Sunday, September 30

Reader Appreciation?

How do you guys feel about a reader appreciation giveaway? I'm anxious to do a giveaway because I want to do something fun for you guys who have been here reading my craziness week after week. I also wanted to do it for 200 followers because it's such a huge and awesome achievement in my little life (that i cant quite seem to get to!!) and I am absolutely pumped. 2000 followers giveaway? Boring! 200 is exciting enough for me!!

 I'm getting a little prize together with some of my favourite things for the winner. Unfortunately I don't know if I will get to 200 before I leave (23 days!) and I really want to get it done before then.  I figured maybe I will just call it Reader Appreciation because whether its 188 or 200, I still love and appreciate you all. There won't be rules to entering the contest but I do want it to be aimed more at my readers as it is reader appreciation so those of you who actually FOLLOW will be able to have a lot more chances to enter and win. There will still be once chance per reader who isn't an official follower.

Anywho, I like winning stuff so I'm sure you guys are down with it but I just wanted to see if this seemed cool. Reader Appreciation Giveaway - I like the sounds of it.

I haven't updated in a few days but I saw something the other day that caught my eye. It said 'Don't blog because you haven't in a few days or you feel like you should. Blog when you have something to say'. I wish my blogs could be more consistent but I would rather them be good when they are good and maybe a little sporadic then be up every day, be boring and useless (maybe a little like this one? aha) and feel like a chore. It's not fair to me or my readers.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, ladies and gents.
Big Love,

Wednesday, September 26

I'm Taking Over The World!!

Okay maybe not the world.. but I'm Taking Over the Internet!! Okay.. no..not that either. I created a pin for my blog though so.. I'm pretty much getting to be like a social networkin guru, right? Yeah, 187 followers.. I guess I'm not TOTALLY rocking the social network thing but I've been blowing up twitter and I'm giving it a good honest effort. So anywho! Peanut Butter and Jenny created a Sponsor Button for me (which I get to put on other peoples blogs - more on that later) and I decided to turn it into a pin because maybe if it's floating around on there..someone will find the blog and like it. You never know. So here it is!

What do you think? That is the actual PIN so you can click it and repin which you should do if you love me!


I'm also quite the tweeter so if you're on the twitter scene and I am not yet following you/you are not yet following me then we should change that and hook up over thurr. my tweet handle or whatever the fuck they call it is @bailj #superoriginal see what i did there? yeh. hashtags shouldn't be used outside of twitter. i know.

Other then that you guys know that I also have my facebook page for Being Bailey J and you can always follow me on here. In fact, if you don't, and you read, I REALLY wish you would! I'm 13 followers away from 200 and it's just so painful waiting to get there aha. I'M SO EXCITED! & I've been waiting months to be able to do a 200 followers giveaway. So please follow if you have time - it shall only take you a fraction of a second.

So now that we are all hooked up on the interwebs.. did you guys hear about the bacon shortage that is apparently inevitable? I'm shitting my pants!! 

Big Love,

Tuesday, September 25

calling all readers!

I want to hear from you! I'm very curious about who reads my blog because there are many of you who never comment or leave any traces that you were ever here - but i want to know! I want to know who you are, and what you do and if you write and what you think of this ole slice of blog heaven. Okay..maybe not heaven but it's a slice of something.

I found this little reader questionnaire on Neelys blog and I wanted to get my readers in on the action too! So take 5 minutes from facebook, twitter, pinterest or your job (who needs a job anyway) and answer for me :) I will get back to you/your blogs asap :)

Who are you?  

Do you blog, too? Leave me your link!  I want to follow you!

Do you remember how you found my blog? A link-up? Another blog?

How long have you been reading?

What keeps you coming back to my blog?
What would you like to see me blog about more?

What is something we have in common?

Tell me a fun fact about yourself!


big love,

and also. this made me laugh. 

Monday, September 24

i want it back.

I miss the days when I looked forward to a 90 minute gym session. I was working 30 hours a week and literally didn't have a single friend on the island back then. Life can get in the way.

I miss when I knew exactly what to eat, and how much to lose weight in a week. 9 months of constipation, stomach pain and one ovarian cyst later, I have realized that sometimes you have to work with the situation your body gives you.

I miss the feeling of a good loss after a a good week. The feeling of maintaining my weight doesn't feel horrible though.

I miss the passion and the drive to do what I had to do to lose weight. I also know that that just sort of hit me one day and it is not something that is easy to get back. Hell, a lot of people never find it in the first place.

I will lose the rest of this weight. Maybe no today but I will. Today I am choosing to be focused on the fact that I am not this girl anymore.

I want all those things back. I want to be a weight loss machine. Apparently I don't want it bad enough yet because I've been stalled for 9 months now. But that's the way it is. I am happy that I will never go back to that weight. I will never go back to the struggles that 251 entailed. 208 or 212 or whatever my body chooses to rest at these days isn't fun and it's far from where I want to be, it brings it's own struggles. 251 was worse though and I would choose to be here forever than to ever go back to 251.

Bottom line : I'm happier with myself, I'm happier with my body and I'm still no going to give up.

Big Love,

Wednesday, September 19

i believe

 I believe in the existence of true love.
I believe in being corny if it's how you feel.
I believe in bear hugs (w/  absolutely anyone). 
I believe cupcakes truly help heal broken hearts.
I believe in equality.
I believe in being true to yourself. 
I believe in telling the people you love that you love em.. every chance you get.
I believe in laughing things off.
I believe in second chances.
I believe that every person that comes into your life has something to teach you.
I believe in not taking ourselves too seriously.
I believe in being there for friends & family even when they shit the bed.

I believe in doing what you love whether other people like it or not.
I believe dancing freely, without caring what anyone thinks is a drug of its own.  
I believe in something more than living and dying
I believe in natural beauty in this fake society. 

I believe that surprises create the best happy tears ever.
I believe in farting around your boyfriend. 
I believe in virginity even when you're the only one.
I believe in doing whats right for you.
I believe that letting go is liberating
I believe in doing something scary regularly. 
I believe in forgiveness.
I believe in acceptance
 I believe in living and loving life. 

What do you believe? Join me at Living In Yellow for the new I Believe link up.

Monday, September 17

10 Steps To Bringing A Girl Home

10. Don't brush your teeth before the bar. Nothing turns a girl on more than the mystery behind wondering what animal took a shit in your mouth before you came to the bar.

9. Make like Pitbull and "if you don't know her name - call her Bojangles". If you can't remember Bojangles just use your girlfriends name, your booty calls name..whatever works best for you. I don't like when you feel like you have to remember one measly name for a night at the bar - Bailey can be complicated and I don't mind being Britney for a few hours.

8. Try to dance with every single one of my friends, and all the other girls in the bar in plain eye sight then make your way to me. You're clearly just trying to make me jealous, right?.........right?

7. Don't even offer to buy me a drink before asking me what I'm doing after the bar closes. In fact - ask if you can have money to buy yourself one - I like that you've been unemployed for a few years, who needs a job when you still live with your mom!

6. Wear enough cologne that I can smell you come into the bar from the top floor and dancing with you puts me on the brink of Anaphylaxis.

5. Please gel your frosted tips the afternoon of and wash your freshest graphic Ed Hardy tee with all the jewels. That way I can pick you out as the biggest douche in the entire place and skip the small talk - I wanna head to your place asap.

4. Mention your "open relationship" with your girlfriend who clearly has no idea how open her relationship actually is. It will make you seem trendy and open minded and I'm very down with that.

3. Make sure to touch me totally inappropriately before you even say Hello. I hate small talk so having complete strangers grope me to Chris Browns latest hit was just what I came to the bar for.

2. Furthermore, I love surprises so sneak attacks to attempt to anally penetrate me when I'm dancing with my friends and least expecting it is the #1 trick to get this girl home!

1. Don't treat me with any dignity or respect or as if I'm a human at all. That way I know that you will definitely treat me like a lady later that night! 

After spending an awesome weekend with my friends dancing and drinking I was inspired to write this. You would think that maybe I had a bad experience this weekend when in fact I didn't at all - I had a blast and my faith in normal guys was restored. I danced with one guy who was super nice, fun and didn't try to give me a Pap Test on the dance floor.

Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. Sometimes guys are just absolutely ridiculous at bars. They think they can just do whatever they wish without our consent. Maybe its our faults for wearing short skirts and dancing "provocatively" but I don't go up to a guy who is dressed up and dancing and pull down his pants. So please guys - stop pulling up our skirts on the dance floor! Not cool! Just because a few sluts have let you do it does not mean every girl at the bar wishes to be treated that way. It takes a special kind of fucked up girl to let that shit fly.

I actually don't get approached by guys who want to take me home often so don't take this post as a over confident chat about all the guys who try to bring me home after the bar. In fact - it's pretty rare. The truth is that guys definitely are a bit aggressive at bars these days and after having a really good weekend I thought I'd crack a few jokes about the douche bags that can ruin bars for those of us who just want to dance and have a good time.

I want to hear your crazy bar stories! What was the craziest shit that ever happened to you at a bar? I should definitely whip out some stories.

Big Love,

Sunday, September 16

all you need is love?

Sometimes, most times, yes - all you need is love. But sometimes all you need is a shopping, jacks pizza, a cute oufit, good friends, pornstar shots and some good tunes. This was my first weekend off in a month and maybe the only chance I have to get off the island before I head to California next month. So I got on the first ferry Saturday morning with Bevas in tow and we hit freddy.

We did some shopping then got together with some girl friends (Courtney, Maddy, Alex, etc) had some drinks and hit the First Class Bash at the university. I had a freakin' blast. I found a guy who was super fun to dance with, didn't try to take me home or touch me inappropriately - score! The drinks were cheap (like as in I got a round of shots for my group of 9 for 13$ WTF) and the music was absolutely wicked!

I really needed this. I don't have much time for anything right now as work is crazy and has been all summer. Time for my blog (and I promise this is changing in a month) and seeing friends over the summer was not super frequent. I barely even saw my parents and I live with them. It was nice to have a few days to myself this weekend (or at least away from work and the island) after six 10 hour shifts in a row.

I am thankful for my job but I am getting a little tired of it (and just plain tired) and will be excited to be done next month. I just wanted to take a bloggy moment today to be thankful for  my friends and for the blast I had with them this weekend. We spent all day today just laughing and telling crazy stories and I will miss them like crazy when I leave on my next adventure.

It made me sad that when I came on here I realized I hadn't written a single word on here since Tuesday. My little blog has been neglected. :( I'm sorry. I know I write about it every time I write (once a week apparently) but I really am sorry. You will never see me leave this blog sitting abandoned for a month or two or anything but I wish I could keep it consistent AND interesting for you guys and for myself but it just hasn't worked out. Someday soon - I promise!

Also - met a guy last night who is a friend of a friend and he reads my blog! I was super drunk which made my excitement probably a little overwhelming for him. I was just so happy and he was so nice - it is like a thrill to meet people who I have never met before who have not only read my blog but enjoyed it. So if you are reading this (Kyle, right?) it was fabulous to meet you!!

Signing out for now! Spending another evening with my friends and headed back to the island tomorrow in time for work. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoy this coming week.

Big Love,

Tuesday, September 11

Where were you?

I was in 5th grade on this day 11 years ago. I was sitting in Ms.Saunders (now Mrs.Russells) homeroom class when she told us that something had happened, something bad, something devastating, that would change history. The annoying part to us nosy, anxious and possibly a bit frightened 10 year olds? She,  nor anyone else, would tell us what the hell was going on.

Source: via Tami on Pinterest

I remember Courtney letting us  know that a cruise ship had blown up or something other crazy Courtneyism. We weren't buying it. I went to a Boys and Girls Club afterschool program with a few of my friends most days and that day we went and raced into the tv room to see the news. I remember watching the news reports - stunned. As a 10 year old - I was petrified. Although I am Canadian, New York is about 10 hours from us - closer than most American towns are to NY. The biggest question in my 10 year old brain was "are we next?" It took me a long time to realize just what happened that day, what it meant and how massive the impact actually was.

To this day the thought of 9/11 gives me chills. Everything about it makes my heart pound and my eyes water. The emotions I felt that day and feel now are/were nothing compared to what so many people faced that day and what many still have to live with.

I see so many pictures, statuses, tweets, etc telling us to never forget but my question is, how could we? I certainly will never forget that day.
Robert Peraza pauses at the name of his son Robert David Peraza who died in the towers

Where were you 11 years ago today?

Big Love,

Sunday, September 9

All About Being Bailey J

 Hey guys! :) I'm doing Sunday Social tonight (I started this at 11AM but got called into work so now its 11PM and I'm just getting this finished. Better late than never) because it's been forever and like I mentioned in my last post I'm just not in a "write spectacular blog posts" frame of mind this week. Hopefully soon. Thanks for sticking around - I suck lately. If you are new here, and you like what you see, become a follower! In just 17 short followers I will be doing a 200 Followers give away and I'm so freaking excited I just wish I could get there! I want to be there by the time I leave on my next trip October.23 so spread the word and follow me! :) Now..onto the questions!

1. What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with it? When I started blogging my blog was called The Middle because I was kind of caught between high school and being who I wasn't and wanting to be who I was and all kinds of melodramatic shit like that. When I started writing more about my travels, weight loss journey and my general lifestyle I decided to be totally self involved and rename is Being Bailey J because that's basically what my blog is - it's about what it's like to be me and shit I like. I don't plan on changing it again anytime soon - I love it and I think it suits the blog quite finely :)

2. What do you love the most about blogging? The thing I love most about not only blogging but being a part of the community and reading other blogs is the connections. That moment when you go "yep, thats me.. that is my life" while reading something else. I love that people can read my blog and not feel so alone and be like yeah, i've been there or if they experienced similar situations but got through them they  they can give me advice. I love connecting with people.

3. What are your 2 favorite posts you've written? My two favorite posts are probably the one I wrote about food addiction called And You Thought I Was Single and my Letter To Teenage Bailey that I wrote a while back in January.

4. What is something you would tell to someone just starting out in the blog world? Always be you. Write for you and write what you want to write or it will become a chore and something you don`t enjoy or love anymore and that`s not fun. Always be real - people will appreciate it.

5. Biggest blogging learning experience you have had? Unless you are a celebrity, you pretty much need to get your ass out there if you want your blog to be seen by more than your mother. Check out other blogs, find bloggers who have common interests and start socializing in the blog world. It`s the best way to get followers and fans and to find blogs that you love as well. You can`t just write and expect people to appear out of thin air.

6. 3 Blogs You Need To Follow That I Love Are : This is actually the hardest fucking thing because I have like 15 favorites. Choosing 3 is hellish but here are 3 new ones that I haven`t really mentioned on here before that I am LOVING!
The Daily Tay 
Living In Yellow
& Shades of Gray and A Pinch Of Pink

That's all for now folks! Remember - follow follow follow so you can WIN WIN WIN! :)

Big Love,

ps. I need opinions on this - am i pulling it off or what?
pps. i have instagram so please leave me a comment with all of your usernames so I can stalk you! findme - beejsmallz 

Friday, September 7

Shit You Need To Know & Friday Favorites

First of all - all of you bloggers out there who still have word verification need to be learned something. YOUR WORD VERIFCATION S FUCKING ANNOYING. (For those of you who don't know what the hell I'm screaming about - word verification is that annoying box you have to copy to prove you're not a robot when you comment). I was trying to comment on a blog (that I happen to really love) yesterday and this is what came up.

REALLY? I mean i can read the eenlygo but that next one? I honestly have no idea what those characters are. Usually it's numbers but it kind of looks like Fool to me which is what anyone is who still keeps that shit on their blogs. It makes me not want to comment and before I removed mine a few months ago I had readers tell me that they stopped commenting on my blog because of how frustrating the verification is. So if you want more comments and to not piss your readers off every time you write a new post - get rid of that shit, fo realz.

Now, onto something a bit lighter and more fun before the weekend hits. To be honest, I'm going through some pretty rough shit in my life. A hard aspect of it is that it's not something I'm ready to share on my blog. I normally share EVERYTHING on my blog, like my shitting patterns and my deathly obese weight so it's weird and hard for me to not be able to write about this. Writing is therapy for me so it would be cool to write it and share it and I also pride myself on being able to be honest and real with you guys at all times.

I could have ignored it completely and acted like everything is okay in my life but it's not - that much I can be honest about. Some day I will go there but today won't be that day. And neither will tomorrow. And my blog may become a bit lame at least for the next week while I deal with my shit so I wanted to share with you guys some really fantastic writers and posts I've been reading lately to keep you preoccupied (because I know you will be devastatingly lost without my bullshit).
1.  Dating Advice From A Real Expert written by Casey at Stress Case. If you are a fan of sarcastic and dry humor like I am - you will most likely enjoy this!

2. Wheat Belly by Anna. I just started the novel Wheat Belly because I am constantly searching for answers to my plateau and belly pains. I'm a little hesitant as to whether the information in this book has any truth to it & have been searching for people who have had luck with it.Anna's experience definitely encourages me to give up on the wheat! Check out her review of giving up wheat if you are curious as well :)

3.Are you from New York/have been to NYC? Jenna from A Home Away From Home has been blogging from South Africa where she studied abroad, fell in love and eventually relocated. She is home in the US for a visit and is celebrating her mothers 50th birthday in New York (how awesome does this sound? I guess that ship has sailed for us Joanie). She wants to know what you think they should do! Help her out!

4.No, I Am Not A Robot is one of Ruthannes best posts to date! I love her blog - she is very sweet and creative and lovely and I am so happy I found her blog a while back.I don't want to give away too much of the post, I want you to read it for yourself - but I was very moved and impressed by it. I have read it 3 times actually since yesterday. I love really seeing someone through their blog - I feel like I know her so much better now!

5. You may remember Peanut Butter and Jenny as the host of the July Blogger Challenge I did this summer. She is now doing a weekly series called Thurvived each Thursday written by and about Eating Disorder survivors. This weeks post (written by Debbie) was amazing and I am very interested to read again next Thursday. Do not miss this!

6. Ever heard of a May Book? Well go over to The Preppy Student and learn yourself about them and then enter to win one! I had never heard until this week and now I really want one! Why? I have no idea but I really do ahah.

Okay. That should be enough for now. Please check out some of these great blogs or all of them if you have the time :) Also - this is SO exciting - I am guest posting at Georgia's Trying Something New soon and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! I feel like a celebrity! So keep an eye out for that.

I'm sorry I suck today and I promise to improve my mood asap but for now - enjoy the shit I enjoy and check out these links.

Big Love to you all!!

Wednesday, September 5

I Never Thought I Would Do This

Before I get into this crazy video I'm about to post I have two really good stories to tell. I had a bit of a personal crisis (not the funny story I should mention) and I took off to Fredericton with my friend Cassie for the night. Say Hi to Cassie.

HI CASS! Yup - she's pretty cute. Anywho - my friends, who are amazing, all figured I needed to get outta this place for an evening and they were probably correct. So at about 4:30 I figured I'd get on the 5 o clock ferry and get on the ferry I did. We drove to Fredericton and I met up with another amazing friend I am very thankful for - Courtney (see 2nd picture) - and we had a few drinks and made ourselves presentable. It actually took us like 3 hours to do this.. her bed is just so comfy and easy to lay on lol.

ANYWHO! I'm off track. We eventually went out and met up with a big group of my girl friends which was fabulous. We went to the Capitol which is pretty chill and just got a buzz on and had a good time. Enter funny story numero uno. I had noticed a guy watching me which happens like on the daily..joke.. but I just sort of ignored him. Court and I got up to grab another drink (I was on the G&T's in case anyone was wondering. Oh and on the stolen Beers thanks to Nat) and I get a tap on my shoulder and the bailey watcher tells me I'm about to lose my money and walks away. Im like wtf, feeling at the pockets that don't exist as sI'm wearing a skirt. Then I look down and realize I have a twenty falling out my boobies.. classy, Bail.

So that's kind of a funny story in itself but not the end. Later, he returns, asks me if I found my money and I thank him. He leaves again but continues to watch me until we go to leave the bar, and here comes the weird-you-just-gotta-laugh moment.  As I go to get in my taxi he yells "Hey! I have a question. Are you native?". I was like really? You followed and watched me all night because you were curious to know if I was native? Most of my friends will find this amusing because people have thought I was native my whole life, which I'm not and this was just so ridiculous to me at 2am in the parking lot of a bar. Anyways, he was native so maybe he wanted some sort of 100% native love connection to happen. Sorry buddy - no luck here!

The second funny story happened with a friend of a friend. My friend Nat got a couple of her friends into my blog, which is awesome - hey guys! and I met them at the bar. They were both pretty drunk and hilarious and as they went to leave, one looked Courtney in the eye and said "I feel like I know you because I read your blog" We were like uhh.. wrong girl. It was actually super funny and I said I would blog about it annnnd now I am. If you are reading this - you made my night!

So onto this embarrassing btu funny video I would eventually have to share with you guys. I think I mentioned somewhere that I like to sing, and this is not a good indication of that, but here is a karoke video of me during my stint in Truro. My room mate (whos amazing laugh you hear in the vide), her work friend and I went out to a karoke night. Brian, the guy in the video, and I decided we'd Shania Twain. Here is the proof. Yeah. I'm a bit drunk but I'm willing to be embarrassed if it gives someone out there a laugh.

Enjoy the video, follow my blog so I can do my exciting giveaway for 200 followers, and have a fabulous day tomorrow.


Big Love,

Monday, September 3

just another manic monday?

Nope! It wasn't just another manic monday! I am saying this with gracious excitement, enthusiasm and exclamation points because I finally had most of a day off and it was gloriously easy and lovely. I worked this morning at 7am, was out by 9:45 and had the day free to get a few things I needed to get done done and NAP! Oh the napping.. two times, baby! It was glorious.

Aside from my nap I went to dinner with my grandmother, mother and Maddy - Maddy leaves Wednesday to go back to University and I'm so sad. Most of my friends leave sometime this week or next week so the next month and a half will be rather quiet and tame (who am I kidding? I have Diana) but it's not like I was the social butterfly I wished to be this summer anyway. Good bye friends - I love you all and will hopefully see you once more before I take off into the horizon.

Today is Monday which means weigh in.. even when I'm not dieting. Does anyone else feel that way about weighing yourself? It's like Monday is the fresh start day aha. Most of my successes haven't started on a Monday'd think I would learn. Annnnyway, the scale DID go down this week, 1.2 lbs to 210.8 so that's nice. I'm still up from my lowest weight again frickety hoo that's the way it goes.

I'm hoping the scale will start realizing how hard I'm working to stay off junk food (yes im still off of it since last Wednesday, woo hoo!) and that I've been back to the gym FOUR times (which is awesome for me this summer for one week) and be like "oh! you're serious! im gonna change your number!". Buttt.. that's not how it works. It tends to do whatever the fuck it wants so... do your thing scale, i'll be over here working my booty off. (as if I have any booty to be worked off.. grrr).

Before I sign off I just wanted to say sorry for my absence . I know I have been apologizing a lot this summer but I just love this blog and love my readers and love all the blogs I read and wish I could have been more into it for the past few months but you gotta do what you gotta do. Work is definitely slowing down and I'm definitely getting back into beast mode with my health and I'm hoping to shart out some good blogs asap. So have no fear - to those of you who are still around - THANK YOU!

& just a reminder - it is EIGHTEEN followers until I have a giveaway and I'm pretty convinced that the giveaway is going to be kinda lovely! So if you know someone who would love my blog - spread the word, get them to follow, and we are all that much closer to a 200 follower hullaballo horrah giveaway! WOOOOO!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! (I dunno about anyone else but this has NEVER been a holiday for me!)
Big Love,

Oh. And this video is kind of fucking hilarious.

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