what about you guys? do you think any of these things? do you ever feel like you're the only one in the universe who likes a certain flavor of something or doesn't understand a game or whatever it may be?  

let me know! x

big love,
bailey j


  1. Love these all!! I really thought i was the only one who had no interest in Fifty Shades. Phew! Thanks for playing along.

  2. I have NO desire whatsoever to read 50 Shades of Grey...

    I have first hand experience with that stuff, and in many cases, it borders on abuse, and involves coercion, and conditioning. I was with someone who conditioned me into accepting the humiliation, degradation and physical wounds he inflicted upon me....and he had me thinking I wanted it, and that it was normal. Wtf!?

    Granted, he is an extremely sick individual, and I still believe there is nothing wrong with a little slap and tickle....but the memories are too much for me to handle.

    This book? FORGET IT!

  3. keep the color blocking going on. love shoes with bright colors

  4. Loved this post!

    I didn't even know 50 shades of grey was a book lol i was seeing all this stuff about it and thought it was a movie or something. So I can't say I have the desire to read it :P Other than that one I am like complete opposite on all your things. The coloring blocking is fantastic though :) But I love small dogs :P i'm one of those people that dresses them up and pretends they are human i'm weird.

    This inspired me to do a post like this! check it out when you can :)

    Stay happy!

  5. I love strawberries and chocolate covered strawberries. but im not up for things flavored strawberry all that much. Im not a huge touch phone person either. I actually traded mine in for a normal phone with buttons. I have a big dog. Im not a little dog person. I want my dog to be able knock someone down if they are attacking me, not biting ankles. Although that does hurt. I dont play poker people have tried to teach me, but it doesnt stick in my brain. I have yet to read the book, not sure im going to. Its not on my list of reads at the moment, Im reading other books like the Orphaned Adult and Spirit Junkie. So I do like Call me Maybe. It is a bit played out. okay a lot. But I guess then you didn't like my abercrombie video of male models doing a spoof video to that song. You should watch it, you can mute the volume. But watching hot topless boys is ok. Sometimes I think am I the only one who has no desire to get on facebook right now.

  6. you're *weirdness* is what makes you absolutely FABULOUS!!! don't change one itty bitty thing about you EVER!

    and that song... never heard it but saw it written on some graduates cars at the beach the other day and my guy friend had to tell me it was a song? i am clearly OLD and so outta the loop!


  7. ohhhh and 1000% agreement about 50 shades of gray -- i refuse to read it simply on principle!
    i fell into the twilight trap and i swear i will never recover the brain cells lost from reading that slop.
    and YES -- go have the kinky sex you so obviously crave!


  8. Haha, 50 shades of grey - the whole thing is so weird.

    Xo Megan

  9. Sooo with you on touch screen phones. My Blackberry is so outdated, but I love having buttons!

  10. I'd rather read "50 shades of i dont give a fuck" than that book everyone is raving about.


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