Wednesday, August 22

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

This is my relationship with money.

"Wahh. I have no money."
"Ouh, I made some money, I should buy a new outfit...or eight"
"I should save all my money, and go somewhere. Yeah. I'll save it."
"What the heck? Money isn't going with me, might as well spend it.!"
"Well maybe I could save.. just in case.. and uhh, when I reach this much, THEN I will splurge and get that thing I want. Yeh That's what I'll do!"
"Ermagerd I have so many dollars"

Yeah. Bipolar money bitch - that's me. Lately it's been save, save, mcfucking save. Hence all the jobs, complaining and lack of blogging which you all know about. I'm currently saving up to travel and I'm doing a pretty good job of it. The downsides I have talked about but the one I left out is that I get weird about actually buying something. Clothes are something I don't really have an issue speding money's so bad, but if there is like an actual thing that could come into use 'm like "uhhhh errr...idk... lotsa money..". But I REALLY wanted an ipod so I set my sights on an ipod touch.

At the beginning of the summer my old ipod (like the first nano ever.. ) that I bought second hand for 40$ died on me. Who would've thought eh? I tried to revive it every day for three months a few times but decided that I could probably just invest in a new ipod. I knew I wanted an ipod touch cause its fancier and  can instagram (yeh, i'll say it.) My other thought was that if I'm gonna spend the money on a ipod I don't want one of those little bite sized ones which I could swallow fucking hole. What's the point?

So after going into The Source at least 10 times (they definitely thought I was planning a vandelism), looking online and finally reaching the money goal (oh right, did I tell you I told myself I had to save X amount of dollars before I would let myself buy one? psychoooo) I finally purchased it today and I was like a fucking kid in a candy store. SO PUMPED.

I came home and fiddled with it and gave it affection for like 2 hours before work, seriously. I was so excited. I texted my friends, (I face timed one actually - facetime..on an ipod.. THE FUTURE IS NOW PEOPLE) and they were probably like.. you're a fucking knob, but fuck.. I am so excited! This is my first real ipod because like I said, I'm a money psycho and I try to buy shit second hand or not at all before I will buy it new. My camera? 15$ second hand. My old ipod? 40$ second hand. Some of my clothes are second hand, my books are 90% second hand and if it were sanitary to buy left over make up second hand, you can probably place a good bet that I'd get in on it.

So yes, I just rambled about my new ipod for like 500 characters and if you don't like it.. then you're jealous, cause my ipod is newer and awesomer then yours. I just spent 225 fucking jabronies and I'm gonna milk it for all it's worth.

The most important thing about this Ipod whether I feel it or not is that, sadly enough, it will probably be more motivation for me to work out. You've heard me ramble on and on about how I rarely have the energy in my free time (lawl) to exercise but if I have music it instantly becomes like 10x easier for me personally. I need to start exercising again, it's crucial for my weight loss and my health, and I'm hoping this will help me a bit. I have plans to go for a big bike ride tomorrow so pray for me that it starts a new exercise revolution. I'm fat!

What do you guys like to splurge on? My main things I love to buy are clothes and make up (yeah, im a bit predictable) but some things I'd love to splurge on if I could would be a bike, a car (yeh right) and a short vacay somewhere! Let me know what you guys would like to splurge on these days.! xx

Big Love,
Bailey - May you someday have a job where you don't hope end of the world predictions come true

(I actually do love my job..well one of them lol)


  1. Hello,
    Nice post :D
    Your blog is very good!
    Would you like to follow eachother?


  2. For me right now, it's all about splurging on new, SMALLER clothes, babe. iPods & electronic gadgets can take a backseat, for now. :-)

  3. Hilarious post. I just went through the same thing after breaking into my savings to be a Kobo Vox e-reader. I am pretty pumped about it. Now I am contemplating breaking in again for a new $200 pair of Asics, in the hopes that like your iPod, I will be motivated to put them on my feet and get moving my ass. Fingers crossed :)

  4. I felt the same way when I bought my iPod back in February. I am definately addicted to shopping. Especially clothes shopping, omg the amount of money I could spend. And I adore buying stuff for my kids to. Last year I dropped a grand on Christmas presents. A GRAND. And that was just on the kids, that's not everyone else I had to buy for. I'm an addict and I know it


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