Tuesday, June 5

Getting Productive

Because my work life is so slow right now my life feels insanely unproductive. I am still on a "call in" schedule so the hours I work depend on how busy the restaurant gets. Because the tourist season isn't in full swing yet, it's not particularly busy yet and I am bored and broke!

All this lack of action becomes a pattern. I stay up late, I sleep in and waste my days, I'm left with little energy to work out or do anything productive. I'm getting tired of it and it effects my moods but when there is nothing to wake up for there is little motivation to do so.

Today Georgia, at a blog I really enjoy called Georgias Trying Something New, participated in a link u called Going For The Goal In June which Jenny at Peanut Butter and Jenny started. I was first excited to be introduced to Jennys blog because it's a really great blog. So thanks to Georgia for sharing it! Second, I thought that this was exactly the type of thing I could use.

Basically, at the first of each week, or Tuesday if you are a slacker like me (see, I really need this), I set out goals for the week to accomplish. I could do it on my own but.. I do everything on my blog so I thought I might as well drag you guys into it and introduce you to some good blogs at the same time. Also, it might motivate you to get some things done you've been needing to do!

Peanut Butter and Jenny

This weeks goals are 
  • Work out at least 5 days! I have been so slack with being active and it's time to be a machine. 
  • Maintain 90% Paleo all week
  • Finish my Victorias Secret Box. (will explain below)
  • Make steps toward a better sleep schedule 
  • Make a summer budget 
Not too hard this week - taking it easy on myself, apparently, haha. My sleeping is something that will take a lot of work because I love my sleep but I will eventually straighten it out. I'm just trying to hopefully back it up by an hour or two this week! I think the being active thing is achievable just not easy - I'm so lazy nowadays! With a better sleep schedule, possibly more possible ;) I did pretty strict paleo all week so I don't see why I can't do it again - its making me feel good and week 1 was pretty great results!

As far as the Victorias Secret Box goes .. well, it's a like a reward box. I have never been sexy, skinny or wealthy enough to shop at Victorias Secret. I don't think I own a single sock from there let alone lingerie, swim suit or clothes. I love their clothing line though, I love panties and bras like most ladies, I even think their scents are delicious. So I decided I would plan a little spree for myself.

I am decorating a small box with pictures of fit, hot women (yeh.. it sounds weirder than it is) on it as inspiration - sort of like, when this comes into play, you will be fit and hot like one of these women aha. Anyways, I throw my spare change into it and some of my tips through out the summer. Then, in probably October, I plan to give myself a spree at Victorias Secret. I may wait until goal weight or I may do it in September, it all depends on when I feel ready to spend it. I may get there and decide to spend the money at a different store or whatever but I just feel good saving up to reward myself with something. I save most of my money throughout the summer or travels or adventures and don't do much shopping or anything so it will be good to be working hard to get healthy and then be able to reward myself with something like that :)

Anywho! Wish me luck on my weekly goals and next week, when I set new ones, I will let you know how I made out :)

What are your goals for this week? This summer? This year? :)

Big Love,


  1. How fun, Bailey! Love the idea of saving up for something special like that. I need to be doing the same. Saving and budgeting: I'm so bad at both.

    I think I'll post my goals now for today's *late* Tuesday post.
    Thanks for inspiring!

  2. B - that is an excellent idea - love it! You should reward yourself with pretty, sexy things. You know I do - and how! LOL.

  3. Yay on the Victoria Secret box. So awesome. I love that you're decorating it and making it special for yourself. Can't wait to hear what you buy!

  4. I love the idea of a savings box for when you reach your goals. Thanks for linking us to those great blogs too


  5. Good luck! I'm curious to hear how you did!


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