Sunday, September 16

all you need is love?

Sometimes, most times, yes - all you need is love. But sometimes all you need is a shopping, jacks pizza, a cute oufit, good friends, pornstar shots and some good tunes. This was my first weekend off in a month and maybe the only chance I have to get off the island before I head to California next month. So I got on the first ferry Saturday morning with Bevas in tow and we hit freddy.

We did some shopping then got together with some girl friends (Courtney, Maddy, Alex, etc) had some drinks and hit the First Class Bash at the university. I had a freakin' blast. I found a guy who was super fun to dance with, didn't try to take me home or touch me inappropriately - score! The drinks were cheap (like as in I got a round of shots for my group of 9 for 13$ WTF) and the music was absolutely wicked!

I really needed this. I don't have much time for anything right now as work is crazy and has been all summer. Time for my blog (and I promise this is changing in a month) and seeing friends over the summer was not super frequent. I barely even saw my parents and I live with them. It was nice to have a few days to myself this weekend (or at least away from work and the island) after six 10 hour shifts in a row.

I am thankful for my job but I am getting a little tired of it (and just plain tired) and will be excited to be done next month. I just wanted to take a bloggy moment today to be thankful for  my friends and for the blast I had with them this weekend. We spent all day today just laughing and telling crazy stories and I will miss them like crazy when I leave on my next adventure.

It made me sad that when I came on here I realized I hadn't written a single word on here since Tuesday. My little blog has been neglected. :( I'm sorry. I know I write about it every time I write (once a week apparently) but I really am sorry. You will never see me leave this blog sitting abandoned for a month or two or anything but I wish I could keep it consistent AND interesting for you guys and for myself but it just hasn't worked out. Someday soon - I promise!

Also - met a guy last night who is a friend of a friend and he reads my blog! I was super drunk which made my excitement probably a little overwhelming for him. I was just so happy and he was so nice - it is like a thrill to meet people who I have never met before who have not only read my blog but enjoyed it. So if you are reading this (Kyle, right?) it was fabulous to meet you!!

Signing out for now! Spending another evening with my friends and headed back to the island tomorrow in time for work. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoy this coming week.

Big Love,


  1. Love comes in all shapes and sizes... friends pizza and a great night out definitely count! So happy for you that you got a night out! By the way, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. you are just so vibrant and full of life and i absolutely LOVE that black lace dress -- you look gorgeous and are totally rockin' it!!!



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