Sunday, September 9

All About Being Bailey J

 Hey guys! :) I'm doing Sunday Social tonight (I started this at 11AM but got called into work so now its 11PM and I'm just getting this finished. Better late than never) because it's been forever and like I mentioned in my last post I'm just not in a "write spectacular blog posts" frame of mind this week. Hopefully soon. Thanks for sticking around - I suck lately. If you are new here, and you like what you see, become a follower! In just 17 short followers I will be doing a 200 Followers give away and I'm so freaking excited I just wish I could get there! I want to be there by the time I leave on my next trip October.23 so spread the word and follow me! :) Now..onto the questions!

1. What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with it? When I started blogging my blog was called The Middle because I was kind of caught between high school and being who I wasn't and wanting to be who I was and all kinds of melodramatic shit like that. When I started writing more about my travels, weight loss journey and my general lifestyle I decided to be totally self involved and rename is Being Bailey J because that's basically what my blog is - it's about what it's like to be me and shit I like. I don't plan on changing it again anytime soon - I love it and I think it suits the blog quite finely :)

2. What do you love the most about blogging? The thing I love most about not only blogging but being a part of the community and reading other blogs is the connections. That moment when you go "yep, thats me.. that is my life" while reading something else. I love that people can read my blog and not feel so alone and be like yeah, i've been there or if they experienced similar situations but got through them they  they can give me advice. I love connecting with people.

3. What are your 2 favorite posts you've written? My two favorite posts are probably the one I wrote about food addiction called And You Thought I Was Single and my Letter To Teenage Bailey that I wrote a while back in January.

4. What is something you would tell to someone just starting out in the blog world? Always be you. Write for you and write what you want to write or it will become a chore and something you don`t enjoy or love anymore and that`s not fun. Always be real - people will appreciate it.

5. Biggest blogging learning experience you have had? Unless you are a celebrity, you pretty much need to get your ass out there if you want your blog to be seen by more than your mother. Check out other blogs, find bloggers who have common interests and start socializing in the blog world. It`s the best way to get followers and fans and to find blogs that you love as well. You can`t just write and expect people to appear out of thin air.

6. 3 Blogs You Need To Follow That I Love Are : This is actually the hardest fucking thing because I have like 15 favorites. Choosing 3 is hellish but here are 3 new ones that I haven`t really mentioned on here before that I am LOVING!
The Daily Tay 
Living In Yellow
& Shades of Gray and A Pinch Of Pink

That's all for now folks! Remember - follow follow follow so you can WIN WIN WIN! :)

Big Love,

ps. I need opinions on this - am i pulling it off or what?
pps. i have instagram so please leave me a comment with all of your usernames so I can stalk you! findme - beejsmallz 


  1. I so clearly remember your letter to teenage Bailey :-)

  2. We definitely have the same two favorite blogs...loved both of them and I love you! XOXOXO

  3. I guess I was number 4th choice out of the blogs you loved! ;) haha


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