Wednesday, September 19

i believe

 I believe in the existence of true love.
I believe in being corny if it's how you feel.
I believe in bear hugs (w/  absolutely anyone). 
I believe cupcakes truly help heal broken hearts.
I believe in equality.
I believe in being true to yourself. 
I believe in telling the people you love that you love em.. every chance you get.
I believe in laughing things off.
I believe in second chances.
I believe that every person that comes into your life has something to teach you.
I believe in not taking ourselves too seriously.
I believe in being there for friends & family even when they shit the bed.

I believe in doing what you love whether other people like it or not.
I believe dancing freely, without caring what anyone thinks is a drug of its own.  
I believe in something more than living and dying
I believe in natural beauty in this fake society. 

I believe that surprises create the best happy tears ever.
I believe in farting around your boyfriend. 
I believe in virginity even when you're the only one.
I believe in doing whats right for you.
I believe that letting go is liberating
I believe in doing something scary regularly. 
I believe in forgiveness.
I believe in acceptance
 I believe in living and loving life. 

What do you believe? Join me at Living In Yellow for the new I Believe link up.


  1. Haha the farting one had me cracking up! Thanks for linking up lady :)

    1. hahah its true though. my boyfriend better watch out! too honest?

      thanks for commenting (i might be a little star struck right now.. hence why i continue to ramble about farting).

  2. This was beautiful! I look forward to linking up tomorrow morning - thanks for sharing what you believe in, and it's a pleasure to "meet" you! xo

    1. such a great idea for a link up, eh? thanks for visiting!!

  3. I believe in YOU! Tagged you in my latest post :-)

  4. Hmm... I tried to comment but doesn't look like it went through, so trying again.
    Shitting the bed?!?! I don't think I even want to know! Love this!

  5. I love everything about this post!!!

  6. What a great list! I love that first quote!
    New to your blog - can't wait to read more :)


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