Thursday, August 30


So as I mentioned here, for like an hour, I purchased an Ipod touch last week. I am still getting used to it and surprised daily at all the shit I can do as long as I have a bit of wifi. One of my favorite parts is Instragram - so very exciting. I haven't done much instagramming yet-mostly because I'm not that interesting-but this morning (at 5 fucking 30)I decided I would take my Ipod to work in hopes of finding something interesting to photograph. 

This may seem weird-the whole searching for instagrammable shit at work thing- but if you knew where I worked you may understand. My full time job is at a regular restaurant but my part time job is serving breakfast in a hotel dining room. This hotel is not just any hotel though, it's older than you, me, and your grandfather combined and I was pretty sure I could find something (with my very unartistic and super unphotographical mind - yes thats a word) worth instagramming. I also thought it would be fun to share a bit of my work life with you so you can see what keeps me from blogging lately. 

Just to warn everyone - I don't care much about photography. I'm not good at taking pictures, I have never owned a nice camera and I certainly know nothing about angles or lighting or any of that shit so these photos are not meant to be extremely nice or anything. Someone with an eye for photography may consider the marathon photography gold or at least instragram gold (#instagold helllloo) but my photos are nothing special.

This first photo is just my way of being overly dramatic about the fact that I had to be up so ridiculously early. It was dark out and extremely fucking cold for still being August.. like 2 degrees cold. 

The creepy photo of a girl that is broken and creepy and hangs in the dining room and watches over me. So not okay.
Oh Hey Breakfast!
Weird artifacts from God knows when just chilling in the lobby.
A view from the first floor of the main building out onto the veranda. I love our chairs.
FLURS! not even edited...yeh.. im that good.
1/3rd of the dining room. Very old school. Nice wall paper eh? Clearly hasn't been updated in a while
 Last but not least I love this little creation and I wish I knew who made it. It's hanging up out on the side of the building. Guess we decided to ham it up and adorn everything with fishing parapheralia on top of being the oldest creepiest hotel in Canada. Just can't settle.

At first my thoughts were that I could do a "day in the life" post for you guys but that will have to be a different day because today isn't a typical one for me. I usually get up at 6:30 for those shifts, not 5:30 and normally I would go to work at noon at the other restaurant but its my day off there so I get to go out and do normal human things like go to the beach (which I did). YAY!

So that was fun :) I had a great day. On top of that, I've been having a good few days since writing my post about being in a pretty low place when it comes to my health. I'm going on three days of No Junk and I'm headed to the gym for the 3rd day in a row since writing that post. Good stuff. Big thanks to my friend Samantha from CSLC a million years ago who sent me a motivating message on facebook that day! It got me off my ass and into the gym. I now have a new membership and I'm much more focused. Amen. I hope it lasts!

What pushes you to get back into eating healthy and exercising when you have fallen off the wagon? Let me know.

Big Love,

Tuesday, August 28

all time low.

Will Power - apparently I have zero. No, that's no true, about 4 days a week I wake up with all the will power in the world but the Will Power Wizard from hell shows up somewhere between the hours of 4pm and 7pm and steals out from under my fucking nose.

I fucking suck. I have lost all control. I am up 4lbs and floating between 210-213 and I just brutally suck. Rarely I have days where I do well. Most days, even if I start out right, I end up binging by the end of the day. I have no control and I feel like I'm drowning in this pit of old habits. It's hellish. I can't wrap my head around it because I feel so out of control.

I'm not drinking enough water. I'm eating everything. I promise myself I will exercise and I never do. I'm a walking weight loss catastrophe. Where did my gumption go? Where did my fight go? In the fall I was at the gym, every night, sometimes for 2 hours and I was so committed, so into it. I want that back. I miss being strong. I have failed myself miserably.

I just don't know where to start. I keep trying to go back to basics. Health food, activity, counting calories but it's not happening for me. I don't know what I need either - do I need someone to call me fat? Do I need a work out buddy? Do I need to be bribed? Do I just need to give up completely? Cause i feel like that's where my subconscious is.. I start eating and then I think, well I'm not losing anyway, might as well have a fucking snack or fifteen. What's the difference?

It's brutal. I'm just another one of those people now who want to lose weight, complain about being overweight and continue to do the same shit that keeps me in the same spot. It's a hellish cycle. I want so badly to get out of it. I keep trying different shit, and it's tiring and frustrating and I feel mentally exhausted from all of this which is riduclous. But here I go again.

I've decided to cut out sugar for 30 days. My thinking behind this is that maybe by challenging myself for 30 days, abstaining from something that I need to work and mentally try to abstain from, that maybe it will get my head back in a good place for weight loss. I need to refocus SO badly.

So no sugar it is. No desserts, no bakery, no diet pop, know what. No junk food. No chips, no candy.. nada. It's on like Donkey Kong. It starts tomorrow.. cold turkz. Anyone with me? It definitely would be nice to have someone suffer with me ahah, is that bad? I am just always alone in this journey it seems (besides of course the online community I have) but it seems like it would be better if someone had the same goals as me in my real life -we could like.. team up against fat sort of thing aha. Aw well.

So here goes another attempt, another game plan, another refocus, another "its a new day". Better than "I'm giving in" and certainly better than the plan I came up with earlier this week to give up and find a man who has a fat girl fetish - they exist, i promise-, and live a miserable existant where I was atleast treated as a goddess for being chunky. Yeah.. probably not as good as it sounds.

Big Love,

Friday, August 24

Summers End Folk Festival

Today starts Summers End Folk Festival! SEFF was started by an islander and is in its 3rd season. I have usually been there to watch but this year, because I work at the restaurant that hosts, I will be working through it all. Since I will be pulling these crazy long days I will most definitely be missing from the blog world but I'm writing this to urge islanders (or anyone who can make it down in short notice) to come and check it out! The weather is amazing, Picaroons is here for your beer needs and the music is pretty darn good as well. I know I'm going to try to sneak a peek of Carly Maichers performance - she's a favorite. 
Come check it out and have an awesome weekend, everyone!

Big Love,

Tweet about it! @summersendfolk @bailj

Wednesday, August 22

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

This is my relationship with money.

"Wahh. I have no money."
"Ouh, I made some money, I should buy a new outfit...or eight"
"I should save all my money, and go somewhere. Yeah. I'll save it."
"What the heck? Money isn't going with me, might as well spend it.!"
"Well maybe I could save.. just in case.. and uhh, when I reach this much, THEN I will splurge and get that thing I want. Yeh That's what I'll do!"
"Ermagerd I have so many dollars"

Yeah. Bipolar money bitch - that's me. Lately it's been save, save, mcfucking save. Hence all the jobs, complaining and lack of blogging which you all know about. I'm currently saving up to travel and I'm doing a pretty good job of it. The downsides I have talked about but the one I left out is that I get weird about actually buying something. Clothes are something I don't really have an issue speding money's so bad, but if there is like an actual thing that could come into use 'm like "uhhhh errr...idk... lotsa money..". But I REALLY wanted an ipod so I set my sights on an ipod touch.

At the beginning of the summer my old ipod (like the first nano ever.. ) that I bought second hand for 40$ died on me. Who would've thought eh? I tried to revive it every day for three months a few times but decided that I could probably just invest in a new ipod. I knew I wanted an ipod touch cause its fancier and  can instagram (yeh, i'll say it.) My other thought was that if I'm gonna spend the money on a ipod I don't want one of those little bite sized ones which I could swallow fucking hole. What's the point?

So after going into The Source at least 10 times (they definitely thought I was planning a vandelism), looking online and finally reaching the money goal (oh right, did I tell you I told myself I had to save X amount of dollars before I would let myself buy one? psychoooo) I finally purchased it today and I was like a fucking kid in a candy store. SO PUMPED.

I came home and fiddled with it and gave it affection for like 2 hours before work, seriously. I was so excited. I texted my friends, (I face timed one actually - facetime..on an ipod.. THE FUTURE IS NOW PEOPLE) and they were probably like.. you're a fucking knob, but fuck.. I am so excited! This is my first real ipod because like I said, I'm a money psycho and I try to buy shit second hand or not at all before I will buy it new. My camera? 15$ second hand. My old ipod? 40$ second hand. Some of my clothes are second hand, my books are 90% second hand and if it were sanitary to buy left over make up second hand, you can probably place a good bet that I'd get in on it.

So yes, I just rambled about my new ipod for like 500 characters and if you don't like it.. then you're jealous, cause my ipod is newer and awesomer then yours. I just spent 225 fucking jabronies and I'm gonna milk it for all it's worth.

The most important thing about this Ipod whether I feel it or not is that, sadly enough, it will probably be more motivation for me to work out. You've heard me ramble on and on about how I rarely have the energy in my free time (lawl) to exercise but if I have music it instantly becomes like 10x easier for me personally. I need to start exercising again, it's crucial for my weight loss and my health, and I'm hoping this will help me a bit. I have plans to go for a big bike ride tomorrow so pray for me that it starts a new exercise revolution. I'm fat!

What do you guys like to splurge on? My main things I love to buy are clothes and make up (yeah, im a bit predictable) but some things I'd love to splurge on if I could would be a bike, a car (yeh right) and a short vacay somewhere! Let me know what you guys would like to splurge on these days.! xx

Big Love,
Bailey - May you someday have a job where you don't hope end of the world predictions come true

(I actually do love my job..well one of them lol)

Sunday, August 19

Kickin' It Old School

This weeks Sunday Social is all about what I was like as a teenager which I think is a pretty wicked and funny topic and will definitely bring out some interesting photos from everyone else involved. Before I answer the questions I urge you to visit one of my most read/popular posts - A Letter To Me : Dear Teenage Bailey because it contains a lot of good information and horrible pictures involving my adolescence.

1. What were you like in middle/high school? I was weird and I was involved, it's the two best things I can think of. I was very much myself and not interested in being like everyone else, I dressed weird, I acted weird and I didn't care too awful much. I was super involved in whatever I could be - student council was a huge part of my school years, I played volleyball, I played soccer in middle school, I was in Drama, I was trained in R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and Restorative Justice, I was my class Vice President and I tried to volunteer as often as I could.

Canadian Student Leadership Conference with my SRC crew. Such a fatty.

Kate and I paintin' up for volleyball in my sophomore year.

2. What were your favorite pass times? As soon as my friends started getting licenses- or just a car, not necessarily a license (ashley)-we pretty much just drove around all the time or hung out somewhere. That is partly because it was exciting to have friends with licenses and partly because there wasn't a ton to do outside of school and extra curricular on Grand Manan. After looking through my pictures I feel like we mostly just did weird shit, got ourselves into weird situations and out of boredom around here - spraypainting, weird hikes, climbing on boats, jumping off wharves, etc. My extracurriculars were pretty much a full time job in high school so I spent a lot of time at school after school was over. I liked it sometimes but looking back I would probably do it differently.

3. What songs were you obsessed with? I have always had a crazy interest in music, its all over the map, but in high school I was pretty into anything loud. I went to Warped Tour a few times and listened to a lot of screaming in my free time. I was into everything The Ramones to Nelly to Coheed and Cambria to Emery to Taylor Swift to Billy Talent to Destinys Child to Anti-Flag. I liked it all and I still do. But like everyone else I know, the best song from my teen years was clearly Teenage Dirtbag - weren't we all teenage dirtbags at one point?
the real teenage dirtbags

Jess and I at warped tour

4. What fashion statement do you look back on and cringe? Half sweaters/cardigans. WTF?! They were so stupid and just cut everyone off. I owned like 3 or 4.. why?!!

The girls all ready for Saras wedding... i mean all ready for prom

5. Who was your celeb crush? The lead singer of Billy Talent. I wanted his last name.

6. What were your favorite tv shows? I loved Americas Next Top Model, Gossip Girl and The Biggest Loser which I still watch out of the three. There were definitely more I just don't even remember aha. Considering I was in high school 3 years ago you'd think I would remember more of it.

The best part of high school was having amazing friends, most of whom I am still friends with today. I have talked a few times about the special relationships and bonds you can form from growing up in the same small town and living here for years and years. It's not always ideal but I am so thankful for the friendships I have from growing up on this little island.

What did you love most about high school? What is your best memory?

Big Love,

Saturday, August 18


I just shared this on my page and decided I wanted to share it on my blog. I posted this photo and the following text. Have an amazing weekend everyone! I'm off to my friends wedding today (my first real wedding where a friend is being married- im really growing up!) and enjoying my first day off in quite some time. Big love to you all! xo

This is true. I have not lost weight in 8 months but I have not given up either. If I had given up would have gained all the weight back. So even though i haven't lost weight, I haven't gained it back either and to me - that's progress considering how many times I've lost and gained before. If you are struggling with a plateau or just not able to lose weight, keep struggling because you are still doing better than those who are not trying. You can do it!

Wednesday, August 15

Like A Boss.

If there is anything I've been doing like a boss lately, it's waitressing. I work two waitressing jobs and I pet sit which is pretty much waitressing for animals. I dream about waitressing every single night now. How sad is that? My life is pathetic!

This is what I wanted this summer though- to work hard, save lots of money, never sleep, have zero social life and be able to leave in the fall and feel stable. My blog has suffered though, and for that I am sorry! I need to be up in about 7 hours but I just missed writing and I feel like I'm neglecting my readers so I wanted to check in very quickly.

For those of you who are new, whether it's on my facebook page or as a new (official or unofficial) follower - welcome! I hate that I am having such a huge amount of people joining and checking out my blog and I'm doing such a shit job at keeping up with it but I promise, it may be worth your wait when I actually get some free time.

If you haven't yet, make sure to get connected and follow my twitter, like my facebook page, friend me on MyFitnessPal or follow me on this page (to the right) with Google Friend Connect!

Thanks to all you loyal readers for sticking around even when I suck! Leave me a comment and let me know how you all are! I have been reading a few blogs lately but haven't had a ton of time to comment but just  know that i AM reading!

Big Love,

Ps. I had another doctors appt today which I promise to give updates on this weekend after another appt. Maybe I'm getting somewhere? Maybe I'm not aha.

Oh Look! A picture of that one night I had a social life in the past month!

Sunday, August 12

my #1 weakness.

 FOOD. Obviously my biggest weakness is food, it's pretty awesome and totally my biggest downfall. I eat for every reason in the book and I like almost every food in the book! So clearly this weeks Sunday Social is perfect for me as it revolves around-you guessed it - food.

1. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? I'm going to be a bit of a  cheater here and say pizza. Pizza is the best and can be eaten in a variety of ways - thin crust, thick crust, cheese crust, no crust and whatever toppings you want, nothing is out of the question anymore. Have you heard of peanut butter and bacon pizza? Apparently it's a real dish served at a restaurant, possibly more than one!

2. What's your guilty pleasure/comfort food? Chips. I don't struggle with them like I used to but I freaking love them and could just sit and eat them all day long!

3. What's the weirdest/craziest thing you've ever eaten? When I was a kid Diana and I went to the beach near her house, picked some wrinkles and just ate em.. right out of the shell. That's one of the weirdest. I've probably ate weirder things and with the shit they snuck into my food in Central America ..who knows!

4. What foods do you avoid at all costs? Olives. That's pretty much it. They disgust me! Other than that, I'm pretty good and even if i don't LOVE it, I will eat it to be polite or because I'm just plain hungry.

5. What meal reminds you of your childhood? Ahh..meals in general? Is that an option? Aha. I guess really I remember breakfast for dinner, having pancakes or eggs at dinner time cause it felt like such a treat!! aha .

What's your FAVORITE food and what food would you banish from the earth of you could??

Big sunday love,

my thoughts exactly.

Thursday, August 9


I wrote a post in February called 211. 211 was basically about how I had never been able to get under 212, I had never seen the number 211. I did reach 211 in February but since then, I have only gone as far as 208. I don't know what it is about the 208-214 region - my body just fucking loves it apparently. So I decided to discuss today how I still have never seen even a peak of 207, hasn't even flashed there to tease me and shot back up to 208 or 209. Frustrating!

I obviously hope to see see 207 this week after another good loss last week and reaching my lowest weight again, 208. I am proud to be back down and doing better and not be 5-8lbs up, but I really want to push past 208 and start losing actual new pounds again that I have never lost. Apparently that's a lot to ask but you wanna fucking believe that I'm going to keep pushing.

I seem to have found at least a portion of my old motivation. I've been active the last three days, yesterday I ran for the first time and even did some weights for the first time in ages. Actual months most likely-I'm pretty ashamed of that. My eating is pretty awesome lately though and if I want to keep motivated I have to celebrate things like that - the fact that I'm eating a ton of veggies, avoiding starchy foods, cutting back on my sweets and focusing on getting tons of fiber.

Will I see 207 this week? I'm not sure. As of now the scale isn't really acting like I will but you never know. Mark my words though, I will see it, whether it's this week, next week or 4 weeks from now. Hold me to it, people.

Before I sign off I just wanted to share what's been up with my eating. I think in another post I may or may not have mentioned about Bob Harpers Skinny Rules book. I liked all of his rules so I have been trying to stick with a lot of them because a lot of them are pretty paleo-oriented and I know that they make a lot of sense. Here are the top 10 (there are 20 altogether) that I really try to stick with for those of you looking for some tips :

1)Slash Intake of Refined Flours and Grains
2)Eat 30-50 Grams of Fiber every Day. ( records it for me and I usually end up around 35)
3)Eat apples and berries every single Day. So much fiber and antioxidants - definitely try for this since I love both!
4)Stop guessing about portion size and get it right - this is super big for me. I need to measure more!
5)Get rid of the white potatos. but i loves em so much...
6)Eat a real breakfast. It's great for your metabolism and it's such an easy one to skip but I always put in an effort to at least eat some blueberries or an apple. I usually have some yogurt and thats my dairy for the day.
7)Eat your vegetables. So important, I go veggie shopping a few times a week to make sure I have some floating around.
8)Sleep right. I have been trying to get enough sleep so that I'm not a zombie and because I know it makes me more likely to do a work out and is just generally good for my health, obviously.
9) Get rid of fasts foods and fried foods. So hard working at a restaurant but I'm really trying!
10)Plan one splurge meal a week. For me, this is important, or I binge. I have treats here and there, I have sweets a few times a week. Eventually I may be able to stop this but if I do it in in moderation i eat less because I will binge and go nuts if I deprive myself of it completely.

Google it and possibly buy the book - and then let me borrow it because i totally stole this information off the internet. :)

I'm headed to work but I just wanted to update quickly on whats up! Send me 207 vibes on Monday morning people, haha.

Do you have any awesome tips for weight loss that you think are over looked? I think splurge meals are over looked aha. I wonder why? I'm an idiot.

Big Love,

Wednesday, August 8

haters gon' hate.

It is Wednesday and I recall saying in this post how I wasn't really going to do many link ups anymore but I lied. I'm going to do a old fave, Oh How Pinteresting today. I wasn't going to blog at all but I have the afternoon/evening off and I'm doing what any regular person does on a beautiful day off -I'm pinning. So I thought why the fuck not!

I have been seeing a lot of pins with a  "stick it to the man", "fuck bitches" type spirit and some days there are people who I could slap around a bit. So I thought maybe my readers feel the same! A big lesson I need to learn is to not let other peoples insecurities and possibly psychopathic tendancies have an ill effect on me. Sometimes people try to bring you down with them and since I'm a little bitch at times, it can be easy to just let them drag me. Bitches be crazy, life lesson #1, but rising above it is necessary.

So I figured I'd inspire you to say "Fuck them!" with me today. Yeah.. kind of vulgar but sometimes bitches be crazy and we have to get it out of our system with a little pin session. :) You're welcome.

Ps. Tomorrow is a definite weight loss post coming your way. :) xx

Big Love,

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

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& just cause its funny as fuck...

Source: via Bree on Pinterest

Monday, August 6

Paleo's not THAT bad...

After all, if this is my lunch, do I really have something to complain about? Yum! What is your favorite paleo friendly treat? :)

Big Love,

Sunday, August 5

Anticipating Autumn

This weeks questions for Sunday Social are Fall-ish so it got me thinking about Fall. At first, I was all.. "why am I thinking about Fall - enjoy your summer now! While I am enjoying summer, this is probably the first year in a while that I will not be totally bummed to say adios to it.While I love the summer weather, having all my friends around and being busy with work, I am excited for the fall. Why, you ask? Well.. that's for another time but I promise it's exciting. Yes, I am leaving you hanging. ;) Onto the questions!

1. What is your favorite fall activity? Clearly Fall shopping! I plan to do a big ole shopping spree in October, hopefully will need some smaller sized clothes aha. I have been saying that for months but we shall see. The scale has been moving down the last two weeks so you never know! ;)

2. Do you follow a football team? If so, which one and why? Not really. Last season I tried to get into it more just simply because I didn't understand it and I was bored and thought maybe I should broaden my horizons. I didn't even know Canada had a football league until like a year ago, that's how interested I am in football aha. I would love to go to an actual game some day though and follow a team - I really like watching sports and cheering and being competitive.

3. What is something fun about fall in your area? Honestly, I don't even know. Fall begins when? The end of September? I feel like everything completes dies for Fall. In December the island gets a bit more exciting for a month because its Christmas and every place on earth is exciting at Christmas but fall here is bullshit. I can't think of one thing. Grand Mananers - help me think of something!!

4. Favorite fall outfit staples? This fall I hope to get a cute pair of boots that aren't too wintery and I love me some cardigans and light sweaters! I also love jackets and I'm hoping to have some money tucked away for some cute fall stuff!

5. Things you are looking forward to in this coming fall season? Getting out of here! Mucho excitement heading my way - check back for details :D

6. Favorite fall holiday? Traditions? I'd say Halloween. I think its fun and I love dressing up and seeing everyone else's way better ideas for costumes aha. Thanksgiving is always a bust for me, I've spent the last like 5 alone and my family always ditches me lol. Turkey is some kinda good though and my girl Cassie has hooked me up more than once on Thanksgiving! I still dream about the pumpkin pie she bought me last thanksgiving!

And I totally just remembered that I still have to finish my July Blogging Challenge. So I will do that but before I do I really want to urge you to visit Peanut Butter and Jenny. Her blog is amazing and she is always making me think and tear up and laugh.. it's just an all around great blog! Last question for the blogging challenge (cant believe its over and its august holy fuck!)

July 30 Explain your morning routine. Well, I usually work at 7am. I am a lazy fuck and since I work until 10 or 11 some nights, I pretty much sleep right until 6:45, I get up, put on my clothes, wash my face, brush my teeth and go to work. I serve breakfast for about 3 hours, come home, and nap again. It's totally abnormal lol

So that's that. July Blog Challenge complete! Lately I have been feeling good about writing and having all kinds of ideas in my head and really writing more from my heart.  I am really happy with my last few posts and have been getting some amazing feed back from you guys! This makes me super happy! I'm also moving right up there in followers which is exciting (and means we are getting closer to having a giveaway at 200 followers yeehaww).

 So I'm glad the July Challenge is over in a way because I want to focus more on writing real posts and less on link ups. I love doing the Sunday Social because I get introduced to so many other blogs, so I will continue to do that when I see fit. I'm also going to do a health link up at All In My Twenties  so that I can be encouraged and motivated by other bloggers who are looking to lose weight or get healthy. I also need my mind to be more health oriented and the blogs I write in general about my weight loss journey will be the blogs that I use for Inspire Me: Healthy, just me doing my own thing, not answering questions. I think if I know my readers at all you appreciate this more than other link ups. (read my first post for that link up HERE.)

All In My Twenties

Anywho, it is time for Big Brother, my one true love, so I shall jet! I hope everyone had a fabulous New Brunswick Day Weekend - I totally did :) May be able to share some photos with ya'll at some point. Have a happy Monday tomorrow!

Big Love,

Thursday, August 2

love your real body.

What do you think of this photo? I saw it floating around on Pinterest and as soon as I saw it I knew I would have something to say about it. What I have to say may surprise people though. Clearly, the point of this picture first of all is to create a bit of like "shock value" i would suppose. It wants you to think  that Victorias Secret is telling you that you can only "love your body" if you are a skeletor victorias secret model (and wearing their brand may help). And is it just me or do they look especially emaciated in this picture? I didn't know VS models looked that skinny until now. ANYWAYS.  The the dove campaign tells you that you are a "real" woman if you are curvy. I think the aim is good here, they mean well, but there is still something very wrong with this picture.

What is wrong with this picture is that there is basically only one type of body in the dove campaign as well and its sending the same message - there is only ONE body type that is beautiful or ONE body type that you can love. It is just as bad in my opinion. Can girls who are naturally skinny not be real and beautiful? Can women with curves, or flat chests or thick legs not love their bodies like a victorias secret model supposedly would?

Seeing this picture brought me back to the first time I saw this photo.

There was a lot of people upset at this photo and I felt quite alone in the fact that, even as a bigger girl, I totally agreed. The only issue I have with this photo is all the comments I see posted after it online like "so sick of fattitude, so sick of women who love their rolls, fatties need to recognize." What the fuck. I think that sort of takes away from what the author is getting at. I do understand the point she is making-I don't think we should call skinny girls anorexic or tell them to gain weight nor should they tell us to lose weight. No one should tell anyone what to be and no one should care or criticize when it comes to another persons weight. We should all be supporting each other and accepting everyone's beauty, no matter how similar or different it is to our own. Just because you like to keep yourself thin, does not mean you should judge a woman who likes to work out and tone up. Nor should a woman who is naturally curvy and loving it look down her nose at a woman who maintains a slender figure.

We are our own worst enemies. Women blame men for having unrealistic expectations for our bodies, we blame the media, we blame victorias secret for fucks sakes. We should blame ourselves. We are hard on ourselves an we are hard on other women. We always want to be what we aren't. The sooner we accept ourselves and learn to love our bodies and stop criticizing others, the sooner we all become a bit happier. So let's combine both campaigns - love your real body, however your real body may look.

What is your opinion? 

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