Monday, September 3

just another manic monday?

Nope! It wasn't just another manic monday! I am saying this with gracious excitement, enthusiasm and exclamation points because I finally had most of a day off and it was gloriously easy and lovely. I worked this morning at 7am, was out by 9:45 and had the day free to get a few things I needed to get done done and NAP! Oh the napping.. two times, baby! It was glorious.

Aside from my nap I went to dinner with my grandmother, mother and Maddy - Maddy leaves Wednesday to go back to University and I'm so sad. Most of my friends leave sometime this week or next week so the next month and a half will be rather quiet and tame (who am I kidding? I have Diana) but it's not like I was the social butterfly I wished to be this summer anyway. Good bye friends - I love you all and will hopefully see you once more before I take off into the horizon.

Today is Monday which means weigh in.. even when I'm not dieting. Does anyone else feel that way about weighing yourself? It's like Monday is the fresh start day aha. Most of my successes haven't started on a Monday'd think I would learn. Annnnyway, the scale DID go down this week, 1.2 lbs to 210.8 so that's nice. I'm still up from my lowest weight again frickety hoo that's the way it goes.

I'm hoping the scale will start realizing how hard I'm working to stay off junk food (yes im still off of it since last Wednesday, woo hoo!) and that I've been back to the gym FOUR times (which is awesome for me this summer for one week) and be like "oh! you're serious! im gonna change your number!". Buttt.. that's not how it works. It tends to do whatever the fuck it wants so... do your thing scale, i'll be over here working my booty off. (as if I have any booty to be worked off.. grrr).

Before I sign off I just wanted to say sorry for my absence . I know I have been apologizing a lot this summer but I just love this blog and love my readers and love all the blogs I read and wish I could have been more into it for the past few months but you gotta do what you gotta do. Work is definitely slowing down and I'm definitely getting back into beast mode with my health and I'm hoping to shart out some good blogs asap. So have no fear - to those of you who are still around - THANK YOU!

& just a reminder - it is EIGHTEEN followers until I have a giveaway and I'm pretty convinced that the giveaway is going to be kinda lovely! So if you know someone who would love my blog - spread the word, get them to follow, and we are all that much closer to a 200 follower hullaballo horrah giveaway! WOOOOO!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! (I dunno about anyone else but this has NEVER been a holiday for me!)
Big Love,

Oh. And this video is kind of fucking hilarious.


  1. WOOHOO on staying off junk food and working out! Wish I could say the same, although I haven't had any candy since I told you that's about all I had the willpower for. Sigh. Trying to lose weight sucks.

  2. Numbers shouldn't matter as much as we let them. Awesome job being off junk and hitting the gym 4 times this week. I need to get my ass in gear so bad! Although, I have stuck with the wheat free thing for 1.5 weeks and lost 7lbs doing that alone. I am bringing the book up to Gallaways for you on Thursday. And some goes for the blog. So many people love it, they will stick around through the times when you are busy doing real life things. Don't worry about it. I have been MIA from blog land countless times, but my fabulous followers never leave me :)


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