Saturday, June 2

happy happy.

Happy Weekend :) Thought I'd do a light hearted post as my last post was a pretty serious one - it had been a while eh! I was sitting here feeling good so I thought I'd share with you the top 5 things that are making me happy today!

1. I can't eat cupcakes but if I could, I would be raiding Winters house. Winter is a girl I housesat for once, and as far as I know, the cupcakes she creates were not around. I probably would have sniffed them out if they were. I follow her on pinterest and she started an album called Nailed It which I'm guessing is where she posts all the pinterest stuff she tries that she nails (good logic, eh?). Otherwise, these are just pictures and I'm crazy and she didn't make all these delicious cupcakes but Im pretty sure she did. Anyyywhooooo, since I can't actually eat them I've just been admiring them and they look SO awesome. They look pretty and I bet they taste even prettier. This one I am posting is a Smore cupcake and even saying the word Smore makes me drool a little. How yummy does this look? I feel very happy looking at these pins as should you. 

2. Even though I can't eat cupcakes I feel awesome! It is making me VERY happy today. This primal thing has got me feeling really good. I always feel healthy and not bloated and it's fabulous and I am definitely crediting it to the primal lifestyle so far. I'm not sure if my body has totally caught on but I feel like it is starting to after my MAJOR headache last night. You see, I decided that I would have 10 potato chips, half a hot dog and some ranch dip yesterday. I had got enough sleep, worked out and had enough water so I really think my head ache came from having that processed not good stuff in my system. I could be crazy but.. I NEVER get head aches. Anyway, even if it isn't from that, I feel fucking awesome!

3. Breakfast in general makes me happy but today was even better. My friends Ash (and her awesome son Ryker), Diana, Courtney and Michi all got together for a breakfast date at a restaurant that just reopened for the summer in my hometown. It was super yummy, good service and of course good friends. Breakfast is a good meal for me when it comes to eating out. There's eggs, bacon, ham and it's enough to make me not wish I had toast, hashbrowns or cheese. At dinner it's more tempting, so many delicious foods that I shouldn't eat - its better to just avoid it. I was lucky today because this restaurant also serves fruit and they gave me a HUGE plate of fruit - strawberries, kiwi, orange, canteloupe and watermelon. It was delicious and insanely affordable (not gonna lie, i was kinda surprised at the cheap part). It was such a good morning. :)

4. This is a bit vain but I am very happy to be a color that is better suited for me and my native features. I am white but I have portuguese in my blood and it ended up being sort of dominant..who knew? I look pretty native, thats what people tell me at least, but my skin gets super pasty in the winter (I don't use tanning beds and neither should you.). It looks so wrong because of my features and I am always happy when the sun starts to come out and I get a little mocha action going on. Everyone looks a bit better with some color and I am the perfect example of that. I was at the gym today (which is where I usually feel most pasty) and felt pretty pumped that I had a healthy glow going on! Keep bronzin me up, sun!

5.  The 5th thing that made me happy today was hearing the total for the Relay For Life that was held on Grand Manan last night (and into this morning - props to those who stayed the whole night!!0. It can catch me by surprise to be reminded of how many big hearts there are in this tiny comnunity. They raised over 28 000 dollars for cancer research and that is just absolutely amazing! It's become a huge event here and I am so excited about that. I hope next year I can join a team and get more involved. I played in a volleyball tournament for it and I went out last night but there's so many more ways to get involved and hopefully I will next year. It's things like this that make me proud to be an islander. :)

There you have it! So my question for you is What's made you happy this weekend? :) Enjoy xx

Big love,


  1. I hadn't heard the total and wasn't able to go last night like I usually do. That's a great amount for the community! Way to go GM, I also need to get back on a team and help next year!! Maybe a group of us should get together and make a crazy cancer kicking team or something. ps. i'm jealous of your skin, my ginger skin just turns me red and hurts :P

  2. Bailey,

    I am soooooo pleased you enjoyed our volleyball day! Hope you can do it again next year! Thanks for your donation at our site last night. It's because of people like you were raised so much money, and yes, not only was I there all night, but no sleep for me, and a minimal 15 minute sit down. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself and my fellow islanders!

  3. #5 Makes me happy, too! I am so proud of being a Grand Mananer at times like this...we always rally around when someone is in need, and the Relay for Life really brings out the very best of what Grand Manan offers as COMMUNITY...being there through thick and thin,helping and celebrating when we succeed!
    I'm pretty sure you could find a team to be on next year...How would you feel about being a Cowtipper? I hear the publicity alone is worth it!! And Robyn could definitely be on to reason why a bunch of you couldn't put your own team in.
    Did you see the sunrise this morning? That would make another reason today was Great!


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