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love your real body.

What do you think of this photo? I saw it floating around on Pinterest and as soon as I saw it I knew I would have something to say about it. What I have to say may surprise people though. Clearly, the point of this picture first of all is to create a bit of like "shock value" i would suppose. It wants you to think  that Victorias Secret is telling you that you can only "love your body" if you are a skeletor victorias secret model (and wearing their brand may help). And is it just me or do they look especially emaciated in this picture? I didn't know VS models looked that skinny until now. ANYWAYS.  The the dove campaign tells you that you are a "real" woman if you are curvy. I think the aim is good here, they mean well, but there is still something very wrong with this picture.

What is wrong with this picture is that there is basically only one type of body in the dove campaign as well and its sending the same message - there is only ONE body type that is beautiful or ONE body type that you can love. It is just as bad in my opinion. Can girls who are naturally skinny not be real and beautiful? Can women with curves, or flat chests or thick legs not love their bodies like a victorias secret model supposedly would?

Seeing this picture brought me back to the first time I saw this photo.

There was a lot of people upset at this photo and I felt quite alone in the fact that, even as a bigger girl, I totally agreed. The only issue I have with this photo is all the comments I see posted after it online like "so sick of fattitude, so sick of women who love their rolls, fatties need to recognize." What the fuck. I think that sort of takes away from what the author is getting at. I do understand the point she is making-I don't think we should call skinny girls anorexic or tell them to gain weight nor should they tell us to lose weight. No one should tell anyone what to be and no one should care or criticize when it comes to another persons weight. We should all be supporting each other and accepting everyone's beauty, no matter how similar or different it is to our own. Just because you like to keep yourself thin, does not mean you should judge a woman who likes to work out and tone up. Nor should a woman who is naturally curvy and loving it look down her nose at a woman who maintains a slender figure.

We are our own worst enemies. Women blame men for having unrealistic expectations for our bodies, we blame the media, we blame victorias secret for fucks sakes. We should blame ourselves. We are hard on ourselves an we are hard on other women. We always want to be what we aren't. The sooner we accept ourselves and learn to love our bodies and stop criticizing others, the sooner we all become a bit happier. So let's combine both campaigns - love your real body, however your real body may look.

What is your opinion? 


  1. *clap clap*... I once posted the "real men like curves, bones are for dogs" thing. A skinny cousin of mine gave me shit. I had never really realized before how judgmental that stuff is. I know a few naturally skinny people, they're definitely not "not REAL women".

  2. *sigh* This subject makes me so sad.

    The VS women look awful. Unhealthy.

    I agree with you that women bear some responsibility for this situation. Women internalize bad ideas about bodies and then impose those ideas on other women. Men, to be honest, don't care so much about how a woman looks as long as she's cheerful and open to play. I wish we could all move past this and concentrate on people's individuality instead.

  3. I totally agree with what you are saying Bailey - Love this post!

  4. they're both beautiful in their own ways, i actually like both for different reasons
    Xo Megan

  5. I, too, saw this pic pop up in my FB feed yesterday. My first reaction actually shocked the poo out of me.

    For the first time, I thought, "Those curvy girls are hotter than those tiny model-models."

    Let me first say that I have always, always, ALWAYS preferred skinny gals to curvy gals. Why? I've longed to be a skinny gal. I've longed to not have my monster hips and to look good in ANYTHING. So...I've always flocked to the skinnier groups of chicks because they visually appeal to me better...because it's my ideal (that I'll never obtain because, let's face it, I'm a curvy gal). Heck, I am also a "thinspiration" whore.

    However, this comparison seriously through me for a loop. For the first time in my life, I said, "Holy cow! Those curves look SO much better than those sticks!"

    I think I've been looking at it all wrong. I think having those two different types of bodies next to each other made it clear to me that...well...curves ARE better.

    I still can't wrap my mind around it either. Haha!

  6. Hey Bailey. Nice post. What makes me sick and this coming from a "skinny" person aka "bones" are the campaigns and/or comments of anybody. "Real women have curves". I guess Im not real. I come from a skinny gene pool. My mother was a model and both photos have been retouched by the way, Its protocol. I love your viewpoint and this post and I applaud you for seeing both body types are REAL women. I also workout for my health and I dont want to be "skinny fat" I want healthy muscle to keep my body and my bones strong for now and when Im older to ward of aging health issues. I struggle to gain weight and maintain it. While others struggle to lose it and maintain it. I am thin and I like being thin, I have been this way my whole life and I have an hourglass waist. Which surprises most people especially seamstresses. So according to the judges out there I guess as long as I have curves I must be a real girl. Not a wooden toy like Pinocchio. One of my favorite quotes is "Judging a person does not define who they defines who you are". Sincerely again great post bailey, I agree with your viewpoint. We are all REAL women, love who you are and dont let society or others make you feel inferior or judge others. much love girlie. xoxo

  7. Bravo! I love how you said to "combine the two campaigns" because that's exactly what should happen. Yes, curvy women are beautiful and so are thinner women, but the most beautiful of all are healthy women.

  8. I feel like I've been somewhat on both ends of the spectrum here. I used to be so skinny in high school and college that people made up stories and spread rumors about me. I was naturally skinny, a VERY late bloomer and a dancer. I cried all the time from the bullies and tried to force myself to eat crap food to try to gain weight.

    Now, since graduating college and starting my career journey, I've gained more weight than I cared to! Overall, though - I've learned that we just have to love ourselves and accept ourselves as we are. I'm not going to starve myself to be thin, but I'm not going to eat as poorly as I have in recent years.

    I agree with you; there's got to be a "healthy" movement! No one is perfect, and those skinny girls up there make me want to donate my lunch meal to them. lol. Everyone's healthy look is different and that's just fine. But when will healthy be sexy?

    Love your post!

  9. Bailey, amen sistah! I absolutely adore this post.

  10. I totally agree with everything you said. We all need to focus on being healthy and loving ourselves, no matter what shape or size we come in, and STOP criticizing and/or being envious of other women. If we could all just learn to love ourselves and respect each other, the world would be a better place.

  11. Love love love what you have to say about this. I call myself a little curvy girl...I'm small, and "thin" by most comparisons...but I'm still curve...I've got a butt and opinion on it all is we all were given the body we have. we were all born prone to be one thing or another..some of us ladies are born with the tendency to gain weight fast, or for it all to go to our hips (hollerrrrr, hahaha), and some of us were born to be tall and skinny like taylor swift. I get on myself sometimes for having "big" thighs...and think "You need to run more, and target those babies to get em to thin the heck out!" but then I realize...there's not much fat's mostly muscle, and it's not going anywhere..that's my tendency. I wish ladies would just focus on being healthy and fit - not skinny or overweight. Healthy is the most beautiful you girl!

  12. I agree with you whole heartedly. I'm a bigger girl, but I think that it is just as offensive to tell somebody to put on weight as it is to tell someone to lose some.
    It's important to be healthy, both in mind and body and towards each other x

    Jorden (WW Link Up Member)

  13. I LOOOOOVE this post! I'm one of those girls that has been super skinny their entire life. It hurts my feelings when I hear people talking about how "real" women have curves. Trust me, I wish more than anything I had curves. But I don't. I have a pancake ass & mosquito bite boobies. It aint cute! I remember one time in high school we were learning about BMI in health. We all had to calculate our own BMIs, and someone saw that my score was considered underweight & yelled it out to the entire class. Almost every single girl in the class started telling me how I needed a cheeseburger, and one bitch told me that "nobody wants a skinny ass white girl." WHAT THE FUCK, seriously. I never tried to be that light, I just didn't start keeping weight on til my college years. I couldn't believe I was being attacked by other GIRLS about something that was out of my control. But anyway, I'm glad that you appreciate that EVERY body type can be considered beautiful! :) I 110% agree.

    1. That is so unfair, those girls are bitches! I have been the girl telling my skinny friend to eat a cheeseburger and usually it was out of genuine concern (because as we know, some girls really do not eat) but sometimes jealousy gets the best of us!


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