Wednesday, September 5

I Never Thought I Would Do This

Before I get into this crazy video I'm about to post I have two really good stories to tell. I had a bit of a personal crisis (not the funny story I should mention) and I took off to Fredericton with my friend Cassie for the night. Say Hi to Cassie.

HI CASS! Yup - she's pretty cute. Anywho - my friends, who are amazing, all figured I needed to get outta this place for an evening and they were probably correct. So at about 4:30 I figured I'd get on the 5 o clock ferry and get on the ferry I did. We drove to Fredericton and I met up with another amazing friend I am very thankful for - Courtney (see 2nd picture) - and we had a few drinks and made ourselves presentable. It actually took us like 3 hours to do this.. her bed is just so comfy and easy to lay on lol.

ANYWHO! I'm off track. We eventually went out and met up with a big group of my girl friends which was fabulous. We went to the Capitol which is pretty chill and just got a buzz on and had a good time. Enter funny story numero uno. I had noticed a guy watching me which happens like on the daily..joke.. but I just sort of ignored him. Court and I got up to grab another drink (I was on the G&T's in case anyone was wondering. Oh and on the stolen Beers thanks to Nat) and I get a tap on my shoulder and the bailey watcher tells me I'm about to lose my money and walks away. Im like wtf, feeling at the pockets that don't exist as sI'm wearing a skirt. Then I look down and realize I have a twenty falling out my boobies.. classy, Bail.

So that's kind of a funny story in itself but not the end. Later, he returns, asks me if I found my money and I thank him. He leaves again but continues to watch me until we go to leave the bar, and here comes the weird-you-just-gotta-laugh moment.  As I go to get in my taxi he yells "Hey! I have a question. Are you native?". I was like really? You followed and watched me all night because you were curious to know if I was native? Most of my friends will find this amusing because people have thought I was native my whole life, which I'm not and this was just so ridiculous to me at 2am in the parking lot of a bar. Anyways, he was native so maybe he wanted some sort of 100% native love connection to happen. Sorry buddy - no luck here!

The second funny story happened with a friend of a friend. My friend Nat got a couple of her friends into my blog, which is awesome - hey guys! and I met them at the bar. They were both pretty drunk and hilarious and as they went to leave, one looked Courtney in the eye and said "I feel like I know you because I read your blog" We were like uhh.. wrong girl. It was actually super funny and I said I would blog about it annnnd now I am. If you are reading this - you made my night!

So onto this embarrassing btu funny video I would eventually have to share with you guys. I think I mentioned somewhere that I like to sing, and this is not a good indication of that, but here is a karoke video of me during my stint in Truro. My room mate (whos amazing laugh you hear in the vide), her work friend and I went out to a karoke night. Brian, the guy in the video, and I decided we'd Shania Twain. Here is the proof. Yeah. I'm a bit drunk but I'm willing to be embarrassed if it gives someone out there a laugh.

Enjoy the video, follow my blog so I can do my exciting giveaway for 200 followers, and have a fabulous day tomorrow.


Big Love,


  1. What a lovely voice you have! Beautiful. And the post is entertaining.

  2. Are you native? I don't even know what that means. Native to what, exactly? Earth? What was he asking you? (Sorry my ignorance be rearing its ugly head here.)


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