Thursday, July 19

the ups and downs of the blogosphere

Actually, today is mostly about the downs aha. 

8 Things That Cheese Me Off About The Blogosphere

1.When blogger isn't cooperating an/or I can't get my blog to just look how I need for it too. Biggest piss off ever.

2.When people leave comments on my blog telling me to go look at their blog then follow them. If you don't actually like my blog, and you just want me to follow you..go the fuck home. I will follow your blog if I like your blog.You don't need to link me because I can just click on your name. Thank you, come again.

3. Giveaway rules that suck. I understand being like "oh you should follow me to enter my giveaway" but at the same time its like, everyone loves free shit and not everyone knows how to follow if they dont blog and..who the fuck cares. I hate when its like "follow bob for an entry".."follow sue on twitter for an entry"..."refer to me as Queen of the Blogosphere for the rest of your days to unlock the rest of the votes". Like..stfu and let me enter to win this necklace. Mmkay? I like your blog, I am here aren't I! Why can't that be enough?!

4. Blog Snobs. Period.
5.When people say it's not about followers. I have probably said this because I will always blog, whether people read or not BUT that doesn't stop me from grinning like a small child on christmas when I see my follower count go up one. It feels damn good! 

6.Fashion bloggers who have no sense of fashion. It makes no sense.

7. My most immature one - I hate when I am a faithful reader of a blog, like I read and comment every single blog, and they NEVER take time to reply or visit my blog. Makes me so sad. I can't help it. Especialyl when they have like 5 comments on each blog and not many followers. Is my blog really that shitty or do you just not care about your readers? When I think about it I always worry if I do that to anyone who comments on my blog. Not cool! 

 8.I fucking despise-and close the damn window-if I can't read the fucking text. HOLY FUCK. If you have a black background and navy text, I am not going to be able to read it and I have pretty decent vision. Also, if it is in a font that looks like it could be in hebrew then not many of us are going to struggle for hours to decipher the letters. If you want people to read your blog make it legible for fucks sakes - just a tip.

Whether you are a reader or a writer, what do you dislike about the blogging world? Other than these little things I am quite pleased with blogging. I love to write, I love to read and for the most part, it is a huge community of awesome people who want to help you, read you and have bloglationships. It's pretty wonderful.

Big Love,


  1. I'm with you about the black backgrounds - the text is impossible to read! Also, I don't like when music automatically starts playing and I can't figure out how to turn it off. Yeah, I really hate that.

  2. Oh my gosh I seriously just posted something about blogging that made me cry!!! This is such great timing, it's harder than people think to have a blog.

  3. I agree with Jennie on the music! I hate that on blog or annoying.

    And I love getting followers, but it goes to show that no matter what I'm going to write because I only have 8 hahaha I do it for myself mostly as a journal of sorts, but I like entertaining others if I can.

    One thing I don't like about blogger, more than blogging in general is searching. Maybe I just don't know how to search correctly, but I hate that I can't search certain topics. If there is a way to do this, please fill me in haha

  4. #8 is at the top of my list. I really hate it when bloggers use fonts I can't read. How am I supposed to respond if I can't read it?!! I have to also agree with Jennie. Music on a site is so cheesy and it makes the page load soooo slowwwwly.

  5. Love this post. I hate music, I hate the fakey, fake perfect lives, and I hate stupid sponsor posts.

  6. Love the one about entering to win giveaways. Haha. I don't have time to be bouncing all over the Internet trying to follow people I don't know just so I can enter to win a free sample. No wayyyyy, no way! Lolll

  7. Your points are so true. While we can derive joy from blogging, it can also cause us pain. I've felt the sting of several of your complaints.

  8. Yes number two and seven. I also have a few followers that never comment. I think they just wanted me to follow them back for a number. I love when i see new comments but at the same time i feel guilty if i havent gotten to my fav. Blogs for a few days. I always try to make up for it by reading the posts ive missed and comments. Were human. Not perfect life gets in the way. I think i have a few handful of faithful readers and i love them. You girls have been supportive thru my dads death and grieving process. Plus i always love the fun comments.

  9. Hahaha, it's so nice to see that someone else is annoyed enough about the blogosphere to blog about it. :)
    Definitely I hate fakey perfect life blogs, I hate those "I'm following you, come follow me"-people, silly sponsored posts, giveaways (they make blogs so so boring, I want to read about people lives when I visit a blog, not get stuff for free).
    Basically all that commercial crap. Ads, sponsor stuff, giveaways...
    I enjoy a linky list now and then but only if they have no rules. I will never follow a blog I don't like just to add my link. Meaningless!

  10. Haha! It's nice to see we feel the same way about the Blogosphere. Haha! It is annoying.

    I hate lurkers, too. They're so annoying. If you're going to be there to peruse then leave a friggin' comment! Right?

  11. Bailey I LOVE this post. Especially about the crazy giveaway rules, blog snobs, and bloggers who never show ANY TEENY TINY amount of love when you're a loyal follower. Great points!

  12. I always take the time to leave comments on YOUR blog, girl! Love your honesty and your openness! :-)

  13. I agree and disagree. I'm just warning you, I'm going to play devil's advocate here... ;)

    You say that you hate when people do giveaways and they ask you to follow them on twitter and facebook, but then you say you love blogging to meet new people and gain more followers. Without twitter or facebook, I wouldn't know about half the bloggers I love, and I wouldn't have as many people read my blog if I didn't promote it somehow. So I find it incredibly necessary (although annoying).

    Also, it's shitty when you comment a million times on someone's blog and they never answer, but they may assume that you're just commenting to try and get them to your blog.. you know? It's a double edged sword...

    All that being said, love your blog, and loved the rant :)

  14. I hate people who go on other peoples blogs just to post negative shit towards that person and offer nothing constructive, just anger. If they don't like them, they shouldn't read the blogs!

    Love all your points, totally agree!

  15. Ha ha Love this post Bailey! You have to be one of my favorite bloggers out there! You seem to hit things right on the head and are so brave about it all!
    I kept checking these things on my blog, do I do this, do I that ha ha hope I am not a inspiration for this post :p
    I hate it when you spend ages writing a comment and then you go to publish it and that stupid little box comes up that you have to copy and I keep getting it wrong over and over to the point that I end up not posting a comment because I am so frustrated GRRRRR!
    Anywhos love ya hun!

  16. You have some good points there, especially 7 and 2. Can't understand either why folks have to leave a full link when their blog is already on their name?? Go figure.

  17. Fashion bloggers with no style...... I JUST CAN'T! Haha this post made me laugh, I love your blog!! XxElly


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