Sunday, June 17

a fathers day rap.

Okay. So I didn't write another rap. You may have seen the Mothers Day Rap I wrote for Joan earlier this year but I pretty much used up all my creativity on that one piece. It's not that my father doesn't deserve it. My father is a great guy and I inherited a lot of pretty awesome qualities from him. He is kind and hardworking for example. He taught me a lot about respect, being kind and being helpful to people, whether they ask or not. He also gave me my dark skin and the ability to tan quite easily - thank you, john!

I think father-daughter relationships can be a bit complex and not always easy, or perfect. Its also not something you will hear me talk much about on here. Yes, there ARE things I'm not open about. Can you believe it? That being said, I did grow up with a great father, who was always there not only for me but for my two brothers and my mom. Now you know! 

 I decided today I would share the words from the card I got my father because they are pretty lovely and I think they most likely ring true for a lot of us. So Happy Fathers Day not only to my own awesome father but to all the fathers out there, whether biological or not, who stepped up for anyone who needed them.And to my Big Brother who is an amazing father to his 4 children and has always been a great role model to me as well.

A Good Man is one who is loved for the warmth and caring in his heart. 
A Wise Man is one who teaches by the fine example of his life. 
A Strong Man is one who has worked hard and always done his best for the family. 
A Successful Man is one who has earned the respect and admiration of others.

A Fathers Day Wish to celebrate you -
a man who is good, wise, strong and the truest kind of success-
a man who is loved more than he could possibly know. 

the fam jam. me in my early human stages

My father, my oldest brother, and be in baby form

When I arrived home from my first trip to Guatemala

My senior prom
Happy Fathers Day Pop, I love you! 


  1. So sweet and heartfelt Bail...Pop will love it!

  2. Haha! I love this so much Bailey! Thanks for commenting on my blog, yours is super cute and I am now following you.

  3. What a sweet post! Happy father's day!


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