Thursday, July 12

real life in july.

Damn you, real life! You keep fucking up my blog! haha. I know that real life should probably come first but I hate when I am neglecting my blog. To be honest though, I have been neglecting pretty much everything-eating healthy, exercise, people I love, yoga (someday I will return, Trish1), sleep-other than work this week. I have about 60 hours between my three jobs (and i was just offered a fourth today!), not to mention the house sitting I do on the side. I realize this is a pretty reasonable excuse to put my blog on the back burner but it doesn't make it suck any less. I love this little blog of mine and I hate leaving readers hanging because I'm lucky to blessed with some pretty awesome (and faithful!) readers. I am sorry!

I'm going to check up with my July Blog Challenge with Jenny right quick as I have almost a week to catch up on and I get to cover topics I wished to cover anyway. So WAHOO!

July.9 What is your food philosophy? My food philosophy is moderation! I guess when I think of food I think of Health and Weightloss so I'm not sure if this is a philosophy is now. Anyways. I just think that you should treat yourself and eat things you like but do it in moderation. I believe in moderation for everything actually.. over indulgence is just generally not a good thing. I need to eat more in moderation for sure. Eventually I would like for my food philosophy to be more geared towards organic and nothing processed but it won't be today and it won't be tomorrow either.

July.10 Write about someone who inspires you! Krystle at Skinny Jeans Dreams is a huge inspiration for me. Right now my major goals involve getting healthy and in shape and reading Krystles blog, her blog fb updates and her personal updates inspire me daily. I'm struggling,big time. After receiving my blood work results today, and everything coming back okay, I am left wondering where to go next. Why have I been plateau'd for this long, gaining and losing back the same 5 pounds? I barely have time to sleep let alone get in good work outs but I am trying to eat well and am constantly on my feet at work but I'm feeling more discouraged than ever. She is a wonderful woman, her story rocks, her posts rock even more and reading her stuff helps and reminds me that as long as I keep losing the same 5 lbs over and over, at least Im losing them..and I'm going to lose them as many times as it takes. Still, I am very frustrated and upset, and struggling with it all. I have no idea where to go from here. I need some sleep before my level 10 break down ensues.. but a promise to myself, and a promise to all of you, I WILL figure this shit out.

July.11 Write about the worst injury you've ever had! I have broken my leg but it actually wasn't the worst pain. The worst injury I have had was slipping on Diana's deck, landing on and hurting my back. Her deck is the fucking worst, its insanely slippery when it gets wet and I tended to wear the cheap fake burk style sandals that had zero tread and it wasn't the first time I fell on it but it was the worst. I landed right on my back and almost passed out from the pain. I was taken to the hospital, given something that made me absolutely out of er and eventually spent some unhappy evenings in a chiropractors office where they folded me into a pretzel and jumped on me. Not cool. Luckily my back rarely bothers me anymore but it was a racket for a while. The funny thing is that I was in a hurry because I wanted to say goodbye to my crush at the time who was leaving the island. (Don't worry, I got a hold of him after the shot of Demerol. Stay classy, bail). He was my first kiss so I was pretty attached (typical Bailey) but then he left and I never really talked to him again until I saw him a year or two later. Stupid bailey boys.

July.12 Write about one of your biggest accomplishments in life. This may be cheesy, but I am SO proud of this blog. I am happy to have graduated and worked at the orphanage but I have never really done anything BIG.I am so proud of this blog though and I hope that someday it can lead to writing in a bigger way for a broader audience. I am proud of everything I have wrote about from my travels to my weight loss and I am just so happy to have accomplished what I have with this blog. I don't have 1000 followers but I know I have a pretty decent amount of people reading and I am proud to have such a cool following - honestly, some of my favorite people, family members and writers read this and that makes me SO happy! I am proud of myself for anyone who has found someone to relate to in me, for inspiring someone to get moving and/or healthy, for inspiring someone to feel beautiful or better about who they are or just inspiring someone to embrace their inner sarcastic bitch.

All caught up - how exciting! So while I am certainly not giving up or anything, this was sort of depressing so I'm going to share a little nugget of AWESOME info! Today I stopped in to see Maddy on my way to my shift at Primitive Wishes (which you totally need to visit if you live on Grand Manan, it is too freakin' cute in here) and as I was leaving she was all "WAIT! i have something to tell you" .She proceeded to tell me about a girl from New York who vacations on our beautiful island during the summer who had been in. She had asked Maddy, "oh hey, you are friends with that bailey girl girl?" and she was like, yep, because we are indeed friends! The girl, named Nora, told her that she reads my blog and said all these wonderful things about it. AWESOME!!

I have been waiting for the day that somebody recognizes me in public but didn't already know me before. This is pretty damn near impossible as most of my readers are american, everyone on GM already knows me, and the chance of a tourist being a reader and coming here isn't super large. But what happened with Maddy is the next best thing to someone recognizing me and I thought this story was SUPER awesome. So Nora, if you are reading this, I got the message and than you SO much! And I'm sorry if your name has an H in it. Maybe I will see you around, that would rock! :)

If you write a blog, have you ever been recognized in public? If you read a lot of blogs, have you ever came across a blogger you love? There are so many bloggers I would LOVE to meet someday, I would be super starstruck. In fact, Punky from Punky and the City , a new favorite, messaged me this morning and I almost peed my pants. Yep, I'm that girl.

Big love to you all,
I promise to try my hardest not to neglect you xo

Ps. On a totally different note I was wondering if I could get some help! As you all know, because I've mentioned it a billion times by now, I live on an island that you have to take a ferry or a plane to escape from (unless you sprout wings or you are Jesus, of course) which creates some issues when someone is in need of serious medical help that the staff at our hospital cannot attend to. It used to be that Atlantic Charters, the island based air service, did all the flying of patients in need to bigger hospitals off island but on July 1st, this contract was ended by the government. Now, they send a plane from a different city which can take as long as 4 hours, and possibly more I am guessing. Already, an islander has died because the service is simply not quick enough. It is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Obviously, we are fighting as a community, to get this changed back so that when we need it, we can get medical service as quickly as anyone else. If you could, please help out by signing this petition to get our original service back. Thank you so much for reading, and helping out if you can. Big love! xo


  1. Wow, that's really sad about your air service. Hopefully, it improves for you guys soon.

  2. I love this post. you wrote about true events and I think its great how your proud of this amazing blog! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!

  3. Whenever I am back home my blog totally hits the back burner. I hate it! I am going to try so hard when I come home at the end of August to keep it up, but when you work 100 hours a week it is damn near impossible. Also, great idea to post about the problem with the air ambulance service on your blog. It is so vital, obviously for the patients on GM, but for the nurses too. It is crazy stressful to have someone you have known forevers life in your hands and not be able to a thing to help them because you have no resources and no way to get them off the island. Huge issue!

  4. Hey! It's Nora hahaa, I love your blog and I read it all the time!! You are such a great writer and your posts never fail to make me laugh :) I'm here all summer so hopefully we'll run into each other at some point!


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