Saturday, August 18


I just shared this on my page and decided I wanted to share it on my blog. I posted this photo and the following text. Have an amazing weekend everyone! I'm off to my friends wedding today (my first real wedding where a friend is being married- im really growing up!) and enjoying my first day off in quite some time. Big love to you all! xo

This is true. I have not lost weight in 8 months but I have not given up either. If I had given up would have gained all the weight back. So even though i haven't lost weight, I haven't gained it back either and to me - that's progress considering how many times I've lost and gained before. If you are struggling with a plateau or just not able to lose weight, keep struggling because you are still doing better than those who are not trying. You can do it!

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  1. Wise words! I've not lost weight in 8 months either but like you said, that's 8 months without a gain. #Win


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