Monday, July 16

the back burner.

I'm a total procrastinator. I have probably mentioned it here a million few times. Whether it was homework in high school, putting off the drive to work, a work out, a blog, putting on make up.. I put it the fuck off til the very last second. I dont' know why. The thing that I'm doing in place of it is rarely important or even awesome but I guess it's just in my nature.

Lately I have been mentioning how my blog has been on the back burner but I have had to put off pretty much everything else. Tomorrow, for the first time in a while, I have a full day off. Mostly, I want to sleep - that would rock. Sleep and do nothing. But I feel as though I should get some productive things done.

Over the past few weeks things have built up that I know I need to do, or should do, or want to do but by the time I get home I'm like..fuck.... need sleeeep! So here is a list of things I should/need/want to do tomorrow. We'll see how many get done!

Paint My Nails : they are shit.

Fix My Toenails : I messed them up doing them in a hurry because they absolutely needed to be done as I was wearing sandals to work and they looked like I took a dump on them. Then, because I did it 5 minutes before work (remember that procrastination thing i was talking up), I slid them into my sandals and fucked them up.

Post Pictures: I had an afternoon off last week where I did take some time do print pictures off which I wanted to do forever. Now I need to put them up in my room instead of leave them in the envelope for the rest of the summer.

Exercise : Hard chance to get any exercise lately. I suppose I could do it at 11:00 at night but my legs are pretty uncoopreative after 10-13hr shifts on my feet. There is always 5:30am too I suppose. ps. fuck that.

Tidy Up My Room : There is so so much shit on my night stand from just tossing everything there after work/before bed. Who knows what kind of treats could be lingering under there.

Shave my legs : I figure I should probably do it at least once a week so I don't frighten small children.

Make A Shopping List : I'm headed to the mainland this weekend with my girl friends for a friends big 19th bash and I plan to shop. I need to make a list so I get what I need and hopefully avoid what I don't. More on the trip later - should be fun!

Friends : Maybe see some friends or family.. if I can still remember who they all are. I have a friend I plan to walk and see at her work (then I can combine two things at once) and a friend who just moved into her first home and I would really love to visit her and her little guy and see the house now that it is finished. I love work but I feel like I lose my friends when i work this much. i like having friends.

Diet: It would be nice to really sit and think where I would like to go with my eating and what I need to eat less/more off or cut out. My eating schedule is brutal. i basically have three meals a day and thats it and its not super unhealthy stuff but its not always the best. After being sick last week I know I need to get rid of the dairy, or at least just milk and cream, and I am also 4 days diet pepsi free which is like really good for me. So yay me. I do need to figure my shit out though. Help meeeee.

I also really need to catch up on my July Blog Challenge with Jenny which I shall do right now and it's one less thing I have to do on my day off! Yeehawww.

Day 13 Would you rather be rich or healthy?
What's the point in being rich if you're on your death bed and can't do anything fun with your money. I suppose I could give it to charities, and if death was the trade off for being able to give to people in need then I can see it being worth it then. But I would chose good health, esp if I got to chose it for me and mine, over being rich and just spending it on myself. I don't think that brings true happiness. I have what I need and I even have a bit of what I want!

Day 14 Do you have any birthmarkets? Scars? Tattoos? Piercings?
I have all four. I have a birthmark in a funny place I'm not mentioning and two other ones, one on each leg. I consider them birthmarks anyways - discolorations that have been there since before  can remember. As for scars I have many. I have two that are distinct in my opinion -one over my eyebrow from jumping on the bed (and crashing on the bed) and one of my arm from burning it on a wood stove.I was a bit young, stupid and intoxicated for that one and now I have the exclamation point shaped scar to prove it. I have only my ears pierced (although I had a monroe for a year or two which I love) and  have one tattoo, an eighth note on my left hand.

Day 15 What was the last good deed you do for someone? Someone for you?
I bought someone I love a gift card I thought they might need/want and be able to put to good use and this someone does a lot of good deeds for me, like..all the time.

Day 16 What's one thing you've never done that most people have?
Hmmm.. well, I have never eaten sushi and I have never had sex, lol. So there you have it!

Yay - caught up! :) Such awesome questions eh? I really like them! I hope you have enjoyed hearing different shit about me that you have absolutely no use for, haha. I have liked telling you regardless of if you like it.

It is almost midnight and even though I have the morning off, I'm turning into a complete grandma and I need to be getting to bed. Hopefully I get some of that stuff tomorrow, or maybe even another blog done. There have been so many topics floating around in my head just not much time to actually write about them.

Someday soon!

Big Love,


  1. Knock some shit off your list bright and early! I always find the longer I wait in the day, the less I get done. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Procrastinating makes me do my best work. Seriously. Wouldn't have it any other way :) But I would also have to agree with Morgan's comment above. If you can manage to get your shit done early, it will get done, otherwise you will just find yourself laying on the couch watching an entire season of a TV show you missed in one day. That happened to me for real, yesterday haha.


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