Wednesday, June 20

How far is too far?

A rant to kickstart your Wednesday! 

I got an email today from Sugarlips Apparel. Sugarlips is a clothing store located in Los Angeles with some very cute and decently affordable clothes (coming from someone who is cheap and considers anything over 40$ to beextravagant). I thought it was exciting to be getting an email from them and it was the first time I've ever been contacted for anything to do with advertising/sponsorship.

I let myself get excited for a second but my smile turned to a frown quickly and my bugged out eyes went back into my head. They told me, or Sasha told me, they were looking for fashion bloggers and they love my blog, my personal style, and especially my photographs. In trade for pictures of me advertising their clothes, they would give me clothes basically - sweet, I like clothes. That's great, I would advertise for you, but if they had even opened my blog for ONE second, they would know I'm the furthest thing from a fashion blog.

And is it that much trouble? Is it that much fucking trouble to spend 5 seconds at my blog to figure out whether I'm actually a fashion blogger or not? Whether I'm worth the time sending the email to even? I know it's a real program, I have checked it out and I have a friend who advertises for them. I believe they run on a referral system - kind of like a a pyramid scheme - if you refer 20 blogs, you get more clothes sort of thing - and I was approached by an affiliate. You would think she would email people who were actual fashion bloggers for her own gain but apparently that's too complicated.

 But whatever, that's fine, that's great, I like their clothes, I may even be interested in doing something like that whether I'm a fashion blogger or not. It turns out I do wear clothes! But don't try to get my blog in on something when you know nothing about the blog. Don't tell me you like it when you've never been here. Now I don't even want to shop at that store!

It made me think - how far would I go to get free swag or advertising for my blog? Apparently this chick would go far enough to just email random bloggers she knows nothing about so that she can get free clothes. Real classy. She probably saw my account commenting on my friends advertisement for them and took her shot. Nice try. People have probably done weirder things though - but not me. Fuck that.

Yes, every blogger loves to be talked about kindly by other blogs, it would be fun to advertise for something cool and get paid or get swag -  like..obviously! And to get paid for doing something I love?? Kick ass. Serious ass. A blogger who says they don't like advertisement is full of fucking shit. The thing is - I don't want to compromise myself or my blog to get to there. I want to stay true to myself as much as possible. ( I sound like I think I'm a rising star ahah.. I don't and I'm not).

While I get excited every day when I have a new follower or comment (lets face it, i live for that shit) I like for it to be people who actually like my blog, like what im writing about, can relate to me. I like comments from peope relating to what I wrote about, giving me advice not saying "Hi come follow my blog".. like..did you even just read what the fuck I wrote?? I'd rather stay at 139 followers who really like my blog than have 5000 followers who only want me to go follow their blog back or something. Follow my blog if you like me and my writing and my ridiculousness..not because you feel obligated or you want me to go follow yours. Lame. I will follow yours if I like it and want to hear more from you!

That being said, if I were to ever advertise I would like it to be for things that have to do with anything I write about or just a product I love and want to share with the world. I would love to advertise for blogs I love or for clothing I love, whether I am a fashion blogger or not (so had they actually checked out my blog and still been interested -so would I). I would love to advertise for anything health related - things I believe in and actually blog about. I don't blog about fashion. I like it, but I know my place. I hate when people blog about fashion and have no fashion sense - seriously? Nice try. I blog sarcastically about weight loss, travel and stupid shit because I'm a sarcastic person who is losing weight, likes to travel and has an interest in stupid shit. Anyone need that advertised?!

Anyways. It just sort of pissed me off and I usually write about things that piss me off because I know you are all so interested...,naaaat.. I would now like to soothe my soul and wind down. Want to wind down with me? I'm going to share some pretty pictures that Maddy took when her, I and another good friend Karl hit the sunset the other night. Be prepared for my serious Tyra Banks modeling skill - you will see me in a whole new light. (serious sarcasm- as if I haven't given you enough yet) She has a new camera and a great eye and I can't wait to see how awesome her photos get as she gets used to her new camera!

Big Love,

so serene


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yeah - my home is gorgeous. 

glad i gained 100lbs just for this photo.

im a fan of this one. my ginger locks are glowing like the setting sun


  1. AFREAKINGMEN! I love this post so much!! I think that so many young bloggers (myself included) think that they have arrived with their blogs when they get a sponsorship. I wish young women (and men) would be more careful about this and realize what is truly going on with these types of things!

  2. Well said!

    I have been approached, and fell for it....once.

    Now? I live by the "To thine own self be true" mantra.

    Glad to see that others do the same thing. Having integrity is something that nobody can take away from you. :)

    Stay golden!

  3. I've been approached a few times, have never done it though. Just didn't feel right, and apparently, you know the feeling.

  4. Oh Bailey, your shit cracked me up. I totally got what your saying, They didnt even read your blog, it was like a mass email sent out. Im with you, I love to have new followers and comments. But I have a couple followers that dont even leave me comments, so obviously they aint their to read. I guess they wanted me to follow them back. I would love to have some swag, like beauty products and workout clothes. Something thats true to my blog.I go through that stuff like i just pooped myself. LOL> Thats how fast I wear them out. You have to stay true to yourself. I started blogging to find my speech, creativity and outlet for anyone that wanted to read my brutal honesty.. Your ginger locks look lovely glowing in the setting sun. And that foot doesnt look to serene..HAHA

  5. i get similiar offers ALL the time and like you if they haven't taken a nanosecond to at least peruse my blog (not even read it) and see what i am about... i am all set!

    and i LOVE the ones who rave about my blog and then link to my old one which has been defunk for SIX months...

    stay true to you!
    (although free cute clothes ROCK BALLS!!!)


  6. That's absolutely hilarious to me because a gal I know who blogs where I live considers herself a "fashion blogger," and Sugarlips has convinced her to put their ads all over her blog. Now I see that it's not special treatment; it's a big scammy scam to get their name out there.

    Hmmm...interesting. Thanks for the heads up. If I get an email from them I'll be sure to let them know how I feel about it. lol.

    Anyway - I am still loving your blog. :)

  7. I was approached too recently by a similar company. It's flattering because that means my blog is becoming one that people actually look out. But I don't think I'd be able to live with myself without feeling like some kind of sell-out.

    I've decided that sponsorship and product reviews just aren't for me. I just want to write!


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