Thursday, August 30


So as I mentioned here, for like an hour, I purchased an Ipod touch last week. I am still getting used to it and surprised daily at all the shit I can do as long as I have a bit of wifi. One of my favorite parts is Instragram - so very exciting. I haven't done much instagramming yet-mostly because I'm not that interesting-but this morning (at 5 fucking 30)I decided I would take my Ipod to work in hopes of finding something interesting to photograph. 

This may seem weird-the whole searching for instagrammable shit at work thing- but if you knew where I worked you may understand. My full time job is at a regular restaurant but my part time job is serving breakfast in a hotel dining room. This hotel is not just any hotel though, it's older than you, me, and your grandfather combined and I was pretty sure I could find something (with my very unartistic and super unphotographical mind - yes thats a word) worth instagramming. I also thought it would be fun to share a bit of my work life with you so you can see what keeps me from blogging lately. 

Just to warn everyone - I don't care much about photography. I'm not good at taking pictures, I have never owned a nice camera and I certainly know nothing about angles or lighting or any of that shit so these photos are not meant to be extremely nice or anything. Someone with an eye for photography may consider the marathon photography gold or at least instragram gold (#instagold helllloo) but my photos are nothing special.

This first photo is just my way of being overly dramatic about the fact that I had to be up so ridiculously early. It was dark out and extremely fucking cold for still being August.. like 2 degrees cold. 

The creepy photo of a girl that is broken and creepy and hangs in the dining room and watches over me. So not okay.
Oh Hey Breakfast!
Weird artifacts from God knows when just chilling in the lobby.
A view from the first floor of the main building out onto the veranda. I love our chairs.
FLURS! not even edited...yeh.. im that good.
1/3rd of the dining room. Very old school. Nice wall paper eh? Clearly hasn't been updated in a while
 Last but not least I love this little creation and I wish I knew who made it. It's hanging up out on the side of the building. Guess we decided to ham it up and adorn everything with fishing parapheralia on top of being the oldest creepiest hotel in Canada. Just can't settle.

At first my thoughts were that I could do a "day in the life" post for you guys but that will have to be a different day because today isn't a typical one for me. I usually get up at 6:30 for those shifts, not 5:30 and normally I would go to work at noon at the other restaurant but its my day off there so I get to go out and do normal human things like go to the beach (which I did). YAY!

So that was fun :) I had a great day. On top of that, I've been having a good few days since writing my post about being in a pretty low place when it comes to my health. I'm going on three days of No Junk and I'm headed to the gym for the 3rd day in a row since writing that post. Good stuff. Big thanks to my friend Samantha from CSLC a million years ago who sent me a motivating message on facebook that day! It got me off my ass and into the gym. I now have a new membership and I'm much more focused. Amen. I hope it lasts!

What pushes you to get back into eating healthy and exercising when you have fallen off the wagon? Let me know.

Big Love,


  1. Cool pics! Everything looks better grainy and over saturated!

  2. I love seeing pics from other parts of the world and seeing a glimpse into other peoples lives.

  3. I loved that you stopped by a Pearl Kind of Girl! stop by more often!

  4. I love those pictures. Except the creepy painting one. I hate it. I will have nightmares tonight, no doubt. And sometimes it takes a lot to get me off my ass, but usually having a workout buddy helps. A lot!


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