Thursday, June 21

too much to say

This may be one of the most random blogs I have ever written - definitely top 10. I have a bunch of things swirling in my head, I had a bunch of different topics I wanted to cover sometime soon and I almost wrote another blog yesterday which would have been 3 in 24 hours. I feel like I can't do that as a blogger - that's for tumblrs (which I don't have, if you were wondering).

Anywho. I know it's my blog and I can do whatever I want but I want my readers to have a chance to take my blogs in and if I'm posting new blogs ever three seconds that complicates it. Makes sense right? Okay. First random topic that I didn't even plan on covering has been covered.

The second, that I actually did plan on talking about, is that my friend Tamara has started a blog. Shes an IRL friend and we've been friends since I was super little. Well lets face it I was never LITTLE but since i was young! I've learned at least 50% of my beauty secrets and tips from her so I was really excited for her when she said she was started a beauty blog. It's super fresh and new but head over to her little slice of blog universe and check out her first few posts!

The next thing I wanted to mention was a post that one of my favorite bloggers wrote a few days ago. Her name is Raven and she blogs at A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers. She's  hilarious and captivating and she wrote a fabulous piece about Blog Snobs. I have had a few encounters with blog snobs and it gets me fired up so I'm going to avoid the subject altogether. It's a shame because some blogs I really like, some with 50 followers some with 1500, are written by huge blog snobs. Not cool guys, not cool.

 The funny thing is that Raven has a ton of followers, a really amazing and popular blog and is so down to earth. I was starstruck when she not only replied to a tweet of mine but she followed me on twitter and followed my blog. I thought it was so cool. (Im SUCH a dork!)

Moving onnnn - I'm reading The Book of Negroes right now and it is so good..and so sad. It makes me feel a little hopeless to be honest but it's amazing. If you haven't read it, read it and if you have read it again? No. You don't have to do that if you don't want to but don't you agree - such a thought provoking novel.

How amazing is this cover of David Guettas Titanium? It's amazing.

I was blogging about other things and didn't have time to mention about my goals from last week. If you haven't read my two previous posts, I had been linking up with Peanut Butter and Jenny for Go For The goals - a link up where we set goals, and go for them. Pretty self explanatory aha. Last week my goals were :
  • Yoga! I want to go to atleast one class this week. It has been two weeks and honestly my body misses it!  Check! Maddy and I hit up Yoga Tuesday of last week and it was wonderful. Unfortunately this week we didn't make it so I need it again asap!
  • Bike! My grandmother has a really nice bike (yes, my grandmother - shes a machine) and told me I can use it anytime. I need to take advantage of that. Check! I love the bike - its so nice around sun set when it's cool down and the colors in the sky are so pretty and the water..ahh. Its wonderful! I may go tonight :)
  • Find some paleo sauces. I miss ketchup, ranch and other dressings but I don't want to eat those processed sauces so I want to learn to make some fresh ones at home that are tasty and guilt free! Semi check. I didn't make any of my own but did find some recipes. I also found a pure Balsamic dressing at the grocery store that is pretty darn organic for grand manan and pretty darn delicious!
  • Try to put together a budget - you can do it, Bail! I have decided that until I have money flowing in this just doesn't make much sense.
  • Once again fight hard to maintain 90% paleo and get moving more! Im having a lot of struggles lately with food in general, not just trying to stay paleo. More on that in another blog.. im having troubles facing it let alone blogging about it.
  • Make more progress on my sleeping schedule. I would like to be up everyday by no later than 10 by the time next monday rolls around. I'm up pretty much everyday by 10 or 10:30 which is so much better than before
  • Try to do more working out in the morning so that i can...didnt happen lol
  • Shower and get ready for the day more often! I'm always running around in work out clothes, unshowered, looking like a slob. happen a little. i tried to be more put together last week and I think I did alright aha
  • Check out more blogs! I have been getting into lots of new blogs lately and I love it :) check
So that's that and this week I have a few simple goals
  • Hold myself to fucking gether.
  • Drink more water. Lot's more. 
  • Drink less diet soda.
  • Try harder to avoid the dairy. I'm PMSing so I could live off cupcakes. 
  • 10 push ups everyday. Don't ask lol
  • Try for 9:30am 

  Upward and onward - I see work in my future! I am so fucking bored and excited to start working more. I have three jobs lined up but it is just not busy enough right now that I am getting many hours. July.2nd I start breakfasts at one of the restaurants I work and hopefully in July will be getting some hours at the other. This weekend I start my first shift at a little gift shop (primitive wishes for those of you from GM) which I will be doing just a few hours at once in a while. I started by dog sitting for the owner and it lead to this so that's exciting. Plus I get to be around the doggie too! Anyways - someday, hopefully soon, I will be working more steadily. Wahooo!

Hmmm..what else did I want to say? I have said quite a bit, haha. If you have made it through this whole post of crazy unorganized thoughts, not only do I commend you, but you have also taken a trip through my brain sort of - so that's kinda fucking cool. :)

So anyways. This is usually what I do when I have weird emotional things going on and I try to avoid the really big stuff that's on my mind by shitting out all kinds of random useless shit at you guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Once I get some stuff figured out I will be writing about it but for now I'm not ready. Hope you can put up with my random bullshit posts for now aha.

Big Love,


  1. I absolutely love the honesty you have about everything! It reminds me that I need to open up more and share what is really going on inside!

  2. you are SO SWEET!!!! I'm glad you think of me that way and not one of the "snobs," I would never want to come across that way. THank you so much for the shout out!!

    I NEED to start yoga, I've never attended a class ONCE and its definitely been on my to do list.

    I also need to drink MORE water and LESS...well, vodka :)

  3. Oh Bailey. You sound like me. I soo badly wanted to write a random post like this one for days now. I dont even know what a blog snob is.. LOL is that sad or what.? Am I suppose to know? OMG I feel so stupid. Well I have alot of emotional shit going on too, today marks my dad 8 weeks since his death. It feels like 8 minutes to me. Keep writing, your readers are here for you, like me. :)

  4. HA! I love this post for both the honesty, and because I think most of my own blog posts are random! But I never feel that way about the bloggers I read, and besides, you can talk about whatever you like!

  5. I prefer that cover to the actual song. Love it!


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