Saturday, June 9

tis the season.

It's graduation season which is honestly one of the best seasons ever....but only for the select few who are actually graduating. Graduating means a lot of things, most people get excited about university but I'm talking about the GOOD shit (cause i clearly never even attended university.). Here is my list of the most important aspects of your graduation month. (some are Grand Manan specific - sorry mainlanders) :

Money. You get wads of cash in lots of cards you barely read from a group largely consisting of people you've never heard of. Mom decides you deserve the best in everything, everytime you go to the store you deserve a treat. I didn't pay for a thing for a whole month. Those were the good old days. If you are smart and you decide to not go to university, said cash goes toward a plane ticket straight the fuck outta here.

Privilege. All of a sudden you are hot fucking shit. Everyone treats you like you just won the fucking nobel peace price.  Believe me - for the average joe, a high school diploma can be attained by simply showing the fuck up to school and remembering the most minimal of shit. I did it, we can all do it. I certainly accepted the special treatment though - best time of my life.

Safe Grad. My safe grad trip was one of the funnest trips I've ever been on...and I've been on quite a few trips. You pick your favorite teachers, your favorite parents in the class and then you and all your friends take off and have a fucking wicked vacation together. I loved my grad class, loved the teachers we took and we (well at least I did) had a genuinely fun time! We were done high school - the world was our oyster! My class went to Boston, hit up a beautiful mall which most of us wasted lots of previously mentioned graduation money at, and spent a day at Six Flags. How could anyone ever complain about going to Six Flags with a bunch of friend and a pocket full of money? You are a horrible person if you could. We also went to Ihop - obviously awesome.

Emotion Graduation is full of emotion. I'm a girl, I kind of like it. You all of a sudden fall in love with all the people you've been complaining about for the past 13 years and you feel sad to be leaving the halls that you use to want to take large shits in the middle of. The day is great. All the shit you took, all the days you wanted to strangle someone, all the times you felt like you couldn't write one more fucking essay.. its great, its over, and everyone says nice things about you and tells you that you can do whatever you want and be whoever you want - which is actually pretty true. Graduation offers freedom and it's up to you to grasp it.

Prom. This is more fun for us girls, its hard to convince guys how amazing it's going to be but if you get lucky, you might have an awesome date who makes you feel beautiful and cares about it because you do. I took an awesome friend to my prom who did both, thanks Will! It is your day guys, kind of like your wedding. You get to look hot and everyone tells you how hot you look, even if you don't. Live it up and whatever you do, don't freak out. Just relax and enjoy it because its going to be over SO quick and it is really not worth the fuss and stress that some people put into it. Just fuckin enjoy the ride!

Food. So much food. I love food. There are picnics and bbqs and parties and the food just does not stop flowing. It's magical.CAKE EVERYWHERE. 

Graduation can honestly be one of the funnest times you will have in your life up until that point. My advice to grads is to let it stay that way. Let it be the funnest part of your high school career but after graduation, start trying to make every moment count. Your life becomes more your own - you can move where you want, make your own choices and be whoever you wish to be. Don't look back on high school and say it was the best years of your life, look back with a smile but look forward and turn each coming year into the best years of your life.

We leave Grand Manan with crazy ideas of what the world is like and most of the time we are wrong. We leave with reputations, ideas of who we are influenced by other peoples ideas of who we are. The truth is that we can be whoever we want, be who we are and this is your time to embrace that whole heartedly.

Congratulations to all graduates of 2012! The future is as bright as you chose for it to be.

Big love,

some little treats from my grad month/prom 3 years ago. yikes.


  1. Oh my gosh, this takes me back! I had the time of my life back then, but have had so many good times since as well. What great advice you're giving to the class of 2012 I cannot beieve it has been TEN YEARS since I graduated! Thanks for reminding me how old I am ;) J/k

  2. For me, college was the best time! And now I feel pretty old. Hehe. P.S. Red is a fantastic color on you!


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