Monday, June 4

I'm A Primal Beast

Well, not really. I did do pretty well this week though! For those of you just tuning in, I wrote here about how I was going to attempt to start eating Primal/Paleo starting last Monday! I planned to do about 75% and I definitely did. My best guess would be that I actually did about 90% paleo - I was very focused!

I don't have many bad things to say about my first week. Yes, it is hard. It is hard because there is not a lot of options, especially when you are just starting out and still unsure of what all is a no no. It's also hard because I live in a pretty isolated place with not many alternatives for things like cheese and milk and not the grandest and freshest supply of fruits and veggies (especially if you don't want to spend a fortune!). But I made it through!

As far as feeling good goes I feel great! I feel healthier, way less bloated and I have been pretty regular for any of you wondering how dairy affected the whole poop situation. I'm feeling pretty confident that slacking off on the dairy will do wonders for my bowels and though its hard, Im willing to mostly cut it out for good if I feel this awesome all the time. Aside from that I have a bit more energy, my skins seems to be nicer and I seem to be in a better mood. I'm most likely in a better mood because I've been able to work out more often this week and that always makes me cheerful!

So without further adieu, you may be wondering how I did scale wise this week. If you have been keeping up with me through my blog or myfitnesspal you may know that I gained 7 lbs - BOOO! I am excited to reveal that this week I lost 4.2 lbs! I am super excited about that number and I am super excited to lose the rest of what I gained and more. :) My inches all stayed the same but I don't expect any serious measurement movements until I get to 200 and eventually enter Onederland.

You may have noticed that I've brought my Operation Sexy Bitch page back to life! I took it down when I gained because I was feeling all ashamed and also because I hadn't been updating it. I brought it back this week because I had a loss to be proud of and I had some people ask me where it went, so it's cool to know you guys like it and check up on it :) I changed it up a bit so make sure to check it out :)

Anyways, I just wanted to check in and let you guys know how primal went. I've had so many awesome responses to my choice to attempt primal eating and so much support - all these great links and people coming out of the woodworks saying they do it too. It's not easy, and I will never commit to it fully because I think you should always allow room in your life for things you love - just in moderation :)

Before I leave, I wanted to participate in something I was nominated for the blog world but never saw it or did it and now I feel horrible. About a month ago I was nominated for the  "Tell Me About Yourself" award at Lets Talk Fashion so I wanted to participate because thats exciting!

Basically I just tell 7 facts about myself and try to make them interesting or  facts you don't know. If  you are one of my best friends or my know this shit for sure, and Im sorry about that, aha. But to the rest of you, here are 7 random ass facts about me! :)

1. I am messy as fuck but I find so much peace in cleaning and organizing shit. I don't like to actually do it when I have to but when I get super stressed organizing feels so good. I like to scrub things.. it like gets out all my aggression. I'm a weirdo.
2. I love to write and read as you can see but I'm also pretty extroverted. I loved drama when I was in school, loved to perform music and I loved to write and compete in speech competitions. I thrived off that shit.
3.I'm also big into volunteering and I always planned on being some sort of activist back when I was in high school. I love volunteering and my favorites were food bank and Invisible Children back in the day. I'm very interested in human rights but it's not something I talk a ton about on here. If you have been here for long enough, you know I spent time volunteering at an orphanage in Guatemala on two separate occasions and I blogged about it both times :)
4.My favorite color is purple. I hate orange but at one time I loved it because the boy I like loved it. How stupid.
5. When I was younger I wanted to be a singer but I was also considering a career in being a host on YTV. I thought all the hosts on that station were the absolute coolest.
6. Finding hair in my food at restaurants doesn't phase me, I just eat it. People eat crazier things out of desperate hunger - fuck that complaining first world shit.
7. I used to collect weird shit like greeting cards and stickers. With this little fact at the 1st one you may conclude that I have mild OCD tendancies and you may be correct.

Now I am suppose to nominate 7 people to also participate in this! These are random and as usual, I won't be offended and may not even notice if you do not participate. But if you do, leave me a comment so I can see your answers even though I probably stalk your blog anyway and will see it as soon as you post it. Readers : check these blogs out! :) Until next time!

big love,

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Kaity @ (Bee)autiful Blessings
Kayla @ Close Encounters
Lilli @ BlushnCheeks
Bri @ Just Bri
Robin @ Live Happe
Gillian @ A Daft Scots Lass


  1. Sorry for tempting you with my baking post. You've inspired me to start eating more naturally. I have absolutely no self control so that means no more baking for a while - at least not for myself anyway.


  2. Will have the award up on Wed or Thursday. Thanx again for the shout out and for nominating me. Do you really want to know 7 facts about this old aunty>?

  3. Congrats on the loss. I think when you start a new plan, it's always easy to follow it because since you are unsure about so many things, you tend to be more cautious in what you eat. At least that's how I feel about eating clean.

    If you want a yummy Paleo recipe, check my blog. I posted about a Greek Meatza which is very yummy & easy to make.

  4. just found your blog and I wanted to say hello! :) When I was young I wanted to be singer too....ok, maybe I would still LOVE to be a pop star :-P I also am not too phased about hair in my food in restaurants because 95% of the time I assume it's mine anyways lol please come check out my blog sometime!!

  5. Woo!! Thanks for tagging me! I did this on my blog today! :)

  6. woohoo way to go -- rockin' the paleo which is no joke!

    4.2 lbs is fucking awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!



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