Tuesday, July 31

Is she getting fat again?

That's what I feel like everyone says when they see me. Do my friends discuss it? Do people in public discuss it? When I'm waiting on a local table, can they tell my face has gotten a bit fatter? Do people who I once inspired feel let down, uninspired? I spend a lot of time worrying about this. Last night my mother and I were talking and she said "back when I started losing weight you were my inspiration". Were. Ouch. That hurt. It made me feel like it was just one more thing I failed at and I feel like that is what people have come to expect from me - that I start something great and then I fail. That's hard.

I haven't gained a lot of weight back. I gained about 8 lbs in June and I am 3.5lbs away from being back at my lowest weight . Am I getting fat again? Well I haven't been skinny yet but no, I hope I am not gaining back all the weight lost in the fal, I don't intend to, I'm going to do all I can to make sure I don't. And Am I still working to lose weight? Definitely.

I have been struggling for about 7 months, August will start the eighth month I have been in plateau mode, which I'm sure you are tired of hearing about. When I was thinking about the other day I'm really proud of myself. I have endured eight months of bullshit and I haven't given up. I had a weak moment but I still haven't just given up and thrown in the towel. Some people try healthy eating for a week, don't lose 5 lbs so they give up. I have gained and plateaued for over seven months.. I'm so proud of my will power.

Still, it is frustrating. I expected to be near goal weight by September of this year and I am not even half way. I know I just need to keep trucking though. I was recently motivated when one of my favorite bloggers, friend and HUGE inspiration Kelly informed me about a year where she lost and gained the same 15lbs over and over again. I was so surprised. I had found her blog after this and I have basically been watching her on the last leg of her incredible journey. It was crazy to me that someone who is so hardcore and looks so amazing had struggled like that for a year. I thought to myself, if she can overcome that, then I can and WILL overcome this. I will.

Right now I weigh 211.4lbs. My heighest weight is 251, my lowest weight is 208 and my goal weight is 160. 160 is not set in stone, it is just what I have in my head for now. Either way, I have come far and I am proud of what I lost in the fall but it's time for more - 50 more to be more specific. I am still attempting to live mostly paleo. It works best for me, my stomach aches are less frequent and I love the way eating more clean makes me feel. I don't do it 100% as I like me some desserts and eating nothing processed on this island is just a laugh - seriously impossible. I am doing okay, as I said, I am back down to 211 after a 3 lb loss this week.

To be honest I could be exercising more. I will make an excuse though and say that by the time I get home at 10pm, and knowing I have to be up at 6:30 again, I really don't feel like fucking working out. When I get home from Job 1 at 10 and Job 2 starts at 12.. I'd kinda like to shower, or nap, not go for a run. When I work at four though, I should be working out. I need to start. Someone needs to kick my ass. I get in a walk here and there -not to mention the 5-12 hour days I spend on my feet) and I am really going to try to incorporate more when I can, but it is definitely a struggle with my work schedule and my les and feet just ache after those long days on my feet. Just gotta do what I can do -- that's all I can ask of myself at this point.

Eventually things will click. I'm going back to the hospital to check into more options for whats going on my stomach. I just know something is up.. I just have that feeling. I know something is off. I feel like no one can help me or no one thinks I am a big deal ..I dont know..but I will figure it out eventually. Some day the scale will start moving again and things will fall into place, hopefully sooner than later. As I have said, and I will keep saying it - im gonna keep on keepin on and never give up. Never.

So can anyone inspire me? Have you ever come out of an insane plateau on top? Do you have any advice for me? I know eventually I will make it happen but.. holy shit some days I could scream. Thanks for listening to me and to everyone for always being there for me, cheering me on and motivating me. I seriously need you and appreciate you SO much - even tough it's something so many people struggle with, I feel very alone at times. It's nice to hear words of encouragement and wisdom when I'm down and feeling a bit hopeless!

Big Love

Source: instagram.com via Debby on Pinterest

Sunday, July 29

waitress dreamin, fears and peevin' .

I am fucking POOPED. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all long days for me, starting at 6:30am and ending anywhere from 8pm-10pm each night and I am sore as fuck from being on my feet and just so over tired. I get to sleep in tomorrow and I could not be more excited. Unfortunately these long weekends don't leave me with much time to think about anything let alone write a thought provoking blog or even anything that can make you laugh. Alas, I am doing a link up (not very exciting) but the Sunday Social topics tend to give me some good material. I'll also catch up on my July Blog Challenge - almost done that one! Where in the FUCK did July go? Right down the waitressing drain I'd say.. can't even remember the last 29 days. 

What is your dream job? 
My dream job is probably performing - like the big times. I have no plans to actually pursue this -I have a bad physique, I'm not THAT talented and I don't have the personality for fame- but it would be amazing. A dream job I would consider pursuing though is writing. I would like to be a critic or maybe write travel reviews so I could mix travel with writing. That would be amazing!

2. If you had just won the lottery and didn't need to work for money, what would you do with your time? 
I think I would still do some work-like thing. I would definitely put money into my blog and more time into it as well. I would volunteer- like a lot- and on a broad scale. Travel more, volunteer while I travel and put my money towards good (and good clothes). I'm not gonna lie and say I wouldn't use any on myself because I totally would but I have so many foundations I would love to put money into and I would hope to actually work WITH them so I feel more apart of the action rather than just a financial supporter.I would love to put money into Grand Manan as well and get it poppin - this place could be a SERIOUS tourist attraction, way more so than it is now, it just needs a boost. 

3.When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
For a long time I wanted to be a psychologist but by the time I hit high school I knew I wasn't smart enough. Since I was soooo little I just wanted to be a big star singing and acting aha. Typical!

4.What piece of career advice would you give to someone just entering in your field? Well...I'm a waitress aha. Not very glamorous but I do have lot's of advice after 5 or 6 years. If you aren't nice to people and especially if you don't like them - don't fucking do it. People don't like being waited on by assholes just as much as you don't like waiting on them so save everyone a bad day and get in the kitchen or find a different job (preferably outside of customer service). Also - put on those big girl panties. People aren't always nice, they are messy and shit happens. Just suck it up, keep smiling and push through it. The day will eventually end and the assholes at table 4 will eventually leave, I promise.

5. Biggest Pet Peeves in Life/Blogging or Work
In life I just generally hate bad attitudes and people who think they are better than other people. Get the fuck over yourself. Read this for the shit I hate most about the blogging world -  had a good time writing that one aha. At work my biggest pet peeve is probably needy people at the busiest hours. I hate having that one couple who think I should be only 5 seconds doing everything for them and wiping the shit off of their face when I have a full dining room. Patience is key - I am going as fast as I can, my dears.

6. Biggest fears
I hate the dark a lot of the time, maggots freak me the fuck out and thoughts of death, eternity and raptures make me real anxious like.

What are your biggest fears and pet peeves?

July 25 What is in your purse?
I don't carry a purse. Sometimes if  have a lot of shit I carry an over the shoulder bag from Guatemala with tanning oil, camera, cell phone, computer whatever it is I need to carry around. I usually just keep shit I need in my car or pocket. I also stow things away in my bra fairly often aha. I don't even have a wallet, I just use my bra. Super classy eh?

July 26  Post a picture of something yellow
First picture on my fb I saw with yellow. This is from Birthday Celebrations!!

July 27 What was your most memorable vacation?
Either safe grad or my trip to Cuba with Courtney!

Check me out! I just turned 18 in this picture, I feel like I look young! This is a few of us on Safe Grad after a big breaky at IHOP - delicious. Such a fun trip :)

July 28 Write about the last dream you remember having
I have been so tired lately that I don't remember dreams or I'm sleeping so deeply that I'm not having a ton of dreams. Most of my dreams I have while I'm still half awake and all i dream about is waiting on people. Over and over and over. I wake up and laugh at myself and I remember last night or the night before being like.. I'm just gonna keep having this dream. It's pathetic. I can't escape waitressing, even when I sleep!

July 29 If you could be famous for one thing what would it be?
I think I would chose making the world close enough to perfect that its awesome but not boring aha. That sounds funny and I don't want the fame I just think it would be cool if the world was like that aha. It would also be cool to be famous just for doing something great and inspiring other people to do great shit!

Would you like to be famous? I think fame is horrible most times. It sort of takes the souls out of sometimes talented people. It's a weird thing, fame. We think we want it but it's the last thing we actually need, I think. Weird.

Click here to check out others who answered these questions to see how much more interesting they all are than I aha. In my defense, for the 75th time, I'm just so fucking tired. So even though i can sleep i the morning and its 10:30...I think I'll read and head to bed.

Big Love,

Ps. I'm reading Jodi Picoults Songs Of The Humpback Whales - good shit! All of her books are great reads if you are looking for something!xx

Thursday, July 26

21 in 21

If you are a blog reader or writer you may have seen his one floating around today! I am an avid readers of A Mommas Desires & Pacifiers and she chose to link up for Blank in Blank. Basically, you take your age and make a list of that many things you want to accomplish in your 21st year. I love setting goals, I love making lists and I love this idea so I'm totally doing it. The blogger who started it was Erin at Living in Yellow and while reading her list I quickly fell in love and am a new follower of her blog -check her out :) So here goes nothin', twenty one in twenty one!.

1. See a band/someone live who I adore. I have no idea who it will be yet but it will be awesome!
2. See at least one new country. Considering I want to see 30 before I'm 30 I should get crackin. I just love travel and need it in my life.
3. Have a little male companionship. It'd be nice.. just so my lady parts don't shrivel up and fall off from lack of use. "Is it true if you don't use it...you LOSE it?"
4. Shocks my readers with scandelous details of my personal life. Oh.. it's coming.
5. Reach my goal weight. That gives me 10 months to lose 50lbs. I'd like to think I can do that but considering my speed so far it may take me until I'm 32 instead of 22.
6. Run a 10k. I hope to have time to get back into running asap and I WILL run a 10k by the time I'm 22 and hopefully long before that.
7. Go swimming in a bathing suit and feel awesome. This is a big one. I have bought 2 bathing suits, one full piece, one bikini and wore both (bikini in cuba.. dont worry, not on GM lol). I wore cover ups and shorts and everything though so eventually I would like to at least where a full piece and let me freak flag fly and be comfortable and sexy. It's probably too much to ask but.. 10 months might be do-able.
8. Try Sushi. Why not, eh?
9. Try all kinds of new foods! I want to try all kinds of different foreign food. I know I love indian, thai, mexican and the good ole Canadian Poutine (which I can no longer eat) but I want to discover more of those foods and more of other foods. It's hard to do that here but I don't plan to be home for much longer.
10. Stand up for myself. I just don't do this enough. I'm a bit of a doormat. Not too bad but .. I can tell sometimes when I should put up a fight but I don't because it doesn't seem worth it.
11. Look into Spanish lessons. It's a goal of mine to be fluent in 2 other languages by the time I'm 30 so I should also get crackin on that. I know some spanish but I'm no where close to fluent and I would love to be.
12. Sing more. I'm not sure I have ever mentioned this on my blog because it's not what I wrote about. I'm not a you tube star, I don't do covers, I don't make you guys listen to me. But yes, ever since I can remember, I have loved singing more than anything. I have let everything else ever go before it and when there comes a chance to sing in public lately I almost always chicken out and don't sign up or I'm working if I get an offer. I haven't sang in public in at least 2 years..I honestly have no idea when the last time was. But I love it and I like to think I'm alright and I would like to at least sing in the shower more.
13. Perfect my beauty skills. I know this is a weird one but I used to love doing my make up and I haven't really been doing my make up as much as I used to. I know this is a good thing to some people but I suck at it and I also suck at doing my hair so I would like to become a bit better so that I can maybe trick people into thinking I'm attractive once in a while.
14. Build up the blog. Obviously my blog is a huge part of my life and I want to nurture it and grow it and do my best. I've been so excited lately about all the comments and new followers and I hope I can keep it up and keep you guys interested. It makes me really happy people enjoy it.
15. Buy a new car. I can't afford a new car but my car is a piss off and I would love to eventually have a new to me car. I doubt I will be able to make it happen but if it could.. I would love my 21st year even more.
16. Make new friends. No offense to my awesome friends I already have but I don't plan to stay on Grand Manan so I'm hoping to make new friends wherever I go. Friends with similar interests, ways of thinking and some interesting people who I can learn from and grow and be better. My friends now do all those things, I just want to make that clear, but like I said - I end up getting separated from most come September.
17. Volunteer. I miss volunteering and I hope to get some in this year. It would be awesome if I could make it back to the orphanage in the next year even just for a week. Otherwise I would love to volunteer in any way. I want to work in a soup kitchen or a shelter of some sort at some point
18. Banish "Call Me, Maybe" from playing in clubs. Okay, I know I could never do this but it's not a club song and I'm fucking tired of hearing it. The last place I want to hear it is when I'm shaking my tail feather with my friends and really enjoying myself. Like seriously? Fuck off. They played it not once but TWICE last weekend at Nicky Zees. So not okay. 
19. Be more smart. LOL. Yeah. I went there. Last night I swallowed a pop tab... a pop tab. That's an example of my idiocy. I'm just not very smart. I want to be a little less stupid but I kind of feel like you are just born with a certain level and that's that. We will see.
20. Buy a new ipod. I need one so bad! A car, an ipod and a lapotop. It's bad.
21. Buy a new laptop. Seriously. It's needed. lol 
22. Embrace. Embrace another year of being alive, being healthy (hopefully) and embrace everything life throws at me - good or bad!

What is one big thing you want to accomplish before your next birthday??

Big Love,

Tuesday, July 24

boy bands galore.

We totally need to catch up, my lovely readers and I. I have kept you all pretty in the dark about anything to do with weight or my actual life really for a few weeks..or longer. I promise I will get on with it asap. Right now I'm super busy with work and  I'm trying to figure it out myself and when I talk about things and then I keep failing its hard to keep talking about them. Makes sense I'm sure..but yes, I'm annoying.

I just wanted to take a chance tonight to catch up on my July Blogging Challenge. I have loved this. Jenny picked awesome questions that I have loved answering and I like to think that maybe it has interested you too. I tell myself a lot of lies though, haha. So here are my catch up questions, ladies and gentle mans!

July 18 Post a Picture of the most Embarrassing Article of Clothing You Own! I honestly  can say that I am not embarrassed of any of my clothing. It's mine, I bought it, so I like it. I have never been one to be embarrassed about that sort of thing yet I was always wearing clothes that everyone thought were crazy (they eventually caught on which I talked about here). I can't even think of a picture online where I am wearing something relatively embarrassing that was taken in the past five years. Everyone is probably like "she has got to be kidding" but I'm really not embarrassed and nothing is coming to mind! lol Lame!

July 19 Write about something or someone you really care about. I tend to care too much for a lot of things but I will never regret how much I care for the people I love. There are quite a few but today I'm choooosssingggg... Courtney. Courtney and I have been friends for years and years and although she is wilder than hell I love the shit out of her. I can see her for 8 days straight, go a day without her and wonder where she has been all my life. I have so much fun with her and she is someone I feel most comfortable around and most myself. She's always the first one to give you an opinion and even though it might be offensive, awkward or a little too honest you wanna bet it's exactly how she feels. I like that about her.

July 20 Write about the best or worst date you've ever been on. I think this is the most embarrassing outfit I've ever worn - the outfit of a girl who has never been on a real date...unless prom counts, which it doesn't cause it's practically mandatory and people take their best friends, brothers, dads and grandfathers. Some day I will be a real girl.

July 21 What are your thoughts on body image and the media? Read my latest post and I'm sure you'll get a pretty good idea.

July 22 What are your three biggest pet peeves? Well, I will name the first three that come to my head as they are probably the biggest if they come to my head first. 1) People who strut around with their nose in their air. I know it's just how some people carry themselves, they may not be as snotty as they look, but would it kill you to smile once in a while or acknowledge other peoples existence? Get your head out of your ass. 2) Being told what to do. I fucking hate it. 3) Liars. Unfortunately they are everywhere and I can't escape it but I just don't get why it's so hard to not tell lies all fucking day every day.

July 23 What is your favorite part of the day and why? Lately my favorite part of the day is when I get back form my breakfast shift because usually I get to have a nap and it feels awesome!

July 24 Who was your childhood celebrity crush? Who wasn't? I had many a crush in real life and I crushed on every celebrity boy band member ever - Aaron Carter, Ashley Angel Parker, Nick Carter, Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass just to name a few! Not to mention the boys from West Life, 98 Degrees, B2K, Hanson, LFO, Soul Decision and the Moffats.

Only a week or so left and this challenge is done! If you haven't had a chance make sure you check out Jenny's blog Peanut Butter and Jenny. She made the challenge and her blog is fabulous. I love her honesty and personality. She's a gem!

If you're looking for something a bit more substantial make sure to check out my last post and let me know what you think, thanks so much to everyone for the awesome feedback I have gotten from it. So happy to have such amazing readers and friends who are right there with me when it comes to issues I care about!

Big Love,
Bailey J

Sunday, July 22

you're a disgusting pig.

Imagine being told "you're a disgusting pig" when you look like this.

Imagine being told "you're a disgusting pig" at all.Not fucking cool.

You probably know this but that gorgeous, sexy woman is 20 year old Kate Upton. I only recently started hearing about her and most things I heard were from men and as you can imagine, nothing was negative. She's a bombshell and that is not something any of us can truthfully deny.

I didn't spend much time thinking about her, mostly because I like boys, until I read THIS article on Skinny Gossip. My friend Tamara from Sea of Beau-T told me to read it and that evenutally I should write about it. So I read it.. and after I finished fuming and trying not to throw my computer at a wall, I spent a few days trying to gather my thoughts.

First of all, Skinny Gossip is a thinspiration site so clearly, I'm already not a fan. This article absolutely disgusted me. Now, if you aren't going to read it (which you should because you really can't understand what I'm ranting about until you do), I can sort of summarize what the writer gets at by saying that she tears at Kate Uptons body, calls her a fat pig and hates on American society for considering her model material. She starts off by literally comparing Kate Upton to a cow that stampedes down the runway as if there is a buffet at the end. Wow. Really?

The author, a 5'7-100lb woman in her 20's who claims to be in the fashion industry, goes on to say that any guy who is attracted to Kate Upton is a hillbilly. Actually, she refers to any man who is attracted to Kate Upton, as  "a tobacco-chewing, beer drinking, shotgun-toting, Nascar-watching man who wouldn't know a beautiful woman if she jumped out in front of his pick up truck". Doesn't sound right.

I'm sure most men would be pleased with a chance to even be in the same room as Kate Upton. This shit is just absolutely fucking wild. And you know what? No. She doesn't have runway shape (because she has a shape at all), she does not look like a runway model, but this woman is gorgeous, curvy and wicked desirable and I, personally, would much rather look like Kate Upton than most runway models.

I don't even disagree with the point that the author is making. I agree, Kate Upton is not runway. Runway is emaciated, funny looking girls with weird face angles where as Kate Upton is conventional beauty with a pin-up type body. I'm not even this huge fan of Kate Upton, but I will always stand up for a beautiful woman being torn down by a miserable one. What I hate about this article is the way they go about it - calling her a cow, ripping at her body, scrutinizing her from head to toe. I thought this writer was in the "fashion industry" not the criticize women's bodies industry. Stick to what you fucking know and write about how disgusting crocs are or something.

Obviously as a bigger woman this is going to get to me but just for the record, I have been working for almost a year now to become HEALTHY and this is a huge issue here. The writer is not saying Kate Upton needs to be healthy, she is basically hating on her for half of the article because she chooses to eat. Seems legit. The writer states that the Skinny Gossip community "is a community where we prefer the skinny look, but not at the cost of health" but I'm calling bullshit on that one. Go for healthy before you go for thin and get fucking real.

The next article the writer wrote was about how it's this huge issue to call out girls who are over weight but people call out skinny girls all the time and act like it's no big deal. I think this is a fair point but her playing victim is having no effect on me - I feel zero sadness for her in that area. The only sadness I feel for her is that she will probably never be healthy and confident simultaneously. That is sad to me.

I think people don't always see how people who are overweight are treated. Yes, if you are disgustingly skinny, people will call you out and call eating disorder. That is not fair. You can be whatever weight you want, and yes, some women are naturally thin and can eat and eat and not gain weight. That is not their fault, that is their genes. But don't fucking act like women (and men!) with extra weight aren't constantly ridiculed when you just wrote an article about a 150lb(maybe!) woman being a cow. Fuck you and fuck your stupid fucking thinspiration blog too. Makes me sick.

I pray to god none of you have ever been to this blog and I hope we all leave it in the distant background after I stop bitching about it.  I hadn't seen it before and I have never even checked out a thinspiration blog or pro-ana site before - it is just too much for this girl. Skinny Gossip is absolute garbage and so is the rest of the thinspiration world. Let's strive for HEALTHY, not emaciated. Furthermore, let's celebrate beauty in all women, no matter their weight.

Yes, I have been harsh in this blog. This woman probably needs a bit of love but I am on fire with rage and sometimes I let things spit out. I'm not feeling hate for her because she is a thin woman, or any other crazy excuse supporters of her blog would come up with. I am feeling hate on the article itself because it is disgusting, offensive and proves to me that the community of people who have this unhealthy, sad vision of what beautiful, healthy women are is a real and existing, growing community and that is not okay.

I want to know what you all think so please leave me comments, share with your friends and lets fucking strive for something better than this! Love to all of my beautiful readers!! XX

Big Love,

Thursday, July 19

the ups and downs of the blogosphere

Actually, today is mostly about the downs aha. 

8 Things That Cheese Me Off About The Blogosphere

1.When blogger isn't cooperating an/or I can't get my blog to just look how I need for it too. Biggest piss off ever.

2.When people leave comments on my blog telling me to go look at their blog then follow them. If you don't actually like my blog, and you just want me to follow you..go the fuck home. I will follow your blog if I like your blog.You don't need to link me because I can just click on your name. Thank you, come again.

3. Giveaway rules that suck. I understand being like "oh you should follow me to enter my giveaway" but at the same time its like, everyone loves free shit and not everyone knows how to follow if they dont blog and..who the fuck cares. I hate when its like "follow bob for an entry".."follow sue on twitter for an entry"..."refer to me as Queen of the Blogosphere for the rest of your days to unlock the rest of the votes". Like..stfu and let me enter to win this necklace. Mmkay? I like your blog, I am here aren't I! Why can't that be enough?!

4. Blog Snobs. Period.
5.When people say it's not about followers. I have probably said this because I will always blog, whether people read or not BUT that doesn't stop me from grinning like a small child on christmas when I see my follower count go up one. It feels damn good! 

6.Fashion bloggers who have no sense of fashion. It makes no sense.

7. My most immature one - I hate when I am a faithful reader of a blog, like I read and comment every single blog, and they NEVER take time to reply or visit my blog. Makes me so sad. I can't help it. Especialyl when they have like 5 comments on each blog and not many followers. Is my blog really that shitty or do you just not care about your readers? When I think about it I always worry if I do that to anyone who comments on my blog. Not cool! 

 8.I fucking despise-and close the damn window-if I can't read the fucking text. HOLY FUCK. If you have a black background and navy text, I am not going to be able to read it and I have pretty decent vision. Also, if it is in a font that looks like it could be in hebrew then not many of us are going to struggle for hours to decipher the letters. If you want people to read your blog make it legible for fucks sakes - just a tip.

Whether you are a reader or a writer, what do you dislike about the blogging world? Other than these little things I am quite pleased with blogging. I love to write, I love to read and for the most part, it is a huge community of awesome people who want to help you, read you and have bloglationships. It's pretty wonderful.

Big Love,

Tuesday, July 17

truths, dares and blog snobs.

Have you ever stolen anything? If so, what?
I stole from Walmart twice. I stole fabric paint so I could make a tshirt for a sporting event aha. I was probably 15 and I didn't want to wait in the line so out I trotted. I was clearly quite bold at the time, I had it in my hand and figured i could take down the 90 year old security at the door I guess. Then when I was 16 or 17 I victimized Walmart once again and took candy and a purple/yellow double eyeshadow. Bad girl, bad girl. I got caught that time, as well of 4 of my friends who stole impressive amounts of make up. We all got hard time for it. And by hard time I mean we had to do volunteer hours

I am in no way condoning stealing. It's not fair to anyone and eventually you will probably get caught.Also, at the time, I felt like it was okay to steal from Walmart because of the the way they treat their workers in their sweat shops over seas. Now I feel like I was taking from them even more in a way. I mostly need to not support Walmart.  
Post a picture of you after waking up first thing. 
This is me probably half hour after I woke up and had not left my bed yet. Delicious. And yes, my boobs are out a bit. But I happen to be a girl and they come included. 

And before I sign off for the day, my July Blog Challenge for today is Post 7 Facts About Yourself. 

I decided today to post 7 facts about me that are not so appealing. I have been seeing so much blog snobbery lately that I just want to let you guys know that I have no false ideas of being perfect..at all. I see all these bloggers writing about their perfect little lives and their perfect little blogs and their 5000 subscribers. Fuck that. Your outfit is stupid and your baby isn't as cute as you think it is. I love and respect every blogger for their awesome qualities AND their imperfections. I find that the blogs I read where they are putting off "better than you" vibes I hate and blogs where they are honest and talk about their problems are blogs I can relate to because well.. I'm not perfect! So I guess mayeb some day I will like those fake blogs when I reach perfect status. 

I love that my readers like my honesty. I have been getting so many comments lately (thank you so much!) from readers, new and old, who applaud my honesty and realness. Yes, I say things that are out there, I say fuck too much, I can be a little inappropriate but at least I'm being me. This my blog, what you see is what you get, I will be what I want to be. So in honor of being honest and imperfect, here are seven random not so awesome facts about myself. 

1. I am a know it all. I hate when I know something is right and someone argues it. It makes me crazy. That being said I am not too proud to admit when Im wrong because I am wrong.. A LOT.
2. I'm lazy. I work a lot but I am so lazy. When I am home, I want to just lay here. In high school, I did shitty because I was lazy and wouldn't put in the effort. I was also really insecure and thought I was stupid. 
3. One of my boobs is bigger than the other. I heard this is really common but my left is totally bigger. Not like "Oh my god, she has a D and an A" but since they are mine I can totally tell. 
4. I let my toenails grow too long. I never even knew this was an issue until my friends started calling me out on it. They are like.. cut your toenails. And Im like why? lol. Now I try harder.
5. I'm a procrastinator. I just talked about this in my post yesterday. I love to start projects..hate to finish em. I put most everything off. It gets bad. 
6. I am dirty. That can be taken however you want to take it but honestly, I don't shave enough, I don't shower enough and I sleep without washing my face really often. It's not okay lol.
7. I am moody. I can be a plethora of emotions in less than 24 hours. I have switches that can be flicked very easily. I'm not an angry person but for example, I hate being told what to do, and it gets me very annoyed, very quickly. I hate to feel controlled in any way and it's a big mood changer for me. I also hate listening to a lot of peoples shit when their shit could be so much worse or there is other shit they should be worrying about instead.. it just gets to me. I guess I'm easily irritated would be a good way to put it. I need to not be. I just made myself sound pretty wild but I am mostly pretty happy and easy to be around I like to think but as I have said, and what this post is about, I'm not perfect. And neither are you, fuckers! (I mean that in the nicest way possible!)

So there you have it. Shout outs to my blog snobs - you are people too, and I forgive you. 

What is your imperfection? And have you ever stolen anything? I guess that's another imperfection of mine.. I like free shit! 

Big Love,

Todays truth and dare was a link up with Shades Of Grey & Friends.

Monday, July 16

the back burner.

I'm a total procrastinator. I have probably mentioned it here a million few times. Whether it was homework in high school, putting off the drive to work, a work out, a blog, putting on make up.. I put it the fuck off til the very last second. I dont' know why. The thing that I'm doing in place of it is rarely important or even awesome but I guess it's just in my nature.

Lately I have been mentioning how my blog has been on the back burner but I have had to put off pretty much everything else. Tomorrow, for the first time in a while, I have a full day off. Mostly, I want to sleep - that would rock. Sleep and do nothing. But I feel as though I should get some productive things done.

Over the past few weeks things have built up that I know I need to do, or should do, or want to do but by the time I get home I'm like..fuck.... need sleeeep! So here is a list of things I should/need/want to do tomorrow. We'll see how many get done!

Paint My Nails : they are shit.

Fix My Toenails : I messed them up doing them in a hurry because they absolutely needed to be done as I was wearing sandals to work and they looked like I took a dump on them. Then, because I did it 5 minutes before work (remember that procrastination thing i was talking up), I slid them into my sandals and fucked them up.

Post Pictures: I had an afternoon off last week where I did take some time do print pictures off which I wanted to do forever. Now I need to put them up in my room instead of leave them in the envelope for the rest of the summer.

Exercise : Hard chance to get any exercise lately. I suppose I could do it at 11:00 at night but my legs are pretty uncoopreative after 10-13hr shifts on my feet. There is always 5:30am too I suppose. ps. fuck that.

Tidy Up My Room : There is so so much shit on my night stand from just tossing everything there after work/before bed. Who knows what kind of treats could be lingering under there.

Shave my legs : I figure I should probably do it at least once a week so I don't frighten small children.

Make A Shopping List : I'm headed to the mainland this weekend with my girl friends for a friends big 19th bash and I plan to shop. I need to make a list so I get what I need and hopefully avoid what I don't. More on the trip later - should be fun!

Friends : Maybe see some friends or family.. if I can still remember who they all are. I have a friend I plan to walk and see at her work (then I can combine two things at once) and a friend who just moved into her first home and I would really love to visit her and her little guy and see the house now that it is finished. I love work but I feel like I lose my friends when i work this much. i like having friends.

Diet: It would be nice to really sit and think where I would like to go with my eating and what I need to eat less/more off or cut out. My eating schedule is brutal. i basically have three meals a day and thats it and its not super unhealthy stuff but its not always the best. After being sick last week I know I need to get rid of the dairy, or at least just milk and cream, and I am also 4 days diet pepsi free which is like really good for me. So yay me. I do need to figure my shit out though. Help meeeee.

I also really need to catch up on my July Blog Challenge with Jenny which I shall do right now and it's one less thing I have to do on my day off! Yeehawww.

Day 13 Would you rather be rich or healthy?
What's the point in being rich if you're on your death bed and can't do anything fun with your money. I suppose I could give it to charities, and if death was the trade off for being able to give to people in need then I can see it being worth it then. But I would chose good health, esp if I got to chose it for me and mine, over being rich and just spending it on myself. I don't think that brings true happiness. I have what I need and I even have a bit of what I want!

Day 14 Do you have any birthmarkets? Scars? Tattoos? Piercings?
I have all four. I have a birthmark in a funny place I'm not mentioning and two other ones, one on each leg. I consider them birthmarks anyways - discolorations that have been there since before  can remember. As for scars I have many. I have two that are distinct in my opinion -one over my eyebrow from jumping on the bed (and crashing on the bed) and one of my arm from burning it on a wood stove.I was a bit young, stupid and intoxicated for that one and now I have the exclamation point shaped scar to prove it. I have only my ears pierced (although I had a monroe for a year or two which I love) and  have one tattoo, an eighth note on my left hand.

Day 15 What was the last good deed you do for someone? Someone for you?
I bought someone I love a gift card I thought they might need/want and be able to put to good use and this someone does a lot of good deeds for me, like..all the time.

Day 16 What's one thing you've never done that most people have?
Hmmm.. well, I have never eaten sushi and I have never had sex, lol. So there you have it!

Yay - caught up! :) Such awesome questions eh? I really like them! I hope you have enjoyed hearing different shit about me that you have absolutely no use for, haha. I have liked telling you regardless of if you like it.

It is almost midnight and even though I have the morning off, I'm turning into a complete grandma and I need to be getting to bed. Hopefully I get some of that stuff tomorrow, or maybe even another blog done. There have been so many topics floating around in my head just not much time to actually write about them.

Someday soon!

Big Love,

Sunday, July 15

set sail.

I'm excited to be able to link in two things I need to discuss today and they BOTH have to do with travel! Yahoo!! One of my most favoritest things (check out my travel label to the left for more traveling tales) in the world is travel even from the small amount I've done. I like to run away I guess is a better word for it but traveling is just..the best. The world is a big and beautiful place.

This weeks Sunday Social questions are all about travel and I've also been nominated by My Life as A Foreigner to enter a travel photography blog type contest but more on that after. Lets do Sunday Social first. Remember to check out A Complete Waste of Make up for more writers participating :)

Best Trip You've Ever Been On?
Hardest question to answer ever. I have to chose between my first trip to Guatemala and my second to Guatemala then a few other countries in Central America. They are both so amazing in different ways but I think I am going to go with the first one. It was amazing and my first trip, my first time on my own, the world was my oyster. I had so many amazing experiences, first experiences and met so many people who just hold this special chunk of my heart.

Best idea for a couples trip? 
Well, I've never been on a couples trip but after doing Cuba with Courtney, I think a resort vacation like that would be good. Something low key, nothing that will stress anyone out (unless flying stresses you out..then just stay the fuck home). Courtney is pretty much my girlfriend though aha and we had a lot of fun just drinking and swimming and eating (especially eating). There's always chances to go do something exciting if you like that as well. 

Best vacation on the cheap?
Visit friends you've met abroad in a city you've never been to. You have a place to stay, if they are nice they will usually treat you at least once to dinner and they probably know awesome things to do that most tourists don't know about and the prices won't be jacked super tourist high. If you want a far away trip just do your research into countries that are cheaper to travel in. Central America is super super cheap so if it's backpacking you desire or just a little more rustic travel, hit up Central America..or even South East Asia. SO CHEAP. 

 We used to eat at this little outdoor restaurant near the market in Xela. It was a ton of really good food for just dirt cheap. Lovin it. 

Place you most want to visit? 
I have a thing for Brazil. I just really want to go to brazil. And BC! I have friends there and it just looks like the most beautiful place ever from pictures. I will get to these places someday!

Vacation Nessecityies:
Fucking sun screen! Getting a sunburn on vacation is a damper. I'm a clothes person. If I have cute clothes then I'm good to go! 

And that's that.

Now that I have this done I don't have time to talk about the new contest BUT I will as soon as I can. Duty calls - I work at noon. Make sure to check out Lindsays blog to see her entry though and see what the contest is about.. and be prepared for my entry. (which I may not even enter cause all my pictures are shit BUT its an awesome idea and I will totally post it!).

Big love!! 

Big Love

Thursday, July 12

real life in july.

Damn you, real life! You keep fucking up my blog! haha. I know that real life should probably come first but I hate when I am neglecting my blog. To be honest though, I have been neglecting pretty much everything-eating healthy, exercise, people I love, yoga (someday I will return, Trish1), sleep-other than work this week. I have about 60 hours between my three jobs (and i was just offered a fourth today!), not to mention the house sitting I do on the side. I realize this is a pretty reasonable excuse to put my blog on the back burner but it doesn't make it suck any less. I love this little blog of mine and I hate leaving readers hanging because I'm lucky to blessed with some pretty awesome (and faithful!) readers. I am sorry!

I'm going to check up with my July Blog Challenge with Jenny right quick as I have almost a week to catch up on and I get to cover topics I wished to cover anyway. So WAHOO!

July.9 What is your food philosophy? My food philosophy is moderation! I guess when I think of food I think of Health and Weightloss so I'm not sure if this is a philosophy but..it is now. Anyways. I just think that you should treat yourself and eat things you like but do it in moderation. I believe in moderation for everything actually.. over indulgence is just generally not a good thing. I need to eat more in moderation for sure. Eventually I would like for my food philosophy to be more geared towards organic and nothing processed but it won't be today and it won't be tomorrow either.

July.10 Write about someone who inspires you! Krystle at Skinny Jeans Dreams is a huge inspiration for me. Right now my major goals involve getting healthy and in shape and reading Krystles blog, her blog fb updates and her personal updates inspire me daily. I'm struggling,big time. After receiving my blood work results today, and everything coming back okay, I am left wondering where to go next. Why have I been plateau'd for this long, gaining and losing back the same 5 pounds? I barely have time to sleep let alone get in good work outs but I am trying to eat well and am constantly on my feet at work but I'm feeling more discouraged than ever. She is a wonderful woman, her story rocks, her posts rock even more and reading her stuff helps and reminds me that as long as I keep losing the same 5 lbs over and over, at least Im losing them..and I'm going to lose them as many times as it takes. Still, I am very frustrated and upset, and struggling with it all. I have no idea where to go from here. I need some sleep before my level 10 break down ensues.. but a promise to myself, and a promise to all of you, I WILL figure this shit out.

July.11 Write about the worst injury you've ever had! I have broken my leg but it actually wasn't the worst pain. The worst injury I have had was slipping on Diana's deck, landing on and hurting my back. Her deck is the fucking worst, its insanely slippery when it gets wet and I tended to wear the cheap fake burk style sandals that had zero tread and it wasn't the first time I fell on it but it was the worst. I landed right on my back and almost passed out from the pain. I was taken to the hospital, given something that made me absolutely out of er and eventually spent some unhappy evenings in a chiropractors office where they folded me into a pretzel and jumped on me. Not cool. Luckily my back rarely bothers me anymore but it was a racket for a while. The funny thing is that I was in a hurry because I wanted to say goodbye to my crush at the time who was leaving the island. (Don't worry, I got a hold of him after the shot of Demerol. Stay classy, bail). He was my first kiss so I was pretty attached (typical Bailey) but then he left and I never really talked to him again until I saw him a year or two later. Stupid bailey boys.

July.12 Write about one of your biggest accomplishments in life. This may be cheesy, but I am SO proud of this blog. I am happy to have graduated and worked at the orphanage but I have never really done anything BIG.I am so proud of this blog though and I hope that someday it can lead to writing in a bigger way for a broader audience. I am proud of everything I have wrote about from my travels to my weight loss and I am just so happy to have accomplished what I have with this blog. I don't have 1000 followers but I know I have a pretty decent amount of people reading and I am proud to have such a cool following - honestly, some of my favorite people, family members and writers read this and that makes me SO happy! I am proud of myself for anyone who has found someone to relate to in me, for inspiring someone to get moving and/or healthy, for inspiring someone to feel beautiful or better about who they are or just inspiring someone to embrace their inner sarcastic bitch.

All caught up - how exciting! So while I am certainly not giving up or anything, this was sort of depressing so I'm going to share a little nugget of AWESOME info! Today I stopped in to see Maddy on my way to my shift at Primitive Wishes (which you totally need to visit if you live on Grand Manan, it is too freakin' cute in here) and as I was leaving she was all "WAIT! i have something to tell you" .She proceeded to tell me about a girl from New York who vacations on our beautiful island during the summer who had been in. She had asked Maddy, "oh hey, you are friends with that bailey girl girl?" and she was like, yep, because we are indeed friends! The girl, named Nora, told her that she reads my blog and said all these wonderful things about it. AWESOME!!

I have been waiting for the day that somebody recognizes me in public but didn't already know me before. This is pretty damn near impossible as most of my readers are american, everyone on GM already knows me, and the chance of a tourist being a reader and coming here isn't super large. But what happened with Maddy is the next best thing to someone recognizing me and I thought this story was SUPER awesome. So Nora, if you are reading this, I got the message and than you SO much! And I'm sorry if your name has an H in it. Maybe I will see you around, that would rock! :)

If you write a blog, have you ever been recognized in public? If you read a lot of blogs, have you ever came across a blogger you love? There are so many bloggers I would LOVE to meet someday, I would be super starstruck. In fact, Punky from Punky and the City , a new favorite, messaged me this morning and I almost peed my pants. Yep, I'm that girl.

Big love to you all,
I promise to try my hardest not to neglect you xo

Ps. On a totally different note I was wondering if I could get some help! As you all know, because I've mentioned it a billion times by now, I live on an island that you have to take a ferry or a plane to escape from (unless you sprout wings or you are Jesus, of course) which creates some issues when someone is in need of serious medical help that the staff at our hospital cannot attend to. It used to be that Atlantic Charters, the island based air service, did all the flying of patients in need to bigger hospitals off island but on July 1st, this contract was ended by the government. Now, they send a plane from a different city which can take as long as 4 hours, and possibly more I am guessing. Already, an islander has died because the service is simply not quick enough. It is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Obviously, we are fighting as a community, to get this changed back so that when we need it, we can get medical service as quickly as anyone else. If you could, please help out by signing this petition to get our original service back. Thank you so much for reading, and helping out if you can. Big love! xo


Sunday, July 8

pink elephants.

Let's first point out the pink elephant in the room - my blog is looking a little different. What do you guys think? I'm still working on it, just trying to give it a more fresh, simple look. I like simple, straight forward, type shit. I like honesty as well so tell me what you think, good or bad! :)

Before I forget, let me catch up on my July Blog Challenge questions with Peanut Butter and Jenny

July 6 
 If you could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity who would it be and why?
Probably Taylor Swift. I know this sounds odd but she seems funny, nice and easy to be around. I think 15 minutes with her would fly right by and I would enjoy it. I think most celebrities I wouldn't enjoy two minutes around! 

July 7 
If you could live in any time period of the past when would it be? 
Probably the 60s or the 80s. I just think I would thrive like a mother fucker in either decade! 

July 8 
How do you envision your life being in 5 years? 
I think I will have finally chosen what I want to do with school, be attending school, be in a committed relationship and probably living somewhere out of the East Coast, hopefully still blogging and loving life! :) 

I can't believe how dedicated I have been to this blogging challenge. No, I haven't been answering them daily but I admitted that I would be answering a few to a time which I have been, for over a weeks worth. So yay me, yay dedication, I surprise even myself sometimes! :)

I've been loving Sunday Social so I decided I oughta join in again this week, why fuck with a good thing? Is that the saying? It's something like that This weeks theme is television and the shittiest topic ever for me because I rarely watch it but here we go! 

Favorite TV show of the past
I really loved the OC, I really loved Goosebumps and Full House will forever live in my heart! 

Favorite TV show currently
I currently watch zero tv shows, zero. Big Brother starts this week and I love me some Big Brother so I will say that :) 
Source: via Lorie on Pinterest

my favorite player ever! <3

Which Reality Show would you NEVER do?
Bachelor/Bachelorette. I fucking hate those series. They are so fake and it's a total joke. Like thank you so much bachelor  producers for turning the search for something as awesome and beautiful as love into a big fucking national joke... you fucking knobs.

Which Reality Show would you LOVE to do?
Big Brother or anything to do with singing aha. I can't help it, I totally still think I'm gonna be the first Canadian to be American Idol. You caught me!

TV personality/character that you feel is most like you?
I honestly don't know. How about you answer this one! Leave me a comment and tell me a character form a tv show I remind you of, whether it's physical or my personality. I honestly have no clue! 

TV character you'd want to date?
I love me some Noah Puckerman from Glee. 

And there's my answers! 
If you didn't already know, Sunday Social is a link up I join over at Neelys blog A Complete Waste Of Make up, check her out. :) 

Tell me, what is YOUR favorite tv show?

Big Love,

Ps. Tomorrow is weigh in. I haven't had an official weigh in in a while. We'll see how this goes.

Thursday, July 5

Wait..its Thursday?

I can't believe it's Thursday. I stopped into the bakery this morning to talk to Maddy (and inevitably pick up a treat - I went with a gluten free pumpkin chip muffin which was fucking delicious) and we were both wtf'ing at how fast this week has gone. I don't know if it's good or bad but it must be because of my schedule. I wake up early, serve breakfast, come home, work out, have a nap, and get up and get ready to go to work at the other restaurant. I love having work but holy cow, time is a fly'in.

Speakin of Holy Cow, Diana and I were talking  last night at work about cheesy waitress jokes we make. When I had sat a few guys down and instead of leaving the silverware had brought it back with me, she took it and said "I guess we won't make you eat with your fingers tonight". Cheesy, but funny. I mentioned that when telling people desserts at the hotel dining room I work in, that at least once a week without fail, I will explain the desserts and make sure they know it's calorie free. Even cheesier, but they seem to dig it.

Diana won with this one. She said that when people look at the menu and say "Holy Cow!" or "Holy Mackeral", because we serve Haddock, she will say "Nope, it's Holy Haddock". What a fucking cheese ball. I honestly could do a weekly post with all the shit this girl says, I'd call it Shit My Dee Says. (see what i did there, like shit my dad says). It's something to consider!

Today I'm going to participate in Its Ok, Thursday with A Complete Waste of Make Up. After that I will answer day 4+5 of the blogging challenge I am doing with Peanut Butter and Jenny.

It's Okay That..

I skipped my work out today to have a nap. The weather sucks and I was ever so sleepy. 
Spent 20$ when I should probably not spend at all. Breakfast with a friend? So worth it. 
That I have been having some iced tea lately..but I have been doing well with cutting back on Diet Pepsi. 
That I'm the most jealous person in the universe, I feel much less insecure than a year ago though. 

and to answer my questions for the blogger challenge. 

july 4 - if you could rid the world of one thing what would it be?
evil. obviously! 
july 5- post a picture of something or someone that made your day special. 

breakfast with court was awesome :) made my day!

have an awesome day everyone. 
big love,

Tuesday, July 3

veins, july, work, and a hike.

Happy Tuesday Readers! :) I don't know about where you are, but where I am, it is absolutely gorgeous, and has been for a few days. I'm loving it. Normally I work early mornings shifts, then a night shift, so I get my afternoons off and it's days like this that make me pretty okay with that! Yesterday my friends and I hiked way out back of the Island I live on and it was an interesting hike but so worth it as the end. I had never been there before and was pretty stunned at the gorgeous cliffs and gorgeous aquamarine color of the water. Awesome!!

For those of you from Grand Manan, this is Hay Point. It's not a hard place to get to but it doesn't seem like many have been out there this summer so we had to forge our way through some parts. It's pretty damp in some places, Diana lost her shoes and walked barefoot for a lot of the way. Then coming back, you have to come up this insanely huge hill. Fortunately we had Diana telling stories as we went up it to keep our minds off the burning pain in our thighs. I totally recommend the hike though, especially on a nice day, because it is absolutely beautiful! 

It was the first day I've been back at being active and it felt awesome. I'm so excited to keep it up and get back to the gym and do some weights and such. Our gym is the most poorly contructed gym EVER though and there is no fan and no windows that open and the sun shines on it all day. As you imagine, it's pretty fucking hot in there. I need to start going right after work in the mornings (usually around 10) before it gets so hot I can't think straight. Anywho - things are looking up and Im gonna lose the rest of this weight, the healthy way, slowly but surely. 

And if you read the other day about the hospital visit and stuff, I did go get my blood work done, but it didn't go so swell. Apparently I have hideously shitty veins and they had to poke me a few times but shit just wasn't happening. The blood was running really slowly and after trying my hands and still no luck, I just gave up and went to work. I'm going to go back this Friday and hope for better results. They said to drink lots of water and use a heat compress on my arm, anyone else have some secret trick so I can get this craziness over with? The nurses rocked but apparently my veins do not. :( 

I'm sorry the blog hasn't been the most interesting lately. Unfortunately, I have been keeping it on the back burner a bit as I try to sort some health stuff out and I've started working full time now! I'm at 3 different spots and also continue to House and Dog sit when I can so I'm pretty busy. I work early so I try to sleep earlier and since 2am is my prime blogging time, my blog has lost out because I am asleep like a normal person at that hour now. Once I get into my routine I hopefully will have more time for it. I do love this little space.. :)

This month I'm going to do a blogging challenge with Peanut Butter and Jenny. Each post I'm just going to answer the daily blog question, and if I miss a few days (which will likely happen twice or thrice, I will answer 3 or 4 the next blog post I write. Makes sense I would think :) 

So today I will answer the first three questions :) 
 1. My goals for this month are to
  • save as much money as possible. living off tips has been working well so far :) 
  • be as active as possible. stay on track. :) 
  • have fun and enjoy my summer when I can. 
  • try some new things! 
2. If I could offer a newborn child one piece of advice, it would be to get right with yourself and then stay true to that person. Sometimes all you have is yourself, so it's good to love that person. It's easier to be happy, love life and love others when you are cool with yourself and living a life you are proud of. 
3. The last movie I saw in theatres was 21 Jump Street with the ginger twins and it was fucking hilarious! Such a good movie! 

If you blog, you should totally join in on this. I think it's a great idea :) 

I'm off for a walk in this gorgeous weather before I head back to work. I can get some exercise, maybe get a tan and enjoy the sun. What is your favorite way to spend a day in the sun? 

Big Love,

Sunday, July 1

a fashionable sunday

Thought I would link up with the Sunday Social again. I found some great blogs last time and it was so fun reading about everyone's music tastes and what they listened to when they were young - I had so much in common with some people, even with my crazy variety of musical loves! Check out all the other posts over at A Complete Waste of Make up! 

What is your favorite store to shop at?
Probably forever 21. It's not necessarily that I like all their clothes the best its just SO much fun to shop at. there is just so much stuff, its insane. and its all so cheap.and sales everyone. and the stores are HUGE. its just a fun old time. and i love their clothes! aha

If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?

I don't know much about designer brands or anything. I found a site recently I really like though and will be spending a decent amount at once I've gone down a few more sizes and have saved up money. :) I don't think I'll ever be a designer brand lady! http://www.sheinside.com/
Must have closet staple?
a cute dress. im a dress person. i dont need a nice coat, pair of boots or designer jeans. i just think all of us ladies need a nice dress to turn to

Favorite kind of shoes? (brand or type)
I've decided I love flats and not just flats but a nice pointed toe flat. They can be casual or they can dress up an outfit that should be worn with  heels which I cant really wear. I need to invest in a few more pairs, I need some diff colors. 

Best clothing deal you've ever gotten? (sale or amazing find) 
I found this adorable sweater at RW&Co. I never shop there, like ever, but I went in with my aunt one day cause she loves it. I ended up coming across the sweater on the sale rack, only one and in my size. Originally 80$ and I got it for 18. It was awesomesauce action for sure. Unfortunately its a little loose but I still love it!!

Style you'd love to try?
I wish I could rock heels. I could wear them but I'm decently tall, over 6ft with heels, and Im just big in general. I think there is too much of me to be stompin around at 6ft2. When I reach goal weight I will definitely consider it. I wore heels in cuba to look classier and I love them. Someday I hope I can buy all the heels I want aha. 

The end! 

Thanks for checking out my post. To check out what's been up in my life besides writing this post make sure to check out my previous post, explained a lot there. 

Happy Canada Day!! 

Big Love,
Bailey J

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