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you're a disgusting pig.

Imagine being told "you're a disgusting pig" when you look like this.

Imagine being told "you're a disgusting pig" at all.Not fucking cool.

You probably know this but that gorgeous, sexy woman is 20 year old Kate Upton. I only recently started hearing about her and most things I heard were from men and as you can imagine, nothing was negative. She's a bombshell and that is not something any of us can truthfully deny.

I didn't spend much time thinking about her, mostly because I like boys, until I read THIS article on Skinny Gossip. My friend Tamara from Sea of Beau-T told me to read it and that evenutally I should write about it. So I read it.. and after I finished fuming and trying not to throw my computer at a wall, I spent a few days trying to gather my thoughts.

First of all, Skinny Gossip is a thinspiration site so clearly, I'm already not a fan. This article absolutely disgusted me. Now, if you aren't going to read it (which you should because you really can't understand what I'm ranting about until you do), I can sort of summarize what the writer gets at by saying that she tears at Kate Uptons body, calls her a fat pig and hates on American society for considering her model material. She starts off by literally comparing Kate Upton to a cow that stampedes down the runway as if there is a buffet at the end. Wow. Really?

The author, a 5'7-100lb woman in her 20's who claims to be in the fashion industry, goes on to say that any guy who is attracted to Kate Upton is a hillbilly. Actually, she refers to any man who is attracted to Kate Upton, as  "a tobacco-chewing, beer drinking, shotgun-toting, Nascar-watching man who wouldn't know a beautiful woman if she jumped out in front of his pick up truck". Doesn't sound right.

I'm sure most men would be pleased with a chance to even be in the same room as Kate Upton. This shit is just absolutely fucking wild. And you know what? No. She doesn't have runway shape (because she has a shape at all), she does not look like a runway model, but this woman is gorgeous, curvy and wicked desirable and I, personally, would much rather look like Kate Upton than most runway models.

I don't even disagree with the point that the author is making. I agree, Kate Upton is not runway. Runway is emaciated, funny looking girls with weird face angles where as Kate Upton is conventional beauty with a pin-up type body. I'm not even this huge fan of Kate Upton, but I will always stand up for a beautiful woman being torn down by a miserable one. What I hate about this article is the way they go about it - calling her a cow, ripping at her body, scrutinizing her from head to toe. I thought this writer was in the "fashion industry" not the criticize women's bodies industry. Stick to what you fucking know and write about how disgusting crocs are or something.

Obviously as a bigger woman this is going to get to me but just for the record, I have been working for almost a year now to become HEALTHY and this is a huge issue here. The writer is not saying Kate Upton needs to be healthy, she is basically hating on her for half of the article because she chooses to eat. Seems legit. The writer states that the Skinny Gossip community "is a community where we prefer the skinny look, but not at the cost of health" but I'm calling bullshit on that one. Go for healthy before you go for thin and get fucking real.

The next article the writer wrote was about how it's this huge issue to call out girls who are over weight but people call out skinny girls all the time and act like it's no big deal. I think this is a fair point but her playing victim is having no effect on me - I feel zero sadness for her in that area. The only sadness I feel for her is that she will probably never be healthy and confident simultaneously. That is sad to me.

I think people don't always see how people who are overweight are treated. Yes, if you are disgustingly skinny, people will call you out and call eating disorder. That is not fair. You can be whatever weight you want, and yes, some women are naturally thin and can eat and eat and not gain weight. That is not their fault, that is their genes. But don't fucking act like women (and men!) with extra weight aren't constantly ridiculed when you just wrote an article about a 150lb(maybe!) woman being a cow. Fuck you and fuck your stupid fucking thinspiration blog too. Makes me sick.

I pray to god none of you have ever been to this blog and I hope we all leave it in the distant background after I stop bitching about it.  I hadn't seen it before and I have never even checked out a thinspiration blog or pro-ana site before - it is just too much for this girl. Skinny Gossip is absolute garbage and so is the rest of the thinspiration world. Let's strive for HEALTHY, not emaciated. Furthermore, let's celebrate beauty in all women, no matter their weight.

Yes, I have been harsh in this blog. This woman probably needs a bit of love but I am on fire with rage and sometimes I let things spit out. I'm not feeling hate for her because she is a thin woman, or any other crazy excuse supporters of her blog would come up with. I am feeling hate on the article itself because it is disgusting, offensive and proves to me that the community of people who have this unhealthy, sad vision of what beautiful, healthy women are is a real and existing, growing community and that is not okay.

I want to know what you all think so please leave me comments, share with your friends and lets fucking strive for something better than this! Love to all of my beautiful readers!! XX

Big Love,


  1. Perfect Bailey..could not have said it better!


  2. All I can say is WOW. You hit the nail on the head. I had to read the post for myself but I'll never EVER give that blog the time of day again!

  3. I am fucking speechless after reading that awful article. We all know that speechlessness doesn't happen to me often. I am completely furious and could cry at the same time. I would love to look like kate I think she's gorgeous and I agree that she isn't runway, but I don't like the look of many runway models.

    As far as her other article as an update, I myself have had to go through the humiliation of comments on my weight. And if that doesn't hurt enough, the comments I made to myself in my head through the years because of what this day in age calls "pretty" "beautiful" and more.

    Strive for healthy :)

    Loved this post Bail!

  4. OMG what a absolute idiot that girl is! The whole article is condescending to anyone who is even slightly overweight! She makes it sound like if you happen to be anything over what she idolizes as "healthy/Skinny" you automatically become some stupid, lazy and less than others member of society!
    I am outraged and appalled, this girl is what is wrong with society! I am not promoting being overweight, I want to be fit and healthy but some people have a harder time losing weight or being the correct size. That doesn't make you any less of a human being!
    Gahhhh its sad that there are people out there that think like that.
    You are completely right Bailey and I am glad that you could vocalize your feelings, I am having a hard time just getting over my absolute hatred for this site!

  5. SMH. I clicked the link, read the article, and I'm in awe. This is insulting to every person who consists of more than bones. It's fine and dandy to think skin and bones is beautiful. Everybody has their own preference. But to compare this woman to a cow is absurd. And I agree with you Bailey I'd rather look like her than a runway model as well. To me she looks HEALTHY and that's all I'm aiming for(:

    Love your blog btw. I'm new browsing around different weight loss blogs and yours is an attention catcher. Keep it up(:

  6. I read that article when it first came out, and I did visit the site. Did you check out the forums? These women are INSANE. There's women on their who are 5'8" or taller with a "goal weight" of 100 lbs! I'm 5'0" and I don't want to weigh 100 lbs! As some one who personally suffers from anorexia myself (though I have been in recovery for 10 years, yay!) I can tell you this is without a doubt a pro ana site. They can say whatever they want, but there is no denying it. If you are that tall and you have to work to be that skinny, you are not healthy, plain and simple. Anorexia is a terrible disease and I hope that these girls can get the help they need before it's too late.

  7. I can't read the article just yet. It's Monday morning, I'm at work, & I'm already pissy just about that. I'll read it later when I'm at home. But I will say this. I don't think Kate Upton is a "pin-up", I do think she could be model runway material. Tyra was not emaciated during her runway years, for that matter, neither was Heidi Klum. Just my opinion.

  8. Wow...Henry and I both just read that article, and were both speechless. Call me naive, but I wasn't even sure that people that ignorant even existed now a days. I could write a small novel on here about how ridiculous that article was, but you basically said all the things I felt about it in this post. Except honestly, I'm not sure you were harsh enough. Healthy is always better than skeletal, on so many levels.

  9. I have no desire to visit the site or read the article...I have zero tolerance for tomfoolery...but ditto on your view Bailey J.

  10. what the heck, that's disgusting - she's stunning
    Xo Megan

  11. it is comments like that make this world a disgusting people and make girls feel like they have to be stick skinny to be be considered beautiful. it is so unfortunate that people have to be so rude and crude to say such an awful comment

  12. oh my god! I just read that said post and that is disgusting! who would write that- someone who is jealous!

    its so mean and for no reason, this is why i hate the internet

  13. I have a right mind to create a virus headed straight for that site.. Jokes I wish I could.. But if I did it would be to change every picture on the site to a beauiful curvy pin up girl!! Man now I really wish I ould!! XxElly

  14. You hit the nail on the head. It's dumb how society thinks women should all be emaciated. Personally, I was very thin growing up, and I never felt very attractive. When I was a few pounds heavier and in good shape from working out regularly, I felt much more confident about my appearance. I think a lot if not most men are more attracted to curves too!

  15. Hi B. I dont want to read the article. Your explanation was enough. I envy kate uptons boobs and her beauty, not her thiness because im thin. She is in no way a cow. Anyway who can judge a womens beautiful body as kates which she clearly is healthy looking is unhappy with herself. I feel sorry that she is so judgemental. I personally agree that all men and women should be the type of fit and healthy they personally want to be not someone elses version.

  16. oh lawdy...
    first thanks for the tweet!
    secondly -- i heard a murmor here and there about this so thank you for linking me directly to the actual ridiculous article.
    the word *thinspiration* alone makes me gag -- but the article actually made me wanna heave!
    being a woman is hard enough without the added bullshit of weight issues & the media overload on this very thing. uber unhealhy thin is glorified and people are sent a fucked up message everywhere they look! and honestly between this crap and the *diet* industry -- no wonder we all struggle! ughhhh pisses me right the fuck off!
    but well said my dear -- you rock balls & are so right. kate upton is just the bomb diggity and i would give my left arm to rock it like she does!

  17. I love this post, every word rings true. I can't think of how often I would compare myself to models, and then to hear that one was "fat" when I was already way larger than they were? It's a terrible thing that girls have to go through in that regard. I hope that if I am a mom to a girl down the road, I'll be able to help her see how important she is, beyond just what she looks like.


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