Wednesday, September 26

I'm Taking Over The World!!

Okay maybe not the world.. but I'm Taking Over the Internet!! Okay.. no..not that either. I created a pin for my blog though so.. I'm pretty much getting to be like a social networkin guru, right? Yeah, 187 followers.. I guess I'm not TOTALLY rocking the social network thing but I've been blowing up twitter and I'm giving it a good honest effort. So anywho! Peanut Butter and Jenny created a Sponsor Button for me (which I get to put on other peoples blogs - more on that later) and I decided to turn it into a pin because maybe if it's floating around on there..someone will find the blog and like it. You never know. So here it is!

What do you think? That is the actual PIN so you can click it and repin which you should do if you love me!


I'm also quite the tweeter so if you're on the twitter scene and I am not yet following you/you are not yet following me then we should change that and hook up over thurr. my tweet handle or whatever the fuck they call it is @bailj #superoriginal see what i did there? yeh. hashtags shouldn't be used outside of twitter. i know.

Other then that you guys know that I also have my facebook page for Being Bailey J and you can always follow me on here. In fact, if you don't, and you read, I REALLY wish you would! I'm 13 followers away from 200 and it's just so painful waiting to get there aha. I'M SO EXCITED! & I've been waiting months to be able to do a 200 followers giveaway. So please follow if you have time - it shall only take you a fraction of a second.

So now that we are all hooked up on the interwebs.. did you guys hear about the bacon shortage that is apparently inevitable? I'm shitting my pants!! 

Big Love,

1 comment:

  1. I just got my own button lets swap them pretty pretty please.
    It would be pretty awesome to see someones page with mine on it!
    Let me know okies hun!


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