Thursday, July 26

21 in 21

If you are a blog reader or writer you may have seen his one floating around today! I am an avid readers of A Mommas Desires & Pacifiers and she chose to link up for Blank in Blank. Basically, you take your age and make a list of that many things you want to accomplish in your 21st year. I love setting goals, I love making lists and I love this idea so I'm totally doing it. The blogger who started it was Erin at Living in Yellow and while reading her list I quickly fell in love and am a new follower of her blog -check her out :) So here goes nothin', twenty one in twenty one!.

1. See a band/someone live who I adore. I have no idea who it will be yet but it will be awesome!
2. See at least one new country. Considering I want to see 30 before I'm 30 I should get crackin. I just love travel and need it in my life.
3. Have a little male companionship. It'd be nice.. just so my lady parts don't shrivel up and fall off from lack of use. "Is it true if you don't use LOSE it?"
4. Shocks my readers with scandelous details of my personal life. Oh.. it's coming.
5. Reach my goal weight. That gives me 10 months to lose 50lbs. I'd like to think I can do that but considering my speed so far it may take me until I'm 32 instead of 22.
6. Run a 10k. I hope to have time to get back into running asap and I WILL run a 10k by the time I'm 22 and hopefully long before that.
7. Go swimming in a bathing suit and feel awesome. This is a big one. I have bought 2 bathing suits, one full piece, one bikini and wore both (bikini in cuba.. dont worry, not on GM lol). I wore cover ups and shorts and everything though so eventually I would like to at least where a full piece and let me freak flag fly and be comfortable and sexy. It's probably too much to ask but.. 10 months might be do-able.
8. Try Sushi. Why not, eh?
9. Try all kinds of new foods! I want to try all kinds of different foreign food. I know I love indian, thai, mexican and the good ole Canadian Poutine (which I can no longer eat) but I want to discover more of those foods and more of other foods. It's hard to do that here but I don't plan to be home for much longer.
10. Stand up for myself. I just don't do this enough. I'm a bit of a doormat. Not too bad but .. I can tell sometimes when I should put up a fight but I don't because it doesn't seem worth it.
11. Look into Spanish lessons. It's a goal of mine to be fluent in 2 other languages by the time I'm 30 so I should also get crackin on that. I know some spanish but I'm no where close to fluent and I would love to be.
12. Sing more. I'm not sure I have ever mentioned this on my blog because it's not what I wrote about. I'm not a you tube star, I don't do covers, I don't make you guys listen to me. But yes, ever since I can remember, I have loved singing more than anything. I have let everything else ever go before it and when there comes a chance to sing in public lately I almost always chicken out and don't sign up or I'm working if I get an offer. I haven't sang in public in at least 2 years..I honestly have no idea when the last time was. But I love it and I like to think I'm alright and I would like to at least sing in the shower more.
13. Perfect my beauty skills. I know this is a weird one but I used to love doing my make up and I haven't really been doing my make up as much as I used to. I know this is a good thing to some people but I suck at it and I also suck at doing my hair so I would like to become a bit better so that I can maybe trick people into thinking I'm attractive once in a while.
14. Build up the blog. Obviously my blog is a huge part of my life and I want to nurture it and grow it and do my best. I've been so excited lately about all the comments and new followers and I hope I can keep it up and keep you guys interested. It makes me really happy people enjoy it.
15. Buy a new car. I can't afford a new car but my car is a piss off and I would love to eventually have a new to me car. I doubt I will be able to make it happen but if it could.. I would love my 21st year even more.
16. Make new friends. No offense to my awesome friends I already have but I don't plan to stay on Grand Manan so I'm hoping to make new friends wherever I go. Friends with similar interests, ways of thinking and some interesting people who I can learn from and grow and be better. My friends now do all those things, I just want to make that clear, but like I said - I end up getting separated from most come September.
17. Volunteer. I miss volunteering and I hope to get some in this year. It would be awesome if I could make it back to the orphanage in the next year even just for a week. Otherwise I would love to volunteer in any way. I want to work in a soup kitchen or a shelter of some sort at some point
18. Banish "Call Me, Maybe" from playing in clubs. Okay, I know I could never do this but it's not a club song and I'm fucking tired of hearing it. The last place I want to hear it is when I'm shaking my tail feather with my friends and really enjoying myself. Like seriously? Fuck off. They played it not once but TWICE last weekend at Nicky Zees. So not okay. 
19. Be more smart. LOL. Yeah. I went there. Last night I swallowed a pop tab... a pop tab. That's an example of my idiocy. I'm just not very smart. I want to be a little less stupid but I kind of feel like you are just born with a certain level and that's that. We will see.
20. Buy a new ipod. I need one so bad! A car, an ipod and a lapotop. It's bad.
21. Buy a new laptop. Seriously. It's needed. lol 
22. Embrace. Embrace another year of being alive, being healthy (hopefully) and embrace everything life throws at me - good or bad!

What is one big thing you want to accomplish before your next birthday??

Big Love,


  1. Girl, I feel you on "Go swimming in a bathing suit and feel awesome"

    I came here from the LIY link-up and one of mine was "Be completely content with my body. Whether that comes from acceptance of what it is at any given point or from ramping up my workouts and cutting out splurge-y foods. Or a combination of both."

    Here's to both of us achieving that goal!


  2. YAY for enjoying blogging!! it is an amazing thing!! :-) Love all the people ive "met" and also MET in real life! :-)

    u MUST try sushi! its FANTASTIC!!!!

    call me maybe in a club! hahah holy crap. That song is for cars ONLY! aka singing with teh windows down.

    love this list!

  3. Wow girlfriend. we can learn Spanish together. Its on my to do list. I know a bit of it and have already bought the Spanish lessons for the computer. We could practice together. You need to start saving for all your new fun items..

  4. That's a really awesome list. I'm with you on the trying new foods and feeling sexy in a bathing suit! Those are 2 things I would really like to do as well.

  5. I'm a bit of a to do list sucker myself so when I saw your list I was instantly hooked!

    I loved them all and I wish you all the best with them all!

    One thing I want to accomplish before my next birthday? Well funnily enough i've already started to organise it. I'll be swimming with Dolphins in Mexico. I cannot wait, they're beautiful creatures.


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