Sunday, September 30

Reader Appreciation?

How do you guys feel about a reader appreciation giveaway? I'm anxious to do a giveaway because I want to do something fun for you guys who have been here reading my craziness week after week. I also wanted to do it for 200 followers because it's such a huge and awesome achievement in my little life (that i cant quite seem to get to!!) and I am absolutely pumped. 2000 followers giveaway? Boring! 200 is exciting enough for me!!

 I'm getting a little prize together with some of my favourite things for the winner. Unfortunately I don't know if I will get to 200 before I leave (23 days!) and I really want to get it done before then.  I figured maybe I will just call it Reader Appreciation because whether its 188 or 200, I still love and appreciate you all. There won't be rules to entering the contest but I do want it to be aimed more at my readers as it is reader appreciation so those of you who actually FOLLOW will be able to have a lot more chances to enter and win. There will still be once chance per reader who isn't an official follower.

Anywho, I like winning stuff so I'm sure you guys are down with it but I just wanted to see if this seemed cool. Reader Appreciation Giveaway - I like the sounds of it.

I haven't updated in a few days but I saw something the other day that caught my eye. It said 'Don't blog because you haven't in a few days or you feel like you should. Blog when you have something to say'. I wish my blogs could be more consistent but I would rather them be good when they are good and maybe a little sporadic then be up every day, be boring and useless (maybe a little like this one? aha) and feel like a chore. It's not fair to me or my readers.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, ladies and gents.
Big Love,


  1. I've also felt the impulse to blog when I had nothing to say; after reflection, I realized that would be a mistake.

    Congrats on nearing 200. You're ahead of me!

    1. thanks! i hope you will enter the giveaway :)

  2. Bailey... HELLLOOOO... I have been so MIA for two months now. not just reading blogs but writing on my own. Im going to start back up again, very slowly.. I hope you reach 200 readers, my lovely. Your definitely worth the read!!! xox

    1. well thanks, stranger! glad you're back, i've been wondering where you went!


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