Tuesday, July 3

veins, july, work, and a hike.

Happy Tuesday Readers! :) I don't know about where you are, but where I am, it is absolutely gorgeous, and has been for a few days. I'm loving it. Normally I work early mornings shifts, then a night shift, so I get my afternoons off and it's days like this that make me pretty okay with that! Yesterday my friends and I hiked way out back of the Island I live on and it was an interesting hike but so worth it as the end. I had never been there before and was pretty stunned at the gorgeous cliffs and gorgeous aquamarine color of the water. Awesome!!

For those of you from Grand Manan, this is Hay Point. It's not a hard place to get to but it doesn't seem like many have been out there this summer so we had to forge our way through some parts. It's pretty damp in some places, Diana lost her shoes and walked barefoot for a lot of the way. Then coming back, you have to come up this insanely huge hill. Fortunately we had Diana telling stories as we went up it to keep our minds off the burning pain in our thighs. I totally recommend the hike though, especially on a nice day, because it is absolutely beautiful! 

It was the first day I've been back at being active and it felt awesome. I'm so excited to keep it up and get back to the gym and do some weights and such. Our gym is the most poorly contructed gym EVER though and there is no fan and no windows that open and the sun shines on it all day. As you imagine, it's pretty fucking hot in there. I need to start going right after work in the mornings (usually around 10) before it gets so hot I can't think straight. Anywho - things are looking up and Im gonna lose the rest of this weight, the healthy way, slowly but surely. 

And if you read the other day about the hospital visit and stuff, I did go get my blood work done, but it didn't go so swell. Apparently I have hideously shitty veins and they had to poke me a few times but shit just wasn't happening. The blood was running really slowly and after trying my hands and still no luck, I just gave up and went to work. I'm going to go back this Friday and hope for better results. They said to drink lots of water and use a heat compress on my arm, anyone else have some secret trick so I can get this craziness over with? The nurses rocked but apparently my veins do not. :( 

I'm sorry the blog hasn't been the most interesting lately. Unfortunately, I have been keeping it on the back burner a bit as I try to sort some health stuff out and I've started working full time now! I'm at 3 different spots and also continue to House and Dog sit when I can so I'm pretty busy. I work early so I try to sleep earlier and since 2am is my prime blogging time, my blog has lost out because I am asleep like a normal person at that hour now. Once I get into my routine I hopefully will have more time for it. I do love this little space.. :)

This month I'm going to do a blogging challenge with Peanut Butter and Jenny. Each post I'm just going to answer the daily blog question, and if I miss a few days (which will likely happen twice or thrice, I will answer 3 or 4 the next blog post I write. Makes sense I would think :) 

So today I will answer the first three questions :) 
 1. My goals for this month are to
  • save as much money as possible. living off tips has been working well so far :) 
  • be as active as possible. stay on track. :) 
  • have fun and enjoy my summer when I can. 
  • try some new things! 
2. If I could offer a newborn child one piece of advice, it would be to get right with yourself and then stay true to that person. Sometimes all you have is yourself, so it's good to love that person. It's easier to be happy, love life and love others when you are cool with yourself and living a life you are proud of. 
3. The last movie I saw in theatres was 21 Jump Street with the ginger twins and it was fucking hilarious! Such a good movie! 

If you blog, you should totally join in on this. I think it's a great idea :) 

I'm off for a walk in this gorgeous weather before I head back to work. I can get some exercise, maybe get a tan and enjoy the sun. What is your favorite way to spend a day in the sun? 

Big Love,


  1. Looks beautiful! Good luck on your blog challenge!

  2. That sounds like a great challenge. I generally suck at blog challenges, but I'm going to love reading yours. And that picture looks amazing.

  3. wow that picture is amazing! I hate getting outside and being active, but you're right, it feels so much better after you make yourself go do it!


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