Monday, June 11

paleo and productivity!

Today starts week 3 of paleo. This past week wasn't amazing. For the most part I did well but the weekend sort of messed it up. I ended up drinking and then having unplanned adventure (which I will tell you about later this week!) and unplanned adventures, as some of you may know, mean it's SUPER hard to stay on track with eating!

I like paleo, and I love the way it makes me feel but it definitely has downsides for me. The big one is that because of the isolation of where I live, it's really hard to find a variety of things to eat. We pretty much have the basics, there's not much for ingredients if you like any foreign food and especially if you have special dietary needs. There are not options if you are vegetarian/vegan and as you may know if you are vegan, you DO eat more than just celery sticks.

My options here are very limited. The basic vegetables and fruits, which is fine, I love fruits and veggies, but it's getting SO expensive. Meat, fruits and veggies are so expensive and in order to buy enough that I'm eating enough calories a day, its costing a fortune. I'm lucky to have my mother who supports me and buys me groceries but I can't help but feel guilty that the grocery bill is astronomical, more than once a week, because I'm fat and need to change my life.

I'm not giving up at all, I'm just bitching because this is my favorite place to bitch. I just wish I had more options. I wish I could avoid all the processed food but I can't - I would starve. I wish I could enjoy the benefits of having huge health stores or large grocery stores with at least a few more options than what I have. No one is to blame, it just sucks!

Bitching session - done. I am definitely excited for another week of paleo because it definitely is awesome. I think it will be a really successful way of life for me. My stomach feels so awesome - life without constant belly aches is pretty bitchin, for real. This week is going to be good and I'm going to be focusing on being a bit more strict!

Ps. My loss this week was .8 I am actually really happy with that loss. I had a huge week last week so to lose again at all is great. Hopefully I will see more movement next monday after a wicked week which I am going to have! haha

Peanut Butter and Jenny

Last week I joined a link up called Going For The Goal at Peanut Butter and Jenny. I talked here about needing to be more productive as I am not getting much work for the time being and I need to keep up my productivity so that I won't go batshit insane. My goals for the week were :
  • Work out 5 days!
  • Maintain 90% Paleo all week
  • Finish my Victorias Secret Box. (will explain below)
  • Make steps toward a better sleep schedule 
  • Make a summer budget
Im not sure I got 5 days but I definitely was more active than the previous week, progress is progress! Until the end of the week I definitely had a good paleo streak going but this week I need to work harder on it. I finished the box yesterday and I like how it turned out - maybe post a pic sometime! My schedule is definitely getting better. I've been getting up at 10:30 or 11:00 for a few days which is better than 12:30 or 1:30 which I had been getting up at.The budget has not been started, but after the weekend I just had, it definitely needs to be!

This week my goals are :

  • Yoga! I want to go to atleast one class this week. It has been two weeks and honestly my body misses it!
  • Bike! My grandmother has a really nice bike (yes, my grandmother - shes a machine) and told me I can use it anytime. I need to take advantage of that.
  • Find some paleo sauces. I miss ketchup, ranch and other dressings but I don't want to eat those processed sauces so I want to learn to make some fresh ones at home that are tasty and guilt free!
  • Try to put together a budget - you can do it, Bail! 
  • Once again fight hard to maintain 90% paleo and get moving more!
  • Make more progress on my sleeping schedule. I would like to be up everyday by no later than 10 by the time next monday rolls around. 
  • Try to do more working out in the morning so that i can...
  • Shower and get ready for the day more often! I'm always running around in work out clothes, unshowered, looking like a slob. 
  • Check out more blogs! I have been getting into lots of new blogs lately and I love it :) 
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and that you enjoy your week. If you know of some awesome and easy primal recipes - hit me up!! What are your goals this week? 

Big Love,

PS. sneak peek of my adventure!

& im also linking up with Lets Talk Fashion today :)


  1. Girl, I definitely need some help on the budgeting front too! Let me know if you come up with any tips :)

  2. Oh girl - I know all too well about having to be on a budget! But look at it this way - You can pay a little more now for good, nutritious food from the grocery store in order to get your weight down, or you can pay later with medications doctor visits, hospital stays, aches & pains everywhere because of being obese.

  3. I totally agree with @kelly! spending that money now sucks but it will save you in the long run!

    I love the quote in your header bar - that is one of my all time fav MM quotes :)

    I am a new follower over from a BlogHop, come by my blog if you get a chance and say hello :)

  4. Yay for budgets, I'm so crazy about saving money it's like an obesession

    Xo Megan

  5. Ok...first of all, that picture is hilarious and made me LoL. Secondly, I totally feel the same about needing to get workouts done in the am. I have been running around DK the last week looking like hell because I put off workouts as long as possible. I do feel like I workout better later in the day, but that is just all in my head I am sure. I am starting this new week with no later than noon workouts and see how I do.
    PS: Doesn't GM suck for trying to eat fresh and healthy! It is so annoying. Is it an option for you to go away every now and then for groceries? So many more choices and cheaper prices too.

  6. Yay for your goal to do yoga this week! That's one of my goals,too. :) Great to know I'm not alone,that's really motivating!

  7. I've never heard of paleo...I'll have to look it up. Drinking for me is a big trigger because it makes me lose my inhibitions and then I eat 30 cheese sticks and a cake pop and it's not pretty.

  8. ohmygosh i love all of these :) great blog girl!

  9. Bailey Im right there with you. Running around in my workout gear smelling and looking awful while doing errands. I guess living on an Island does have its disadvantages. You will just have to get creative somehow. Try new recipes. Make chicken alot but in a variety or ways. Use tuna alot too. You can make that stuffed in Tomatoes and baked. Totally yummy. My mommy used to do that for me. If you like Tuna of course. :)


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