Friday, September 7

Shit You Need To Know & Friday Favorites

First of all - all of you bloggers out there who still have word verification need to be learned something. YOUR WORD VERIFCATION S FUCKING ANNOYING. (For those of you who don't know what the hell I'm screaming about - word verification is that annoying box you have to copy to prove you're not a robot when you comment). I was trying to comment on a blog (that I happen to really love) yesterday and this is what came up.

REALLY? I mean i can read the eenlygo but that next one? I honestly have no idea what those characters are. Usually it's numbers but it kind of looks like Fool to me which is what anyone is who still keeps that shit on their blogs. It makes me not want to comment and before I removed mine a few months ago I had readers tell me that they stopped commenting on my blog because of how frustrating the verification is. So if you want more comments and to not piss your readers off every time you write a new post - get rid of that shit, fo realz.

Now, onto something a bit lighter and more fun before the weekend hits. To be honest, I'm going through some pretty rough shit in my life. A hard aspect of it is that it's not something I'm ready to share on my blog. I normally share EVERYTHING on my blog, like my shitting patterns and my deathly obese weight so it's weird and hard for me to not be able to write about this. Writing is therapy for me so it would be cool to write it and share it and I also pride myself on being able to be honest and real with you guys at all times.

I could have ignored it completely and acted like everything is okay in my life but it's not - that much I can be honest about. Some day I will go there but today won't be that day. And neither will tomorrow. And my blog may become a bit lame at least for the next week while I deal with my shit so I wanted to share with you guys some really fantastic writers and posts I've been reading lately to keep you preoccupied (because I know you will be devastatingly lost without my bullshit).
1.  Dating Advice From A Real Expert written by Casey at Stress Case. If you are a fan of sarcastic and dry humor like I am - you will most likely enjoy this!

2. Wheat Belly by Anna. I just started the novel Wheat Belly because I am constantly searching for answers to my plateau and belly pains. I'm a little hesitant as to whether the information in this book has any truth to it & have been searching for people who have had luck with it.Anna's experience definitely encourages me to give up on the wheat! Check out her review of giving up wheat if you are curious as well :)

3.Are you from New York/have been to NYC? Jenna from A Home Away From Home has been blogging from South Africa where she studied abroad, fell in love and eventually relocated. She is home in the US for a visit and is celebrating her mothers 50th birthday in New York (how awesome does this sound? I guess that ship has sailed for us Joanie). She wants to know what you think they should do! Help her out!

4.No, I Am Not A Robot is one of Ruthannes best posts to date! I love her blog - she is very sweet and creative and lovely and I am so happy I found her blog a while back.I don't want to give away too much of the post, I want you to read it for yourself - but I was very moved and impressed by it. I have read it 3 times actually since yesterday. I love really seeing someone through their blog - I feel like I know her so much better now!

5. You may remember Peanut Butter and Jenny as the host of the July Blogger Challenge I did this summer. She is now doing a weekly series called Thurvived each Thursday written by and about Eating Disorder survivors. This weeks post (written by Debbie) was amazing and I am very interested to read again next Thursday. Do not miss this!

6. Ever heard of a May Book? Well go over to The Preppy Student and learn yourself about them and then enter to win one! I had never heard until this week and now I really want one! Why? I have no idea but I really do ahah.

Okay. That should be enough for now. Please check out some of these great blogs or all of them if you have the time :) Also - this is SO exciting - I am guest posting at Georgia's Trying Something New soon and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! I feel like a celebrity! So keep an eye out for that.

I'm sorry I suck today and I promise to improve my mood asap but for now - enjoy the shit I enjoy and check out these links.

Big Love to you all!!


  1. Thank you so much for including me in this post! I'll keep checking back for tips over the next few days :)

    Hope things start looking up for you soon! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks!


  2. Going to check out the Dating Tips!

  3. thanks so much for the shout out and spreading the love. Off to discover some wonderful new blogs :)

  4. I hate those verification things too! Seriously people, get rid of them or i'll get rid of you! haha.


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