Tuesday, July 17

truths, dares and blog snobs.

Have you ever stolen anything? If so, what?
I stole from Walmart twice. I stole fabric paint so I could make a tshirt for a sporting event aha. I was probably 15 and I didn't want to wait in the line so out I trotted. I was clearly quite bold at the time, I had it in my hand and figured i could take down the 90 year old security at the door I guess. Then when I was 16 or 17 I victimized Walmart once again and took candy and a purple/yellow double eyeshadow. Bad girl, bad girl. I got caught that time, as well of 4 of my friends who stole impressive amounts of make up. We all got hard time for it. And by hard time I mean we had to do volunteer hours

I am in no way condoning stealing. It's not fair to anyone and eventually you will probably get caught.Also, at the time, I felt like it was okay to steal from Walmart because of the the way they treat their workers in their sweat shops over seas. Now I feel like I was taking from them even more in a way. I mostly need to not support Walmart.  
Post a picture of you after waking up first thing. 
This is me probably half hour after I woke up and had not left my bed yet. Delicious. And yes, my boobs are out a bit. But I happen to be a girl and they come included. 

And before I sign off for the day, my July Blog Challenge for today is Post 7 Facts About Yourself. 

I decided today to post 7 facts about me that are not so appealing. I have been seeing so much blog snobbery lately that I just want to let you guys know that I have no false ideas of being perfect..at all. I see all these bloggers writing about their perfect little lives and their perfect little blogs and their 5000 subscribers. Fuck that. Your outfit is stupid and your baby isn't as cute as you think it is. I love and respect every blogger for their awesome qualities AND their imperfections. I find that the blogs I read where they are putting off "better than you" vibes I hate and blogs where they are honest and talk about their problems are blogs I can relate to because well.. I'm not perfect! So I guess mayeb some day I will like those fake blogs when I reach perfect status. 

I love that my readers like my honesty. I have been getting so many comments lately (thank you so much!) from readers, new and old, who applaud my honesty and realness. Yes, I say things that are out there, I say fuck too much, I can be a little inappropriate but at least I'm being me. This my blog, what you see is what you get, I will be what I want to be. So in honor of being honest and imperfect, here are seven random not so awesome facts about myself. 

1. I am a know it all. I hate when I know something is right and someone argues it. It makes me crazy. That being said I am not too proud to admit when Im wrong because I am wrong.. A LOT.
2. I'm lazy. I work a lot but I am so lazy. When I am home, I want to just lay here. In high school, I did shitty because I was lazy and wouldn't put in the effort. I was also really insecure and thought I was stupid. 
3. One of my boobs is bigger than the other. I heard this is really common but my left is totally bigger. Not like "Oh my god, she has a D and an A" but since they are mine I can totally tell. 
4. I let my toenails grow too long. I never even knew this was an issue until my friends started calling me out on it. They are like.. cut your toenails. And Im like why? lol. Now I try harder.
5. I'm a procrastinator. I just talked about this in my post yesterday. I love to start projects..hate to finish em. I put most everything off. It gets bad. 
6. I am dirty. That can be taken however you want to take it but honestly, I don't shave enough, I don't shower enough and I sleep without washing my face really often. It's not okay lol.
7. I am moody. I can be a plethora of emotions in less than 24 hours. I have switches that can be flicked very easily. I'm not an angry person but for example, I hate being told what to do, and it gets me very annoyed, very quickly. I hate to feel controlled in any way and it's a big mood changer for me. I also hate listening to a lot of peoples shit when their shit could be so much worse or there is other shit they should be worrying about instead.. it just gets to me. I guess I'm easily irritated would be a good way to put it. I need to not be. I just made myself sound pretty wild but I am mostly pretty happy and easy to be around I like to think but as I have said, and what this post is about, I'm not perfect. And neither are you, fuckers! (I mean that in the nicest way possible!)

So there you have it. Shout outs to my blog snobs - you are people too, and I forgive you. 

What is your imperfection? And have you ever stolen anything? I guess that's another imperfection of mine.. I like free shit! 

Big Love,

Todays truth and dare was a link up with Shades Of Grey & Friends.


  1. You can only be a blog snob on your birthday! haha. :)

    I learned so much about you in this post! Thanks for sharing with us, Bailey! Happy Tuesday. I hope yours is flying by a lot quicker than mine. WHEN IS LUNCHTIME? My belly is hungries. :(

  2. Thanks for being honest! You look great without makeup! Thanks for linking up. :)

  3. OMG. Love this. New follower.

  4. Haha love your facts! Here's one of mine: I hate losing! I will try my best to beat anyone at anything whether its a friend or even a baby! I'm a good sport if I lose and accept defeat graciously but deep down I would be so gutted!

  5. Love the honesty, especially about blog snobbery. Ugh nobody's life is perfect, so stop acting like yours is!

    I'm glad I'm not the only blogger who's lazy... I'd be happy just to sit around the house all day in my pajamas, but, sadly, society shuns that kind of behavior, haha.


  6. HAHA! Fun post! I love your honesty.

  7. LOVEEE that you chose to do both! You're a total & complete bad ass in my book now! :) Thanks for linking up!

  8. You dont even need me to tell you your one of my favorite bloggers. I hate being controlled to, my husband will try to control situations for me like telling me what time to leave to be somewhere. Last I looked Im a grown up. Also kinda wish I had the boob issues, maybe just a bit bigger for myself, okay alot bigger. lol..

  9. Yay! Thanks for linking up my dear friend. I love that you didn't hold anything back. You win this week's game in my book :)

  10. hahahaha i love you -- blog snobbery is SOOOOO stupid! no need for anyone to act like some of these peeps do with their perfect themes, photoshopped photos, and crafty/food/outfit posts!

    i love us real bitches SO much more!


  11. Your honesty is awesome, and a huge reason why I think your blog has become so successful so fast. I have so many imperfection that if I listed them all here I might crash your computer haha. And yes, I have stolen, a toe ring from Walmart when I was a teenager. Something about Walmart just makes you want to steal I would say haha.

  12. Bailey! I tagged you in the Liebster Tag. http://enjoying-the-simple-life.blogspot.com/ here is the link if you want to go check it out.

  13. I also love honest blogs, and hate those fake-perfect ones! Actually I see more and more people express this. I love to read blgs I can relate to, written by ordinary people.
    Stole lego at the kindergarten once, by the way! :)

  14. OH EM GEE

    i just found you because I saw you used the F word aka FUCK on ravens blog post comment and I had to stop by! and I LOVE YOU (in a non creepy way) haha

    your stuff about blog snobbery...couldnt agree MORE! noone is perfect! :-)

    cant wait to read more!


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