Sunday, July 15

set sail.

I'm excited to be able to link in two things I need to discuss today and they BOTH have to do with travel! Yahoo!! One of my most favoritest things (check out my travel label to the left for more traveling tales) in the world is travel even from the small amount I've done. I like to run away I guess is a better word for it but traveling is just..the best. The world is a big and beautiful place.

This weeks Sunday Social questions are all about travel and I've also been nominated by My Life as A Foreigner to enter a travel photography blog type contest but more on that after. Lets do Sunday Social first. Remember to check out A Complete Waste of Make up for more writers participating :)

Best Trip You've Ever Been On?
Hardest question to answer ever. I have to chose between my first trip to Guatemala and my second to Guatemala then a few other countries in Central America. They are both so amazing in different ways but I think I am going to go with the first one. It was amazing and my first trip, my first time on my own, the world was my oyster. I had so many amazing experiences, first experiences and met so many people who just hold this special chunk of my heart.

Best idea for a couples trip? 
Well, I've never been on a couples trip but after doing Cuba with Courtney, I think a resort vacation like that would be good. Something low key, nothing that will stress anyone out (unless flying stresses you out..then just stay the fuck home). Courtney is pretty much my girlfriend though aha and we had a lot of fun just drinking and swimming and eating (especially eating). There's always chances to go do something exciting if you like that as well. 

Best vacation on the cheap?
Visit friends you've met abroad in a city you've never been to. You have a place to stay, if they are nice they will usually treat you at least once to dinner and they probably know awesome things to do that most tourists don't know about and the prices won't be jacked super tourist high. If you want a far away trip just do your research into countries that are cheaper to travel in. Central America is super super cheap so if it's backpacking you desire or just a little more rustic travel, hit up Central America..or even South East Asia. SO CHEAP. 

 We used to eat at this little outdoor restaurant near the market in Xela. It was a ton of really good food for just dirt cheap. Lovin it. 

Place you most want to visit? 
I have a thing for Brazil. I just really want to go to brazil. And BC! I have friends there and it just looks like the most beautiful place ever from pictures. I will get to these places someday!

Vacation Nessecityies:
Fucking sun screen! Getting a sunburn on vacation is a damper. I'm a clothes person. If I have cute clothes then I'm good to go! 

And that's that.

Now that I have this done I don't have time to talk about the new contest BUT I will as soon as I can. Duty calls - I work at noon. Make sure to check out Lindsays blog to see her entry though and see what the contest is about.. and be prepared for my entry. (which I may not even enter cause all my pictures are shit BUT its an awesome idea and I will totally post it!).

Big love!! 

Big Love


  1. Guatemala seems very fun!

    come say hello at

    have a wonderful day!

  2. Sunscreen--good call! Especially if you plan on touring the city all day by foot--it's a bummer when you come back with raccoon eyes from wearing your sunglasses and forgetting sunscreen lol.

  3. You're so lucky--you've gotten to go to some great places! I agree, sun screen is THE vacation necessity...I seem to get a sunburn just from walking outside, lol.

    I'm your newest follower! I love your blog--you seem to be so real and true to yourself :) I would love it if you could come check me out and maybe follow me back at Thanks!


  4. great post! I believe your right, the best type of cheap vaca is visiting a friend who lives far away!

  5. Traveling is great!...until you get mugged by a bunch of teenage girls in Paris, but I'd still go back a million times over even after all of that, haha.

  6. awesome post!
    i loveeeeeeeeeee to travel and wish i could do it more!
    my advice to peeps younger than me is ALWAYS to travel as much as you can and see the world!!!

    i hear brazil is fabulous and my one friend who travels A LOT says it is by far the best vacation he has ever had.


  7. so jealous about your trip to Guatemala! It's one of the places that I've been dying to go to!

  8. I completely agree taht meeting friends abroad is amazing! I have visited 3 friends this year in 3 different countries and had somewhere to stay! Amazing!

  9. I feel the same way about the contest. My picture are shit compared to the pros that have entered. It was a still a fun post to do though, I loved going through all my old photos. It takes FOREVER though, just a heads up. I look forward to seeing your pics :)


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