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Kickin' It Old School

This weeks Sunday Social is all about what I was like as a teenager which I think is a pretty wicked and funny topic and will definitely bring out some interesting photos from everyone else involved. Before I answer the questions I urge you to visit one of my most read/popular posts - A Letter To Me : Dear Teenage Bailey because it contains a lot of good information and horrible pictures involving my adolescence.

1. What were you like in middle/high school? I was weird and I was involved, it's the two best things I can think of. I was very much myself and not interested in being like everyone else, I dressed weird, I acted weird and I didn't care too awful much. I was super involved in whatever I could be - student council was a huge part of my school years, I played volleyball, I played soccer in middle school, I was in Drama, I was trained in R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and Restorative Justice, I was my class Vice President and I tried to volunteer as often as I could.

Canadian Student Leadership Conference with my SRC crew. Such a fatty.

Kate and I paintin' up for volleyball in my sophomore year.

2. What were your favorite pass times? As soon as my friends started getting licenses- or just a car, not necessarily a license (ashley)-we pretty much just drove around all the time or hung out somewhere. That is partly because it was exciting to have friends with licenses and partly because there wasn't a ton to do outside of school and extra curricular on Grand Manan. After looking through my pictures I feel like we mostly just did weird shit, got ourselves into weird situations and out of boredom around here - spraypainting, weird hikes, climbing on boats, jumping off wharves, etc. My extracurriculars were pretty much a full time job in high school so I spent a lot of time at school after school was over. I liked it sometimes but looking back I would probably do it differently.

3. What songs were you obsessed with? I have always had a crazy interest in music, its all over the map, but in high school I was pretty into anything loud. I went to Warped Tour a few times and listened to a lot of screaming in my free time. I was into everything The Ramones to Nelly to Coheed and Cambria to Emery to Taylor Swift to Billy Talent to Destinys Child to Anti-Flag. I liked it all and I still do. But like everyone else I know, the best song from my teen years was clearly Teenage Dirtbag - weren't we all teenage dirtbags at one point?
the real teenage dirtbags

Jess and I at warped tour

4. What fashion statement do you look back on and cringe? Half sweaters/cardigans. WTF?! They were so stupid and just cut everyone off. I owned like 3 or 4.. why?!!

The girls all ready for Saras wedding... i mean all ready for prom

5. Who was your celeb crush? The lead singer of Billy Talent. I wanted his last name.

6. What were your favorite tv shows? I loved Americas Next Top Model, Gossip Girl and The Biggest Loser which I still watch out of the three. There were definitely more I just don't even remember aha. Considering I was in high school 3 years ago you'd think I would remember more of it.

The best part of high school was having amazing friends, most of whom I am still friends with today. I have talked a few times about the special relationships and bonds you can form from growing up in the same small town and living here for years and years. It's not always ideal but I am so thankful for the friendships I have from growing up on this little island.

What did you love most about high school? What is your best memory?

Big Love,


  1. thanks for stopping by! i am completely guilty of blearing backstreet boys, especially when my fiancé is in the car! he sings along too ;) sometimes...

  2. I agree the best part of high school was having amazing friends! It is also the best part of college...great to experience and share memories with amazing people!

    Now following your blog!
    Look forward to continue reading. :)


    1. It is the best!! I've always thought that it's not where you are, it's who you're with!

  3. Very cute - and I am now a follower~

  4. this made me think of when i was at high school (not really that long ago!) and all the stupid stuff I got up to with my friends!
    I love you're blog! I'm a new follower :)


  5. Very cute Bailey, I can't look back at photos and not cringe!
    A mouth full of braces and running around in denim skits with skate shoes GAHHH not something I want to remember ha ha!

    1. Hahaha - i didn't have braces but i definitely rocked some skate shoes in my day!

  6. What a great post! Love learning more about you and your past. The pictures are too cute for words.

    My high school days were so long ago. I remember we played with rocks and threw spears at dinosaurs...

    1. Hahaha, cmon!! Thanks for the lovely comment!

  7. Lawdy, I couldn't wait to get out of high school! :-)

    1. same! and now that i'm out, i still wouldn't go back! life after high school is better, even when its shit.

  8. I didn't really enjoy school. I wasn't bullied or anything, the school just sucked. It was full of boys wanted to fight each other and cause trouble, our teachers would give up on us and class was pretty dull.

    I did enjoy the friendships I made and it taught me a lot of common sense, something a lot of people don't have today!

    Great pictures and thanks for sharing your memories.

    1. Yeh my school kinda sucked as well! People were lame..not all of em, but some of em. The sad part is that those people still loiter in this town and are just as lame if not lamer. I just keep getting cooler like you would expect lol

  9. Oh my gosh I love the biggest loser...I dont know if I remember it in highschool thought....and I use to just love to drive around with my friends and really just do nothing but find trouble!! Oh lord if my kids are half the trouble I was I am in deep shit!

    1. Hahah if my kids are half as sassy as I was, Im gonna have to slap em!

  10. hey there! newest follower to your cute blog! love your blog design! oh high school. such a plethora of feelings i have for that time in my life... your happy, but then again your not happy... striving for independence yet still so young. i enjoyed college alot more haha!
    cant wait to read more and would love if you followed back!


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